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Friday, 30 September 2011 15:04

The Creation of Man ... by Michelangelo

Blessings in the Sacred Venus-day of Ascension ...

    And like Shakespeare saith ... 'Think on My Words' ...

    Before, I begin I want ... humbly request You to open Mind and Heart for a Well sophisticated but complex teaching.

    Honestly complex to explain ... Or not? ...

    Friends ... let me figure out for You ... that we are living Armageddon ... but please relax. It's a Test! ...  Nothing else.

    And if you suppose ... like some claims ... that 'We are alone ... in the Universe' ... Well, ... if is Truth you are living a Reality well the small ant with the other ants are not aware about what happens in the other city ... too far ... Don't you ?

    Are you a little ant ? ... Nay! ... Are you a little cat? ... Nay! ... A Lion? ... No. You are a Human.

    And but is a Human ? ... You will say, a Human comes from the Apes ... You know ... the Darwinian Theory.

    Now, I will say ... No. The man does not comes from the Apes. It has several bodies ... all energetics ...

    And you will ask me ... who create the Man? ...

    I will say, 'The Elohim' ... And you will ask ... Who are the Elohim? ... I will say the Elohim are Gods ... there are Many Elohim ...

     Hercules, Amazonia, Apollo, Mer (Meru), Athena, Liberty, Astrea, Aloha, Purity, Amora, Eros, Peace, Arcturus, Victoria ... they are all Elohim.

     And if you are smart ... You will ask me, Where the Elohim comes from ? ... I will say they comes from the stars ... from the Heavens.

     Now, let me make my point.

     The Supreme Prime Creator ... Father-Mother God ... in conjunction with the Entire Hierarchy ... decide to make an experiment.

     The name of the Important experiment is 'Union in Diversity'.

      They create a far Solar System ... and this was created by Helios and Vesta (also Gods)

      Each Being that is close to God ... become a God as soon he Graduate like a God.

      They, the Gods ... originally send a group of High Evolved Beings ... from The Land of Mu ... in the Dahl Universe.

      This is the Origin of the Letter,

       The experiment begin on planet Venus ... then some ... 'the rebelds of Venus' were sent to Mars and then still to planet Maldek.

        At the same time, always in Our Solar System, a group was sent to planet Hedron ... In Hedon ... the 'Dark Ones' ... a kind of bad boys ...

         create 'The Cult of Pleasure ... and Death ... what remains of this planet is asteroid ... 2004 JG6

          All time the experiment got High and Low Levels ... on Venus, on Mars, and on Heldron. On Maldek, the planet exploit ... and become the actual asteroid belt.

          Please consider that ... 'We are not alone' and like there are races of Good ... there are races of Evil.

        Because the experiment is called 'Unity in Diversity' ... Both and All races from this Galaxy and over join to the Party.

        On Venus the experiment begin with six races ... also called 'Star-seed Project' ...

         On Earth then unite other races ...


           These are what compose the Human race and the DNA mixing, and its MAIN Twelve DNA Strands comes from several places.

Keter Etz Chaym
Torah E'ser Sphirot
Netzach Merkava Eliyahu
Unim Ve Tumin
5 Aleph Etz Adonai
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
Kadumah Elohim
Rochev Baaravot
Chochmah Micha Halelu
El Shadai

           At specific time ... a New Race arrive ... For example the Pleiadians give us the 'Spiritual seed' ... 100,000 years ago, and then begin the 'Search for God'.

            According to Angel Kryon,


    There were mix between Fairies and Sirens at the time of Lemuria.

       All these are Human Like.

       Mother Mary also arrive at the times of Lemuria, and she was called ... Ma-RA (Mother of the Sun). She is an Archeia, or the Female aspect of an Archangel. Her Twin Flame is Archangel Raphael.


           Until now, I spoke only about the Good Boys ... but there are also the 'Bad Boys'.

           Annunaki from Nibiru, Lyrans from Lyra Constellation, Grey or Zeta Reticuli the Draconian and many others.

           Some months ago, arrive the Ummitas from planet Ummo ... they are Light Warriors ... and very scientific.

           Honestly ... there are no Enemy. The are no War in Heavens ... Nay.

           Each one of these Races have an Agenda. The Annunaki have one, the Zeta Reticuli have one ... the Pleaidians have another ... etc.

           There are a Group called ... 'The Masters of Sirius' ... and they have the authorization and Power to teach us.

            We have between them,


El Morya

             He was Melchior and the Mentor of Jesus with Kuthumi. He was Saint Peter. He was King Arthur. He was Moses.

             He, El Morya, lived in Dimension 7, 7D on Planet IA.


Lord Maitreya

              Lord Maitreya generates Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus lives in the Pleiades, on 5D and lord Maitreya lives on 7D, on Sirius on planet (or Land of AI) ... with Mother Mary, Kuthumi who was Saint Francis and Mother Mary.

              What is the Holy Bible ? ... The Holy Bible are a collection of Stories explain interaction or 'visits' between the us.

              The Bad Boys have the work to distress us ... they live in Even Dimensions 4D, 6D, ...

               The Good Boys lives on Odd Dimensions 5D, 7D ... 9D ...

         There are no Good Boys and Bad Boys. There are only a Goal ... Create Union in Diversity. There are no Death ... Our Physical Body may die, but he can be re-generated like Lord Jesus did!

         All the miracles made by Lord Jesus have a scientific explanation.

       Saint Germain who was the Master who wrote the Shakespearian Plays, like Francis Bacon, saith,

The early Christian mystics and writers referred to this experience when they said that a man ought to die with Christ if he expected to live with him[3]. This death of the old man with his deeds[4] is confined to the crucible of the spiritual-alchemical experience; thus it is possible for all unwanted conditions in a man’s life to be changed, that he may pass through a glorious transmutative epic culminating in the putting on of the new man. Free at last of the dross of the human experience, man stands forth in all of the shining glory of the divine experience that is the wholeness of the resurrection.

The agonies of Gethsemane may be compared to the spiritual preparation that the individual alchemist must make before knowingly and consciously committing himself to the crucible of life in order that he may emerge in the true glory of his being. This is dying with Christ in the certain hope that he will live again.

Beloved ones, bear in mind that those who do not do so willingly and knowingly will still pass through the change called death, even if they persist in following the ways that lead to destruction. But this change, without the prior putting off of the old man, will not lead to the indestructible Christhood that God intends every son to manifest. It is a supreme demonstration of faith when a living soul, forsaking even self-love, offers himself as a living sacrifice in order that Christ-victory be glorified through him. Such is a career son of God!

          Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the New Age. However, Lord Lanto who was an Chela (Aprentice) of Lord Himalaya, saith that Golden Age will be that ... if we work for it. No Otherwise.

          Therefore each race, each person, each animal ... comes from a planet or a Constellation ... all here are in Evolution.

           All are 'Teachers' ... to create the Eu-Christ ... the Christ in man.

           Once Man has mastered earth ... He is able to become a Master in the Universe ... and be God ... because the Goodhood is the transfer of responsibility ... from Creator to Creation.

           We are Perfect because ... Man is an Invention from the Gods ... the Elohim that are Perfect. The Elohim lives in Dimension 12, 12D.

            The Ummitas does not die.

             They moves between Dimensions ... 13, 14, 15 and 19th.

                  After all was not so complex.

In the name of the Hierarchy, I have spoken,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS: The Body has been created by the Gods, Elohim to let us experiment and 'study' and Master ... in Linear Time and Space. All our Bodies are a mix from the DNA of the Gods ...

And we have the DNA of God ... El Shadai ... inside us. Each Children of God has ... Remember there are so that are not.

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