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Saturday, 28 April 2012 14:46

Ludwig von Mises - One of the Best Mind of the Austrian School of Economics


Greetings in the Saturn-day ... the day of the Old Wisdom ... when Mother Mary ... show her power like a Queen ...

     And the problem of choosing an Appropriate Model of Economics for the XXI Century is a SERIOUS MATTER.

     Several Proposal can be made ... for Personal Wealth as well ... The Wealth of Nations.

     Time ago ... I announce the book,

        and recently I announce ...

       The books are very different. The second explains the 'why and the how' including Mathematics and Economics. The first is more theoretical.


       We are to-day at the door of a New Economic System ... that in terms of Economics is the FAILURE of the New Economics ...

(Click to download for free ...)

      and the return of the Adoption ... with some refinements ... of the Ludwig von Mises approach ... A Light mind in the Austrian School of Business.

      It is EVIDENT that Ludwig von Mises ... Jerome F. Smith, a Great American Economist ... pupil of von Moses ... explains the New Trend in Economics.

     Honestly IS THE END of Capitalism ... but ... just to say ... a Social Wealth ... not vertical but horizontal. In plain English is the ESTABLISHMENT of the American Dream ... in every place ... in Europe, America, South America, Africa, China ... Australia.

        Past Civlizations ... like 'El Dorado' offers better solutions for to-day problems. In fact, in the California ... founded by the Spaniards or the England of the Past ... the use of 'SECURED MONEY' ... BASED on GOLD Standard is more SECURE than a SECURED CREDIT CARD.

       The actual Economic System is falling for many reasons ... One is that is Keynesian ... or NOT BASED ON GOLD, but on Paper.

        It is INFLATIONARY ... and will NOT STOP ...

        It begins in 1913 ... and the BANK-NOTE ... the note that a Bank gives to you for a Deposit ... Today is NOT SECURED. There are NO GOLD Behind. Behind there are Paper and nothing else.

        I will NOT GIVE the KEY of Wealth for free on the Web ... I will show the Key of Wealth.


        The actual 'Crisis' has been predicted ... years ago ... by Jerome F. Smith.

(Click to read some chapters)


Ludwing von Mises ... is the founder of a Golden Age of Light for the Austrian School of Business that offers a more Social Approach to Money.

[   ] Anti-Capitalistic Mentality.pdf 28-Apr-2012 11:24 5.5M  
[   ] Ludwig von Mises - Bureaucracy.pdf 28-Apr-2012 11:02 7.6M  
[   ] Ludwig von Mises - Human Action (Scholars Edition).pdf 28-Apr-2012 12:37 52M  
[   ] Ludwig von Mises - Planned Chaos.pdf 28-Apr-2012 07:50 1.1M  
[   ] Ludwig von Mises - Socialism.pdf 28-Apr-2012 08:00 29M  
[   ] Ludwig von Mises - The Theory Of Money And Credit.pdf 28-Apr-2012 11:29 24M  
[   ] Ludwig von Mises - Theory And History.pdf 28-Apr-2012 12:05 14M  

     A New Economics Model is Necessary. Not Communist, not Capitalism ... but more close to Socialist ... but VERY WEALTHY.

     The Son of Warren Buffett comment that the Problem of Capitalism ... is that FEW PEOPLE have Money and MANY are not WEALTHY.

     Of Course is a problem ... but changing this characteristic implies to HAVE ANOTHER SYSTEM ... NOT CAPITALISM.

     Capitalism is Falling ... and a New Social Multi-Cultural System is coming ... Of Course More wealthy.

     I consider that Youth can have its own business ... and will be small business ... still people will work at home ... Or Business places but with Theater ... for Training ... Employees ... etc.

     It is the return of the Austrian School of Business ... with New Models of Economy ... including some Inputs from the Keynesian Mathematics ... but NOT Probabilistic ... but Real. A More Transparent system of Money.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Economics has been included into ... 'FTHumanEvolutioCourse for Mathematics DVD' ...

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