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Monday, 22 April 2013 10:30

Professor Henri Cartan - 1904-2008


Greetings in the day of the Mirror ... the day of the Crystal Ray of Lord Jesus ...

     And is my pleasure to speak about Mathematics this very day.

     While ... I have commented ... I am working on a New Mathematics ... not empirical ... but Quantum, which is different to the Empirical Mathematics ... remains somehow clear that ... many efforts reached by Great Mathematicians are fundamental in the 'Basis' Background for the New Science.

     A New Science is necessary ... and is related to explain ...

  • What an Angel is? (An Angle of God) ... and this is related with
  • Medicine and the Human Body ... is related to
  • Einstein Dimension ... not exactly explained ... is related with the
  • High Biology and how DNA is Multidimensional Information ... is related with the 
  • How to avoid Earth-quakes ... which were brilantely explained by Italian research Raffaele Bendandi ... and with ...
  • Science of Consciousness ... that everyone is waiting for.

    There are ... with your permission ... two aspect of the New Science commented in the book, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ... that in their Italian Edition looks like ... (Book books will be published in English ... starting with The Book of Apocalypse explained ...)

     These two aspects ... (also commented in the first edition of the Book of Apocalypse explained are ...)

  • The Multiple faces of the same soul and
  • The Multiple Lives of each person which is connected with the Seven Bodies of each person.

   The Multiple faces of the same soul ... tell you ... that we are not 7 Billion people ... but less and that there are several 'faces' of you ... living on Earth ... right now ... Of course also in the Heavens ... but also on Earth.

     From the Book of Apocalypse explained ... (coming second Edition ...) we have ...

“There are hundred and thousand of the same soul at both sides of the veil”


      This concept ... a Divided Soul is connected with the concept of 'Twin Flames' and 'Soul Mates' ... between Lovers. It is the same Soul that divide ... in two aspects ... feminine and masculine ... However, your own family and your Best Friends ... are ... part of your own Soul. Things are not ... honestly complicated ... :) ...

      Now ... in the development of the book, 'Why Einstein Theory is wrong?' ... I spoke about Spaces ... Sobolev Spaces ... but basically Banach Normed Spaces ... This is to speak about Distance ... What better that ... Functional Analysis? ...

      Now ... these studies will dramatically change ... the approach of concepts like 'Differential Calculus' ... where Differential Geometry is the Queen ... necessary ... because the Einstein Theory.

     And from a Calculus (basic) based on Banach Normed Spaces ... I reach Professor Henri Cartan.


     Professor Henri Cartan ... belong to the original Group Bourbaki ... re-founder of the Mathematics ... but based on Abstracts Sets like a consequence of Cantor efforts ... where the missing point remain God ... still missing ... because there are different degrees of God ... like different degrees of Infinite ... also in the finite ... also in the finite body.

       An Abstract Mathematics is not necessary all the time ... but only in special cases. What is important is to travel to the Moon for the week-end and remove Famine in the World ... This is important.

       Now ... again from Angel Kryon ... and again from the Book of Apocalypse explained ... we have,

Let's start with magnetism and gravity. These are the two little-understood forces on the earth that are profoundly interdimensional. They're only understood by science within the context of what's observed and then built around the observations. Almost everything science does with magnetism and gravity is simply invention around a known force. A true understanding of them would allow the forces to be manipulated and controlled. Nothing like that has ever happened with either, and it won't until "mathematical interdimensional engines" are conceived and built.

Let me tell you something that I've never stated before. These two forces exist as partners; they must exist together and are a part of each other. No one has really defined gravity. It's very difficult because it's interdimensional. You would have to understand the time-scape [the time posturing that gravity depends on] to fully understand what gravity is. Gravity is the response to matter in a time frame. That's all it is. It has less to do with matter and more to do with time than you realize. Magnetism is its partner, and both are a part of the pieces of a larger picture that is interdimensional, but a staple of the Universe's existence.



    If you read with care the previous words ... you will find that is necessary ...

Nothing like that has ever happened with either, and it won't until "mathematical interdimensional engines" are conceived and built.

   I Giovanni ... am working on this mathematical interdimensional engines ... which are related to explain in a mathematical frame ... the dimensions and their glue ...

    Now, you will ask me ... Giovanni ... your book about the Apocalypse explained ... is about Religion or Physics? ... Well, I say ... 'It is about God. And God ... construct us with Biology and Physics. However we have not yet discovered well this Biology and this Physics ... that day we will have the Garden ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Mathematician Professor Henri Cartan was the son of Professor of Mathematics Elie Cartan,

Professor Elie Cartan works on Spinors and Riemann Surfaces ... Spinors are standard approach in String Theory and Riemann Surfaces were used by Einstein.

Professor Henri Cartan works on Differential Geometry. We propose many books from their pen. Including Differential Calculus, Differential Geometry from R.W. Sharpe, S.S. Chern and many others from here ...

Henri Cartan

PPS. The Book, 'Théorie élémentaire des fonctions analytiques' was used by this author in his Italian degree in Mathematics.



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