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Monday, 28 November 2011 14:30

Greetings in the Moon-day ... the day of the Royal Blue Will of the Lord ... The Blue day ...

     And is my wish to offer a resume lesson ...

     The next year is

     and several important things in Human History will succeed ...

     1. At first we have the return of Lord Jesus and Lord Maitreya ... to unite again to Bless the World and transform it into a Paradise ...

      Lord Jesus actually is here ... orbiting and he comes from the Pleiades where he is the Ruler of the Confederations. He, the Beloved Master dwell in the Fifth Dimension.

       The arrival of Lord Jesus has been announced February 10th, 2012.

      Lord Maitreya will arrive from IA planet on the Sirius Star ... in the 7th Dimension. The place where the High Council of Masters for this Galaxy dwells.

     2. Because the Planetary Ascension ... a New Time will begin ... and this will produce many changes ...

     3. Our DNA will upgrade more and more ... and will change in symbiotic exchange with Mother Earth, Gaia. She changes we change ... We change ... She change ... The final upgrade of Our DNA will be December 21th, 2012.

     4. Our DNA will have three helix ... because our change ... and the New babies will have Four Helix. Ye ... Amazing!

     5. On June 6th 2012 ... Venus planet will be close to Earth and this Feminine Energy ... actually is approaching ... will manifest the end of the Masculine-Heavy Government as well Military or Religious.

      I Giovanni say ... touch with hands and watch with Your Eyes.

      6. As soon the Fifth Dimensional Energy will touch the Planet ... and this is 'An Unconditional Love' Energy ... you will no resist to feel better like a great Wave of Love will pervade each one of us.

      7. From the Economic point of view ... there will be a Balance ... and those who have few shall have more and viceversa.

      8. The Peace expected is Great ... The Joy expected is Great ... Balance, Upgrade, Elevation ... will pervade the planet.

      9. Most and all will activate the Thymus Chakra ... that is between the Heart and the Throat ... for permanent Healing.

     10. The Lemurians from Telos and all the Civilizations that live into the planet shall be present to help ...

     11. Has been announced that many many brothers from the Sky will land ...

     12. May be we begin to adopt the Base Twelve system ... however a embrace of Really High Technology will appears for a permanent healing of Science and the bridge between God, Science and Spirituality (no religion) shall be established.

      ... Only 33 days ... the number of the Christ ... to begin the Party ... A Cosmic Party ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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