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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 18:33

Heaven on Earth is in essence a fifth dimensional reality. In the fourth dimension, life is much easier than in the third. The fourth dimension is much brighter and more fluid, but it does not yet represent the full reality of Heaven on Earth. We suggest that you start with what you perceive to be a fifth dimensional reality, even if you are not quite sure what it consists of. Do your best and your consciousness will soon open to even greater perception.


The conscious dreaming will bring about a progression of thoughts, an evolution that will take you, if you give per­mission, into this new dimension. The most important thing is to begin the process. Mother Earth has dreamed Her dreams. Now she is asking humanity to dream with Her, to envision all of the changes that you have been yearning for.


Ask yourself those questions. What type of life do I want? What type of government do I wish for? What type of body do I wish to live in and how do I want to look? What type of exchange would you like to see evolve on your planet? Do you still want to use money as a means of exchange, or would you prefer to use a more evolved type of barter sys­tem? Can you dream of something that no one has thought of before as a new and brilliant kind of exchange? How do you view your relationships of the future? What will the Earth look like? What would the ideal climate be? What will the animals look like and what will be their new behavior with humans? There is no limit to this unfolding vision. You can have so much fun creating your own mental movies!



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