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Friday, 07 September 2012 05:06


Greetings in the day of Venus ... the day of the Lovers ... the Fridda-day, the Venus-day (Venere-dì), (Viernes), vendredi!

    I Giovanni have the opportunity to interact with Elohim and Ascended Masters ... please be not too much surprised ... because you can do the same ... In the New Age some people offer this like a service. If you read my books you will understand better my level, which I prefer comment not here ...

     Because I am learning and transmitting ... more information in these years ... than in my two previous degrees in Mathematics ... one with formal study and attending lessons in South America from the age of sixteen ... and the second the Italian degree with just two assistance ... one for Geometry I and one for Physics II ... because I was profoundly offended ... for their arrogance and qualification. I am speaking about the arrogance of the University qualifiers ... In fact, I plan to open a New University ... this does not means my offer will be more accessible than established solutions for Education.


    Now the point is not me ... the point is Music ... and the Music of the Heavens ...

    My brother ask me if I have studied the Golden Section sometime and I say 'No!'.

    Now the point is that the Sacred Mathematics ... read it like 'Quantum Mathematics' if you prefer ... has been forgotten ... in meaning and usage.

   Elohim Mer (God Meru, if you prefer) ... told me ... to study the Golden Section.

   Scott Olsen in its beauty pamphlet comment ...

    Harmonics (number in time) was one of four disciplines studied in the Pythagorean Quadrivium, together with Arithmetic (pure number), Geometry (number in space), and Spherics (number in space and time). The golden section is a theme common to all.

In the Platonic tradition, the intention was to lift the soul out of the realm of mere opinion (doxa), by attunement with the ratios and proportions contained in the harmonies and rhythms of music. This allows the soul to pass 'into the Intelligible realm of knowledge (episteme), moving through the realm of mathematical reasoning (dianoia) up into direct intuition (noesis) of the world of pure Forms, the ratios themselves.

The structure of both rhythm and harmony is based upon ratio. The most simple and pleasing musical intervals, the octave (2:1) and the fifth (3:2), are the first Fibonacci approximations to the golden section. The series continues with the major and minor sixths (5:3 and 8:5). The scale itself holds the next step (13:8), for astonishingly, if we include the octave, musicians play eight notes in a scale, taken from thirteen chromatic notes.

Finally, simple major and minor chords consist of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th notes of the scale.

The golden section has been used by composers from Guillaume Dufay 


to Bach, Bartok, and Sibelius, as a way of structuring a work of music. Russian musicologist Leonid Sabaneev discovered in 1925 that the golden section particularly appears in compositions by Beethoven (97% of works), Haydn (97%), Arensky (95%). Chopin (92%, including almost all of his Etudes), Schubert (91%), Mozart (91%), and Scriabin (90%).


Now ... Why you need to avoid Rock, Acid Rock and unharmonic sounds? ... Because they disrupt the soul.

Why the Stradivarius are better? ... Simple. Is not for the Wood ... like a modest article comment on the Web ... is for the Golden Section ...


   In fact the Heavy Rock (in fact is Heavy to support) and unnatural ... and those who control it and introduce it at the end of the sixties ... and the Rock, Disco, Jazz ... connected with the use of Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol ... pushing the Youth ... in the senseless that ... if you not ... you fool ... are Destroying their Soul ... and therefore the Future of the very World.

Saint Germain say,

The destructive energies which poured through the Beatles and entered the subconscious minds of the youth, popular though they were in the world of form, are gradually working their way to the surface, revealing their true colors and Satanic origins. These unholy emanations have drawn many young souls into the mistaken belief that the taking of drugs, the practice of witchcraft, and illicit sex can give them freedom from all imposed limitations. Instead, these indulgences have held them in bondage to the legions of darkness.


Would it not be, then, of greater value and virtue if the resurgent power of regeneration were allowed to come forth through many hearts as a great cosmic flow? The forward movement of this flow is able to engender in men a spirit of willing acceptance of cosmic beauty, which in turn brings about the flowering of hope in the youth—hope for a greater measure of inward satisfaction, hope for a greater measure of attunement with the real­ities of the universe. For the tides of reality con­tinually pour through the cosmos whether man is aware of them or not.


The certitudes of life are often unknown by the young in heart who, while they are borne upon the tide of human events, are seldom able to compass those events with a relevancy that would give greater meaning to their lives.


I am therefore advising all to eschew the evil and darkness that enter the forcefield of the four lower bodies when the attention is placed on the jangle of modern jazz. I advise all who would truly be alchemists of the Spirit to seek out the classical music of the world's greatest composers— of Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Haydn, Handel, Wagner, Liszt, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Mahler, and many others who have been commissioned by the Brotherhood to bring forth the music of the spheres.


I advise all to learn to seek in meditation those peaks of cosmic elevation that will enable them to understand and interpret the language of the angels. I advise all to take the time to learn what is real and to develop passions of genuine love toward humanity. But let not these passions take the form of mere devotion to communal efforts or to the raising of one segment of life into a more advanced state of economic development; rather let them take the form of raising men to new levels of spiritual appreciation of their own divine potential as sons of God.


Only by this form of devotion shall their hearts, touched by the hands of the Infinite Creator, be imbued with such reality and love that they will move with precision to execute the divine will. Thus shall men behold the outworkings of a Providence that has for so long yearned to find greater expression in mortal affairs, that those affairs might become truly guided by the power of Life from on high.

   -- Spiritual Alliance ...

and like Shakespeare say ... in The Comedy of Errors.

That never words were music to thine ear,
That never object pleasing in thine eye,
That never touch well welcome to thy hand,
That never meat sweet-savor'd in thy taste,
Unless I spake, or look'd, or touch'd, or carved to thee.
  -- The Comedy of Errors.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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