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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 04:06


      The Family of Light is happy because the changes in the mind and the Heart of the Children of God and their awakening.

      There are still some many atheists, but because the Family and God, grants "Free Will", honestly in their respect for that Free Will, nothing can be made. Nothing! ... The Family is different from some persuasive priests, if the answer is "No, thanks", the Family will say, "Someday you will back in humble terms".

       However, the Family is happy because you start to see the Plan ... The Divine Plan of God, full of Love.

       Saint Germain was a Master and he is an amazing example of Greatness, and Magnanimous. He is capable (and cannot be a Master otherwise) to call the Holy Bible and show us the "real meaning", the meaning expressed originally planned for the Family, including the Angels.

       While the Book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Light", remains Vol 2,.

       "The Secret of Andes", Vol 1 and "The 144,000" remains Volume 3 ... "The Holy Bible revisited by the Family of Light", will be Volume 5. Volume 4 is a short pamphlet but still important.

        The Family express his belief, that the Holy Bible must be clarified in clear terms. Do you know for example that Abraham carries a nuclear bomb, that was exploded in Sodom and Gomorrah ? (Gen 19:28) or like we have commented several times that "Jesus and Mary Magdalene get married at Cana (John 2:1) or What really happens with Mose and the burning brush? ... or Why is possible that Melchior who visited Jesus like a baby, and Apostle Peter ... was two pieces of the same soul, Ascended Master El Morya, the Chohan of the First Ray, who hold the "Keys of Heaven", or the "First Key", because the First Key is the first Seal to be Open, and it is the "Will of God"?

       It is important to say that Melchior-Apostle Peter was also Abraham, in a previous embodiment?

      Thus, I Giovanni tell you ... Do you want to know, how many times the same Master who was just-to-say, "in training" back and back to help us, to nurture us, to support us ?

       Joseph, the Father of Jesus was Ascended Master Saint Germain, but also Prophet Samuel. And Jesus? ... Do you know that Master Jesus, was Joshua as well King David? ...

      How many blessing are you missing my friends? ... How many? ... How many? ...

      I, Giovanni will help you, with the full support of Ascended Master Saint Germain, Jesus, El Morya, who was here called twice and of course present with me, right now ... I will help you to remove the debris on the path.

     Please ask not, who are you, or where comes your authority ... to correct and explains the Holy Bible including missing teachings like Reincarnation or multiple-lifes at the same moment. Please ask not, that question.

      Please, instead consider the wonder of the new Blessing, the help and your need to surrender to the Will of God, and God wants you learn, and it want you learn, because you ask for that, and he (I use it and he with no distinctions) ... He hear your cries for help and sacred Truth.

      The Holy Bible Revisited by the Family of Light ... will cover from Genesis to Jude. The Book of Revelations is explained in Vol 2, and remain so.

     There are no dates, actually and may be that when we are close to release the book, some Master arrives and say, "You need to include, also this" ... You know.

     What about a Christmas gift for you and your Family? ... I will try to release it before ...

May the Blessing of the Lord and the Family, touches your heart this very Mercury-day, the Odin-day, the Day of Healing.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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