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Friday, 06 January 2012 16:17

Greetings in the name of Venus ... the White Planet ... in the day of Fridda, the Goddess of Purity ...


     And I am taking Easy ... because several chapters will run ... some are running ... and new are coming.

     Honestly I planned to make a promise for New Products ... but Life teach me that if I don't release or keep my promise to release announced ... have no sense to announce new ones. Better and more professional is to say ... 'New product available'.

     And for me ... after two degrees in Mathematics is quite magic and interesting discover the 'Hidden identity of numbers'.

     Yes ... is magic ... is interesting and is funny.

      I am working in my ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse ...

       Originally I work to classify and offer 144 courses ... because 144 is a complete number.

       In fact 144, is ... The "measure of a man", and the square of 12, symbolises man's powers when spiritualised.

       Are you spiritualised? ... Or you still use your brain like a computer? ... a Computer is not spiritualised... and in these days if you are not spiritual ... you cannot enter in touch with Gaia ... and without that you will have problems ... Otherwise if you do ... you will recover your records ... may be shamanic, may be healing records ... and whatsoever you were ... you will be again ... Old Spirit.

       On the Planet are Old Souls and Young Souls. Old Souls ... become healer and teachers also without intention in natural mode ... because the New Energy ... moves them and protect them ... These Old Souls have few ... two or three Old Angels that protect them ... and they are many. About 144,000 ... Old Souls ... may be more.

         Young souls have many Young Angels that protect them ... and of course they are a Great Number.

        The figure above ... that represent the FTHumanEvolutionCourse logo is a Compound of Ten Tetrahedra ... A Tetrahedron is a figure called Polyhedron composed of four triangular faces.

          Now ... I suppose and offer Twelve main Disciplines or Courses ... including Chemistry and Engineering. But actually I move Chemistry into Physics and Biology and Engineering into New Age ... for a total of Nine.

           And according to Ascended Master Saint Germain ... I push ... a Nine Petals ... of Wisdom.

     Please note that ... 144 is equivalent to 9 ... because 1+4+4=9.

     The number 9 is a final number ... I will explain in a moment ... but I need to explain before that Twelve is a Number so important that we need and we MUST change and adopt it like our BASE Number.

     Explain this is more complex and enthusiastic that my plan here ... and will be explained in another moment.

     If we move and adopt Twelve (12) like our Base for Math and Business ... Everything will be MORE EASY. It is a DOZEN ... You know?

     Well ... now let me explain the magic of 9 ...


      From the Encyclopedia of Numbers by A. E. Abbott ... we got ...

Nine - Number of Aspiration and Wisdom   The 9, which is 3 times 3, or 3 raised to its second power has been related to "harmony of harmony", or "enhanced harmony, wisdom-penetrated", as distinct from the "manifested harmony" of the number 6,     It is regarded as the sacred number of Man.

The geomet\rical equivalents of tho 9 are the regular ennaegon (or nonagon) and the 3 kinds of 9 pointed star-figures, or regular enneagrams related to it.

The first square of an odd number, the 9 possesses some curious properties.   If we multiply 9 by itself, or by any other single figure, if wo add the 2 figures of the product together, the sun in all cases will be 9.   For example, 9 multiplied by 9 is 81, and 8 added to 1, make 9; and so with every other digit.   Again, if all the 9 digits be added together, tho amount will be 45, and 4 added to 5 make 9.

The amount of the several products of 9, viz. 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81 = 405, when divided by 9 gives a quotient of 45, and the figures forming either tho dividend or the quotient, added together, make 9.

Again, if we multiply any row of figures either by 9, or by any of the above products of 9, the sum of the figures added together will be divisible by 9 without a remainder.   And if we multiply the 9 digits in their natural order by 9, or by any of the above products of 9, the result will come out all in the same figure except in the place of tens, which will be a 0; and that figure will be 1, which, being multiplied by 9, supplies the multiplier; or in other words, if 9 be the multiplier, the product will be all ones; if 18, all twos; if 27, all threes; and if 8 be omitted from the multiplicand, the 0 will vanish, and leave the product all ones, twos, threes, etc. as the case may be.

Ancient Mystery wisdom, folklore and mythology provide clues to the essence and meaning of the 9, which was represented by 3 triangles as symbolizing the balance of 3 worlds.   The 9 was called Concord, because it unites and knits together all other numbers.   It was regarded as "unbounded", because, in all its combinations it returns into itself; thus it was compared to the horizon.

For Pythagoras the 9 was an emblem of matter which, though continually changing its form, is never annihilated. It was also consecrated to the spheres, because the circumference of a sphere is 360 degrees, and 3 and 6 and 0 are equal to 9.

Initiations in the Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece were conducted in periods of 9 days.  Apollonius of Tyana, Greek philosopher and initiate at the time of Christ advocated strict observance of the 9th hour as a time for meditation.   The Romans buried their dead on the 9th day and every 9th year held a feast in their memory (the "Novennalia") •

In many myths the 9 is specially related to spiritual knowledge.   The Hydra of ancient Greek mythology (the snake like monster slain by Hercules) had 9 heads which grew again when cut off (the snake has always been regarded as a symbol of wisdom).   "Be ye therefore wise as serpents and meek as doves".

In Northern European mythology we read of the cat with 9 tails, the cat being a symbol of practical wisdom. In the Mysteries of Ceridwen the Cauldron of Ceredwen was "warmed by tho breath of nine maidens", reminiscent of the Muses of Apollo, the 9 sister goddesses presiding over poetry and song, the drama, dancing, astronomy, etc.

Merlin the Celtic sage of Arthurian tradition had 9 bards. King Arthur battled with an enchanted pig for 9 days and 9 nights (the pig representing the lower nature of the human being.)   The 9 and 3 tines 9 appear frequently in the "Mabinogion".

In the Jewish scheme of the Kabbalah these are 9 degrees, all pendant from the Supreme God.  

Nine is a mystic number in Royal Arch Masonry.   "The Elect of the Nine" is an Order in which 9 roses, 9 lights, and 9 knocks occur in the ceremonies.

Mediaeval writers on numbers associated the 9 with an extension of the Trinity; it was the Angelic number. The reality of the Divine Plan was revealed to Dante by the recurrence of the 9 in his relationship with Beatrice, his spiritual inspirer whom he first saw when he was 9 years old.

It was at the same age that Novalis, up to that time below average in intelligence, had an illness which transformed him into a child with a keen aspiring mind which later produced the lofty "Hymns to the Night" and "Songs to Mary", showing how he struggled through to great spiritual heights.

Such indications point in various ways to the inner significance of 9 - the trinity of trinities - as the number of Aspiration and Wisdom.   It appears in the stages by which the aspiring follower of the spiritual path ascends.  

These stages to a higher life are indicated in the 9 Beatitudes of St. Matthew, which are related to the 9 principles of man's nature described under 'Man, His Constitution'.

The human being stands on the surface of the Earth as the field of activity for the higher and the lower -the good and the evil.   The polarity of these positive and negative regions can be noted in the 9 Beatitudes and the 9 Woes.   The reverse qualities of the 9 Beatitudes are to be found in the 9 Woes (St. Matthew 23) pronounced on the Pharisees, indicating the stages of descent, and destruction.    Barton sees in the 9 the quality of a new impluse, pointing out that the German for Nine is "Neun" and the German word for New is "Neu"; the French word for Nine is "Neuf", (masculine from) which also means new.   Such an expression of the genius of language gives a clue to one aspect of the 9.

The 9 appears in the 9 major planets revolving around the Sun. (Pluto the 9th major planet being discovered in 1930).

It is also evident in the social organism which can be divided into production, distribution and consumption; legislation, administration and jurisdiction, education, art and research.

This number again appears in the critical periods in human life.    The 9 multiplied by 7 makes 63, regarded as the climacteric year; and 9 multiplied by 9 makes 81, called the grand climacteric year.

The life of man from birth to 63, divided into 9 periods of 7 years indicates the working of Aspiration and Wisdom.   It falls into 3 groups of 3; the first 3 from birth to 21, the building up period; the middle 3 from 21 to 42, the period of maturity; the third 3 from 42 to 63, the period of gradual physical decline.

Man's 9 seven-year periods are connected with his 9 members as follows: 1-7. physical body; 7-14, life-body; 14-21, soul body; 21-28, sentient soul; 28-35, intellectual soul; 35-42, consciousness soul; 42-49 spirit self; 49-56, life spirit; 56-63, spirit-man.

Other references to the 9s Nine Spiritual Hierarchies; "Errors and Truth" by Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, in which the author gives some penetrating indications concerning man's evolution in relation to the 9 and the 4.
    Like a Conclusion we have that ... 9 represent the number of Aspiration and Wisdom ... and therefore is very indicate to represent the 9 ... main disciplines ... in the 9 Petals of Wisdom.
Take care and Take it Easy.
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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