May be you are in Sadness, because you are looking your Past ... in this case is better to Depart ... Print
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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 15:08

The Thirteen Petals ... Linearized ... like a List ... (for not Multidimensional beings ... ) ... Click to enlarge ...


May be you are in Sadness ... because you are looking your Past. In this case is better to Depart ... temporary or definitively ... is not important. Without to depart you cannot never arrive to your Throne ... which is connected with your Wisdom and Wisdom is Wise Dominion. Of Course you will have your Throne, your Queen and your Scepter ... not necessarily in this order ... Of Course you do not need a Castle. To depart and reach your Holiness ... you need Great Wisdom which includes Faith ... of Course to Walk with God ... Faith in God ... and recover the miracles of Lord Jesus, King Solomon, Mother Mary and all the Saints ... of ALL Religions and Belief. Then you will reach your own and Personal 'Sublimation' ... Then finally you get a Contact ... with the people you deserve. If you do not get Disease, nor Bad Humor ... but just Health ... then you are 'Approved' in your 'Evaluation'. If you are able to produce Matter ... you will be close to Christ or to Sai Baba, or to Kristnamurti ... or Lord Lanto who was the Yellow Emperor ... Therefore your 'Self-Esteem' will be so High, Solid and Stable ... that nothing will delay your Triumph. If you walk with Truth ... you shall endure your Happiness and Wealth ... and therefore you finally can 'Laugh' ... Laugh of you, Laugh of your Past, Laugh of your Present and Laugh of your Universe ... and the Universe and the Lord ... cannot but approve your 'Ascension' to another place ... because you Graduate from this World ...

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