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Monday, 12 March 2012 17:51

Baruch Spinoza  (November 24, 1632 – February 21, 1677) Dutch Jews Philosopher later called Benedictus de Spinoza, author of 'The Ethics'


Greetings in the day of the Moon ... the day of the Mirror ... like the Moon reflect the Sun, the Seas and Lakes reflect the Moon and the Sun ... and you are reflected by your acts ... God acts of Bad acts.

    ... And my studies were on Sciences ... not on Humanities ... in the days of my High School.

    I prefer the calculator to a book ... and then a work on Computer instead to be a Writer ... actually I am both.

    To-day most teenagers are lost with iphones and iPads for several brands ... and forget what is a book ... what is a Rose ... and have no idea about Ethics.

    Looking on the World ... I need to back to Saint Germain words ... when he post the Question:

What Alchemy Can Mean to a Decaying World


     You would ask ... Is the World Decaying? ... I say ... 'Ay Sir! ... The World is decaying' ... because students in High School prefer the SIMPLE Path ... They have no idea about 'Ethics' ...

     These my words are about Philosophy ... and A Great Philosopher was Francis Bacon ... who wrote the Shakespearian Plays and in later days ... was Saint Germain in France ... then he ascend ... to the Lord.


  I will give you for free ... Books about Philosophy here ... but before ... let me calm your mind with Hope.

  Saint Germain give us like example ... the Moon and the Sun ... and say ...

The moon rules the night side of life and is the lesser light, the reflective light of the solar energy of God. In its reflective state it exerts enor­mous control over the tides and over the water element.

Luna, the moon, the great whirling satellite that rules the night, governs in part, then, the emotional body of man and can easily become either his greatest enemy or his best friend. For when properly harnessed, the energies of the moon (being put under his feet) can help him to achieve alchemical control over his emo­tions (over his energy-in-motion). Let us see how this is so.

The moon reflects the astral body of earth. When dealing with the moon, then, we deal with the reflected light of the sun. When the astral body is under the dominion of the Christ, its power becomes limitless. When its purified ener­gies are magnified in turn by the moon, which is nothing more than a giant reflector, their power is multiplied in almost infinite proportion.

But until such time as the mass conscious­ness is ruled by the light of the sun instead of being ruled by the night, the moon will reflect the astral effluvia of the planet. Thus men will con­tinue to be the victims of their own horrendous miscreations, and that to an even greater degree during the cycle of the full moon.

Now, the alchemist uses his purified con­sciousness as a reflector of solar energies much like the moon reflects the light of the sun. The waters of his mind reflect the light of the day and the night even as the waters of the sea reflect the golden pathway of both the sun and the moon. But the Christ consciousness, the prism of pu­rity like the "sea of glass,” filters out the impu­rities of the moon even as it refracts the light of the sun.

All energy being God's energy, the humanly misqualified energies reflected by the moon (sent back to the earth from whence they came, accord­ing to karmic law) may be freed from the imposi­tions of the carnal mind through the process of transmutation. They may then be used to create, in the tradition of the Great Alchemist, more per­fect works of art until the patterns in the heavens transform the patterns in the earth and the moon becomes a golden orb of rarified power.

Read in full here.

   What Saint Germain say about Hegel and Marx? ... Discover the SOLUTION ... 

German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who theorize the relativity (another) governing evil and good in the Marx "dialectic materialism" with great bad consequences ...

    Saint Germain said ...

Some of you are aware that the study of the relationship of opposites in the planes of relativ­ity is reflected in the dialectic of the nineteenth-century German philosopher Georg Hegel, who theorized that man's thought process and all historical change result from the interplay of three elements: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. According to this observer of life's forces, every thesis generates its opposite, or antithesis, and the interaction of the two produces a synthesis which transcends both. The emerging synthesis in turn becomes a new thesis and the entire process is repeated again and again.

Thus, in the Hegelian dialectic all progress is brought about through the inevitable conflict of opposing forces—a principle Karl Marx turned upside down in his "dialectical materialism," wherein he replaced Hegel's idealism with eco­nomic materialism. Whereas Hegel supported the value of the state and saw in the dialectical pro­cess the unfoldment of spiritual principle, Marx branded the state a mechanism of exploitation and claimed that all progress arises from conflicts involving the economic means of production.

You who understand the premise of the Ascended Masters' teachings to be the Law of the One do not always take into account this law of relativity governing relative good and evil, perceived by psychologists, scientists and the worldly philosophers. Moreover, in the world of maya, where good and evil are always 'relatively' in opposition, we must also reckon with the nega­tive misqualification of the Absolutes of Power, Wisdom and Love upon which we have been dis­coursing. Therefore we would touch upon both the human and the divine equations.

The Law of the One, based on the unity of Being, also functions within the framework of human reason and human events and when it comes full circle in the individual's experience supports Truth and exposes error.

But in the human 'two-eyed' perception of the world acquired after the departure from the Edenic self-knowledge in and as the One—when the world view of man and woman was no longer single in the immaculate all-seeing eye of God but the same as that of the band of seducing fallen angels called serpents—there were unalter­ably two sides to every human equation, with the pendulum swing hot/cold, left/right, always just waiting to happen.

Not so in the divine equation. Here the true Divine Polarity of Alpha and Omega, the plus/minus of the Godhead, and of each member of the Trinity are the Masculine/Feminine counterparts of Being. These are complementary, not opposing, always fulfilling the Law of the One as the Divine Whole. But in the human condition, just as there is a positive pole, so there is a nega­tive pole to a given situation. These are opposing forces, rivalrous in nature and mutually destruc­tive. For example, if the thesis be human love, its antithesis will be some form of love's polar opposite—human hatred, fear, suspicion or even mild dislike. Their synthesis will be a watered-down version of both with no commitment either to one or the other.

This is the lukewarm state of mediocrity which Jesus spurned when he said, "Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." And this is precisely why the economic evolution of mankind accord­ing to Marx and Lenin can never lead to the divine conclusion: self-transcendence according to the Law of Love, the Law of the One which self-con­tains the true Trinity—Power, Wisdom and Love-as the triad of every man and woman's being.

Apart from the double-minded who are un­stable in all their ways,' divine Truth stands still as a Sun of Love to melt the most brittle human concepts and to unveil the Law of the One!

Read it in full here.


Saint Germain explains that modern Philosophers, Psychologists and Scientists are entrapped by the law of relativity governing relative good and evil ... that is the Game of Gog and Magog.

Do you know what is the Game of Gog and Magog? ...

The Book of Revelation at 20:7-8, say ...

7And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

Now with the arrival of Christ Energy ... the Game of Gog and Magog ... ends ... and the Mind of Christ solves the puzzle of Thesis-AntiThesis ... the opposites in War ... There is NO WAR ... but each One complement each other ... not devour or destroy each other.

Capitalism ... by the way suppose that the Poor must die ... because is NOT Rich ... or must be a Slave ... until he (or she) become Rich ... Communism ... suppose in wrong mode that people must be ruled by a State ...

... The man (or woman) need shoes? ... Fine ... The (Communist state) ... will give to them ...

Look this scene ... from the movie ...

Moscow on the Hudson ... with Maria Conchita Alonso and Robin Williams

Robin William after a long queue ... for shoes ... arrive to the Woman and ask for a pair of shoes ... He have no right to chose the brand or the Color ... just the number ... He ask for a pair of shoes size 45' ... and the woman say ... We don't have ... give 46' ... and the woman say ... She say We have only 38' ... and the man say will give give three pairs ... and the woman reply ...

Just two pair of shoes per person ...

Then he (Robin Williams) moves to New York city ... and purchasing Coffee ... he got a shock ...



Like Saint Germain explains ... and he figure out very well in the Shakespearian Plays ... Is the Law of the One ... which self-contain the true Trinity: Power, Wisdom and Love ... that give the key for Brotherhood of Man ... enjoying the Motherhood of Nature upon the principles of the Fatherhood of God.

Phylos the Tibetan

They must live pure and clean lives, 
understanding the law of God,
the law of sex,
and their duties to each other
in a civilization founded upon principles of
the Fatherhood of God,
the Motherhood of Nature,
and the Brotherhood of Man,
all this to be executed upon the Earth plane
of life according to the measure of a man (See Rev: 21:17)

Living Pure and Clean Lives ... means don't kill, don't lie ... under the commandments ... sexing without to disturb those you love ... in Brotherhood with your Neighbors ... USING Nature ... The Sun, the Moon, the Gravity ... not suffering Nature ... according to the measure of Man ... The Book of Revelation say that the measure of Man is ...  

17And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

This means that each one has a role ... and mission ... a special gift ...


The posted Question: Can Philosophy rise to Prosperity the Decaying World? ...

The answer must be answered in different terms ...

  • High School students can read past and Modern Philosophers ... to be formed to be ...
  • University Students or Managers and adopt ... the right Word of the Lord ...

Is convenient to read ...


[   ] Benedict de Spinoza - On the Improvement of the Understanding.pdf 12-Mar-2012 12:40 193K  
[   ] Benedict de Spinoza - The Ethics.pdf 12-Mar-2012 12:44 763K  
[   ] Benedict de Spinoza - Theologico-Political Treatise.pdf 12-Mar-2012 12:39 680K  

We all ... in a sense of measure of the Wisdom of the World ... must have that measure ... because Philosophers marked the epoch ... from this point of view Albert Einstein was also a Philosopher ... not only a Professor of Physics. Bruce Lee was also a Philosopher and not only a Martial Artist ...

Anyway I propose and gift also ... the popular book ...

(Click to download and read)


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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