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El Morya says: "The tube of light that the students have been given is very effective in shutting out and screening from man these discordant vibrations. The violet flame is also most helpful. But men must diligently practice these services and must call forth forcefields of spiritual protection around themselves daily—and even hourly when under attack.

"In the name of God, I say to all: You are in a battle! The battle of Armageddon is not a mere clashing of spears and chariots in the arenas of the world. It is a spiritual battle for the minds and hearts of men. The great clarity of the Christ mind, the great purity of God, the great love and munificence of his being, are scarcely understood by individuals today, who at times seem to have a very nebulous concept of the power of God.

"The power of God is very close to man. It is not far away as mankind sometimes imagine, but it might as well be at some great distance insofar as many are concerned—for these do not effectively release this divine power of protection into their worlds. The power of God is able to protect man against all the depredations of the sons of Belial (those who pursue a path of iniquity).

"Therefore, I say that the children of mammon, in their own generation, have for too long been 'wiser' than the children of Light!'' We desire ... to give the students greater understanding of the need to invoke their own protection—the protection of the pure in heart upon earth! It is not enough to have individuals clothed with innocence; they must also be sheltered from the infernal blasts of the spoilers."7

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