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Thursday, 06 May 2010 05:10


    This small editorial want to give you a simple but important message.

    Do you imagine all Humankind, 6 Billion of people ... all like Christ?

    This is the secret of the number 666. Human DNA with the Christ type, and this is the secret of Jesus, the Christ.

    And it is not Anti-Christ. Is Anti-Church.

    This is the secret of the Book of Revelation, and you will not need anymore Apocalypse, you will need no more Revelation.

     This is the city four square, explained in Revelations, The New Jerusalem. This is Peace on Earth.

     This is what means To be The Children of God, Be like Christ. Walk the World like Jesus.

      And then, we will need no more Time, no more Hierarchy, no more Religions, no more Economy. This will be One World, resounding at the speed of the Christ DNA.

      And the masters, the Gods will walk with us, here on Earth.

      And may be someone tell you time ago, in the year 3,174. May be someone else tell you in the year 2050. No. It depends of us.

      Why not tomorrow. Why not today.

      And Jesus is back with those who speak like him before its physical return.

      At the moment of his crucifixion, he had ALL the power to stop the Romans that trying to kill him. But, was more important to challenge Death, not only to resurrect, but because with his death he clean the atmosphere such that the effect of Pardon was so strong that still today after 2,000 years ... it is felt. 

      From 1997, Humankind choose to manifest Christhood ... and the Masters from the Heavens, immediately start to manifest and speak changing the planetary vibration and Earth grid to support the new Energy. Humankind choose this ... it is only question of time that all Hierarchies ... crumble.

      Jesus was a Consciousness. He back like Abel, the Adam son. He back like Quetzalcoatl, like Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna and like Jesus. 

      It is a Consciousness that had incarnated ... several times.

      And when each one on Earth will be like Christ, we will create matter, in the world of form.

      And this is the life. Have a home and a partner to make our children, and the children will have new children, and we will teach them what we know.

      And when the Earth become a collection of cities of Light, new children will arrive to experience and to learn.

      And the Death is the end of the Job and the depart to continue the job in another place.

      And this is the World, This is Universe and this is God.

So it is,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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