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Sunday, 30 May 2010 05:05


      This is a lesson not about Science, neither about Religions, nor Medicine, and neither about languages.

      This is a lesson, about our Blood, like an American Indian, from the North, Central or South American, spoken in the past.

      You may suppose that the Indian and their blood had disappeared, but you wrong. In any American, any one who born in the Americas, from Anchorage to the Falkland, lives this blood. Thus, while the native may be in reservations, far from the cities, their blood is everywhere.

     To-day, in the day of the Sun (Sun-day), I come to you to formulate and answer three questions:

  • What the Blood belongs to, to the Land or to the Family? ...
  • Would American Indians belong in Reincarnation? ...
  • Do you live with She? ... Our Mother, the Earth ... or not? ...

The answer to the first question: What the Blood belongs to, to the Land or to the Family? ... is very Easy, but to explain it well, it is necessary to place in your mind the place where you live, and the place where you born.

   Always, THE BLOOD BELONG TO THE LAND. Always! ...

   If someone cut you, your blood go to the Land, and so sooner or later back to the Land.

   If you believe in Reincarnation like me, and therefore you believe in the continuous come-and-back, I want to ask you, another question: What is your zodiacal sign, including all your lives? ... Or what is the same, who really are you, the warrior, or the poet, the prophet or the sailor?

  I will tell you, and honestly it is very easy. You are THEM ALL, THEM ALL.You are the sailor, and the conqueror, the King and the Poor, the Wise and the Poet. You are all them together. And about the Zodiac Sign, again you are the one who hold the Zodiac sign, you are.

  In the same way, you was ... in this way You is what and who you are. And if the Universe and you had decided to move you here, and you are Geminis, this is your zodiac sign ... is not important how many lives you live, where or what you do.

  You are the resume of all this.

  But when you awake and remember, and everyone remember and got flashes of a past life.

  Honestly, the Masters say that when we close our eyes, we back there, and they are still alive ... in the past, as well in the future.

   If you were a sailor ... in some life, you can read the Akashic records of that Life, because they are still there, and this is the past. If you live, like me the happiness to read your Akashic records ... you will find that these akashic records are behind you, in the connection with the Cosmic Lattice.

   In the same way, in front of us are our Future and we are also living in other places ... in the future like in the past.

   American Indians, because their Life style ... were aware about who they were and when you get balanced (with the Earth and the Sky, like Chinese, Egyptians and Indians), say ... you are able also to say and describe who is the person in front of us, specially if that person was a wife or a brother or a sister.

   These words, explain the first two questions.

   To-day, most people seems lost, because they had lost their connection with the Mother, with Mother Earth. Re-establish this connection is very easy. You can for example "park in the time, in the now", closing your eyes and feel she.

   The Great Seal of the United States, includes an Eagle.

    The Seal of Mexico, or the Coat of Arms of the country close the South border of the United States, also includes an Eagle.

    Why this similarity? ... Easy! ... Because they are the same people.

    If you take a look to the US Border, at Nogales you can get a picture like this ...


   You may show me, that the US Americans got an influence of the English and that Mexico and Latin-America from the Spaniards, but you are wrong.

   If you understand my words, "The Blood belong to the Land", not to the Family ... you will agree with me that both, people, US Americans and Mexico people (as well all the Americans) have the same blood.

   The blood does not belong to the Family. If you consider my case. I belong to an Italian family, and both parents, my father and my mother was born in Italy. I suppose that all past generations of blood-to-blood are from Germany, England, as well France, still Africa.

   But, I was born in Venezuela, in South America. Well, now if the blood belonged to the Family, instead to belong to Land, why you have almost or no relations with your family? ... Like me!

   The reason holds in an awakened blood. If you know who you were and you got more respect from far places than local places, there are a reason, and that reason holds in the fact that you, and your blood belong to that place, where you born.

  If the place where you born, is the same place where you live today, you will feel not differences. You will not feel the difference, because your blood belong to the Land, and the Land is what you live today.

  But, because Your Blood belong to the Land where you born, you will feel well, in peace, in harmony between those who are like you, because them, those who born in the same place than you, are like you.

  This sacred Truth, has been buried for so many years ... but today is raising again.

  The blood does not belong to the Family, because you are like a stranger for them, and they are like a stranger for you. Of course this is valid, if you born in a place different from the place where they born. Of course, respect and education are imperative ... always.

  I remember a phone call, I did several years ago, around twenty years ago to one of my forty cousins. I lost several minutes  trying to explain him, who I am, a member of his family ... after some time him mind understand who I was, but probably he soon forgot my call. I still remember, after twenty years. And he was a member of my family, but we have different blood.

  I also remember a visit, I did to my Judo Dojo, where I got my black belt in Judo, in 1984. It is long time ago. In that visit, after a while arrived a friend, whose parents are from Spain, another Black Belt, older than me in Judo expertise and age. Him name is "Paco". Paco, tell me, "Giovanni, Where were you, are many years that I have not seen?". I, reply "Paco there were fourteen (14) years we don't meet" ... Fourteen years!

  Americans from the Americas, will understand my words very well. Paco and me, Paco from Spanish origins, and me from Italian origins, have the same blood. My and my Italian cousin, with common gran fathers, have a different blood.

   My Brother, Tony was born in the same city and same country than me, Venezuela. And therefore, we are brothers in Blood.

   But if someone of the readers of this page have a Brother or Sister, or Mother or Father that born in a different place, like a Brother A that born in Place A, and Brother B, than born in Place B, or your Mother or your Father born in a place different to the place where you born ... You will understand and feel my words.

  The Blood belong to the Land where you born ... not to the Family. This explain in some way, why I say than all Americans are the same people, the same friends, also with Fathers with so different origins.

  In another fashion, the World is also a family ... but with several types of Blood.

Have a nice and wonderful day.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. If blood does not reflect the relation Father-Son. What is Blood? ... Blood reflect the "Common Cosmic Origins".

PPS. If Lord Jesus, explain us that he is not from this Kingdom and he loves we all, How we can love those who hold our different blood? ... Easy. We need to have a blood so awakaned like Lord Jesus had. Blessed you are!


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