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Friday, 27 April 2012 20:23

John Maynard Keynes


Greetings ... in the day of Love between two ... the orange day of Venus ...

      And the question is ... Are Governments in Love with their People? ... the People they represent? ... Sounds complex to answer.

      Seems not ...

      Hold the question in mind ... and let me introduce a figure that is in the Heart of the actual Banking System actually adopted.

      The Economy System founded and designed by Economist John M. Keynes is called ... Keynesian economics.

       He born in England (5 June 1883–21 April 1946) ...

       Between his comments he say ...

Keynes stated that if Investment exceeds Saving, there will be inflation. If Saving exceeds Investment there will be recession. One implication of this is that, in the midst of an economic depression, the correct course of action should be to encourage spending and discourage saving. This runs contrary to the prevailing wisdom, which says that thrift is required in hard times. In Keynes's words, "For the engine which drives Enterprise is not Thrift, but Profit."


        Prof. Keynes release several books ... between the main we have:

  • A Treatise on Probability.
  • A Treatise on Money.
  • Economic consequence of Peace.
  • The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money


    The antagonist of the Keynesian school is the Austrian School of Economics where we find ... Friedrich Hayek, Carl Menger and Ludwig von Mises.

     Ludwig von Mises was the Professor of Jerome F. Smith, who author.

       I, Giovanni am agree with the Austrian School and the adoption of Gold. Like always was in El Dorado, in the England of King Henry II, etc.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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