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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 10:35

The Romance of the Harem ... by Anna Leonowens


Greetings in the day of Love ... of the Ray Love of Mars ...

    And in the War to establish the Truth ... it is absolutely honest ... to release a book about a Forgotten Material: 'The Harem'.

    In the Book Collection: 'Forgotten Science and New Age' ... many pearls of the World-wide Literature are re-published.

    ... Some books are absolutely new ... based on Forgotten Science. The Atlantean, the Lemurian Science.

    In the movie, 'Anna and the King' ... Anna is Anna Leonowens the Teacher of Science, English in the West form.

    Who is Anna Leonowens?

In 1862, Leonowens accepted an offer made by the Siamese consul in Singapore, Tan Kim Ching, to teach the wives and children of Mongkut, King of Siam. The king wished to give his 39 wives and concubines and 82 children a modern Western education on scientific secular lines, which earlier missionaries' wives had not provided. Leonowens sent her daughter Avis to school in England, and took her son Louis with her to Bangkok. She succeeded Dan Beach Bradley, an American missionary, as teacher to the Siamese court.

    The idea is NOT FORGET ... The sacredness of the Woman, her role like Mother ... but also like Lover.

     The Anna Leonowens book ... describe the Life in the King Mongkut court where he has ... 82 children ... from 39 wives and concubines, the Life of the Harem.


   This Book Collection remains a resurrection of Wisdom ... for the New Age where each point must be fixed ...

   The Garden is Waiting ...


Giovanni A. Orlando

Founder and President.

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