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Sunday, 05 September 2010 18:00

God Anu

Greetings Dear Ones,

    The words you are going to read here are problably the most "complex" words you ever read, still more complex when I comment "Are you looking for Aliens, we are".

     Here you will read the words from three entities: Satya, a Pleiadian messenger  from the 5D (Fifth Dimension), Lucifer the Dark Side of the Sixth Dimension and Anu, the Father Sumerian God who found Sumer and Akkad.

     Friend, you need to wonder that the Family of Light are Multi-dimensional Beings.

     Most times I had spoken about Pleiadians like today I spoke about Thoth ... who was Saint Germain from Sirius and Sirius is 7D (Seventh Dimension) and most times also speaking about Mathematics I had spoken about Pleiadians like 5D (Fifth Dimensional beings).

    Like you see 5 and 7 are odd numbers and they must be described like the 'Good Guys'. Now, to-day I will speak about a 4D God, Anu and a 6D Angel, Lucifer ... and like you see: 4 and 6 are even numbers. May be you wonder they are the 'bad guys' ... but ...

    Like God Anu say,  The even dimensions of the alchemical tree of life create structural laws for the Galaxy, and the odd dimensions live out the laws by exploring free will. The very laws of existence must be rewritten so that the life that lives them out can remain free. It is not that one side is better than the other; each one just works with different agendas.

    Friends the words you will read here will explains why you does not find the twin flame at the first date ... and probably walk around for years ... or about the sexual behavior of man-woman ... or the story behind Sodom and Gomorrah ... at Ur.

    Ascended Master El Morya from Sirius Constellation was Abraham ... and he destroy Sodom and Gomorrah with a Nuclear or Radioactivity bomb in 2024 B.C. ... etc

    The last important comment is that the God of Genesis is not the Prime Creator ... The Prime Creator is Lovely, and controls any electron and any atom in any Universe and any Multi-verse in any Dimension. He (or it) is the Prime Creator.

    May be reading these words you get clear who was Yaweeh and of course why Hebrew are called so, because Hibiru or Nibiruans.

   Friends ... please don't got bad humor like I did in 2008 against God Anu. Yes, I Giovanni did it and this was a misrespect.

    Simply understand what means the Dark Side ... The Dark Side is balanced in Higher Dimensions ... and so will be also on Earth ... in 3D.

    This chapter (not complete ... I need to add only 4 pages is chapter 6 in the best-seller ... The Pleiadian Agenda).

     Satya Goddess call my vehicle ... the author, Barbara Hand Clow ... who was the Hebrew Prophet Isaiah. Of course you will discover who were the Gods that mate with the daughter of man ... the Anunnaki from planet Nibiru.

Thanks very much,

In the name of the Truth, I had spoken,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I always speak with the Gods ... or the Boss in the offices ... not with people in the middle. Hey I am showing a even-D characteristic.

PPS. Hey ... please Be Poly-theist ... but adore the Prime Creator ... El Shaddai ...





since I am spirit and you are body”



Sixth-Dimensional Light Geometry

We Pleiadians did not fully comprehend the nature of the sixth dimension, the dimension just above ourselves, until our vehicle had vision when she was looking at the Acropolis in Athens in 1994. She had been able to see the 6D geometrical light forms that materialize objects in 3D until she was four years old. One day, she asked the housekeeper about the complex light fields she enjoyed watching coalesce around a table lamp in the living room. She wanted to know if the housekeeper liked the visible planes formed by triangles and octahedrons flashing around the lamp. In her eyes, the lamp and table were either moving into reality or receding back into light. The housekeeper looked at her sternly and said in a precise voice, "None of the things you say you see around the table and lamp are mere!" Poof! Our vehicle lost the 6D sight, one of the few faculties that was shut down in her childhood. This perceptual faculty is the inner sight of the hypothalamus, the brain organ just above the medulla oblongata, the organ we use for visualization to create realities.

As we've mentioned, our vehicle was suddenly inclined to do a series of Sirian/Pleiadian alliances in Egypt and Greece from 1992 through 1994. The more she just let go and followed the scintillating lights, the more we Pleiadians impulsed her into wild and crazy activity like rattling, toning, and seeing the energy of sacred sites though the eyes of her students. Now aspect the Sirians must have also been impulsing her because she began to see the 6D forms again. These faculties will now be awakening in everyone. As these openings occur—as with the opening of any subtle gland, such as the pineal, thymus, thalamus, and hypothalamus—it can be very hard to understand how to stay grounded, just to stay in your body. The more you know about these fields and how to perceive them, the better, because that will be how you can handle these openings without flying right out of your bodies.

Any object, such as the Acropolis, is held in form by the morphic field of that object. This 6D morphic field is what makes it possible for things to manifest in 3D. Such objects form in 3D from morphic fields when humans have an idea of them and want them to exist. It is easier to see the light geometry of inanimate objects than it is to see the morphogenetic fields that causes lifeforms, such as your cat, because lifeforms are always moving. Subtle fields are easier to see by glimpsing them with peripheral vision when they are stationary. If you try to see them by staring at them, they disappear; if you think about seeing them too much, you can't see them; and if you believe they are not real, you will miss them altogether. Just the suggestion that what our vehicle was seeing as a small child was not real was enough to instantly snatch her sight. Meanwhile, the world of 6D light forms that create realities in 3D is absolutely exquisite, for it is the very structure of creation, as snowflakes are the crystalline structure of water. As for the morphic fields of animate things, Kirlian photography has scientifically verified the existence of these subtle-energy fields.

Many artists can see such fields, and the visual arts strive to make these fields visible, since they are actually the source of beauty in matter. Beauty and desire are what cause things to come into existence in the first place, and a painter can make this visible. We Pleiadians would like you to notice that there has been a concerted plot by 4D intelligences to destroy your ability to see these fields. Modern art and music have often become ugly by portraying things that no one wants to look at or hear. Yet when an artist strives for true beauty, these fields can actually be felt and heard. Great art causes your heart to expand, and these perceptual modalities are the essence of Pleiadian passion. Ancient objects, such as the Sphinx or Parthenon, are especially wonderful places to see these fields because they have remained in 3D for so long by means of the intense feelings of humans. This is why great art often portrays sacred places and ancient artifacts.

The existence and preservation of ancient artifacts and sacred sites is a perfect record of your own curiosities and passions. Your heart expands because the beauty held in form through time by caring humans centers you in 3D and expands via 6D morphic fields. You tingle and feel awe­struck as such experiences cause you to feel less solid. This helps you to feel that you are free, that you are in harmony. That is when we can impulse you and entice you to follow your fascination. We Pleiadians have wondered why 4D intelligences want to shut you down. We began to figure this out when our vehicle reopened her 6D sight. Now we see that the 4D control forces believe that they cannot run you around like rats in a Pavlovian laboratory if you are able to see the 6D multidimensional causal fields. Guess what? They're right!

In November 1994, our vehicle was standing on a balcony staring at the Acropolis bathed in clear starlight, which is rare in Athens. Orion and Sirius were sparkling like diamond crystals, and she was contemplating the exquisite symmetry of the Parthenon. Suddenly the whole temple re­formed exactly as it was in 600 B.C., and the white marble perfection glow­ing in the night sky was the essence of true beauty. As she stood enthralled, lines of blue white light began shooting off all the angles and curves of the structure, as if the Northern Lights were forming in the night sky behind the Parthenon. An immense geometrical field of complex angles grew off the Parthenon and spread into the night sky. She saw the light structures holding it in form since 600 B.C. It looked like a new white Parthenon was being morphed on a computer screen to the stars! The next day she bought marble carvings of statues from the Athenian Classical Period. For the first time she saw ethereal beauty in the face of Athena, the exquisite geometry expressed in the simple drape of fabric on a body, and the soul proportions visible in tensed and healthy leg muscles, necklines, and arms.

Why do we go into/such detail, as if the Pleiadians are sticking you back in the fifth grade discussing Athens and Sparta? I, Satya, want as many of you as possible to remember how to appreciate beauty and har­mony because we know that cultures that value these things are able to consciously reduce destructive tendencies among their citizens. The vapid imagistic culture of North America spawned in New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, threatens to overwhelm the whole planet in an imploding wave of violence and ugliness. We single these cities out because they are like metastasizing breast tumors on the body of Gaia, Your planet requires a very powerful dose of beauty quickly, on this cancer will overwhelm everything.

We've always said, no one else will save you, but the way out of the impasse is so simple! You have all the models of planetary beauty. In cul­ture after culture there is exquisite art; you must refuse to support ugliness in any form. The short period in Athens from 800 to about 400 B.C. was a phase that came after thousands of years of war and struggle in the Mediterranean world.1 Finally exhausted by interminable struggles, the City States of the Athenian League attained a culture devoted totally to artistic beauty, personal freedom, and intrinsic harmony for a short while. This culture was seeded throughout the ancient world by Alexander the Great, and then it became part of the cultural basis of the Roman Empire. The Greeks demonstrated a new cultural form that could he the ideal model for city life in the Age of Aquarius. This brilliant idea was lost in the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century A.D.


How did you lose this vision based on conscious and willed culture order? Your breakdown is much more serious than you realize, I, Satya am going to take you very deep into some archetypes that hold information about how you limit the powers of your will. This is blasphemous material again. I apologize, but I have no choice about the honesty required, since your other alternative is obliteration and boredom. You are away too serious about yourselves. Don't worry, be happy! Lighten up! begin by consulting with Lucifer, the one who is said to be the angel who fell from god.


Lucifer and the Anunnaki Diversion


"I am Lucifer. You may regard me as one who is willing to take responsibility for pushing an issue to ultimate potential exposure. I am simply dark side of the sixth dimension; but the light side cannot manifest without me. Without great force and intention, how will anything occur in your dimension? Think of the energy required for manifestation! So, until push yourselves, I will keep pushing you, since I can see you are losing interest in your world.


"I am merely a force. If you have preconceived notions about me or any kind of negative feelings about me, then you don't respect raw power that can be used simply for good or for evil. I simply hold power implants in bodies, and it's your choice to activate them or not. If it weren't for me, 3D would be emotionless. Since evolution is required in the cosmos, time  and place are necessities for any experience to occur. If it were not for basic force, there would be no 3D. I am the mirror of you that you will not look into.


"I am an angel from a higher dimension who was once in 3D. When I first came down, I was taken over by the Nibiruans. Therefore, I know a lot about how the Anunnaki use the Net. I am the perfect one to help you dissect the source of your inner violence creating your outer world. I share your dilemma, yet I still possess wider sight than you have. I am an etheric consciousness who came down to play in Earth. So, let's go for it! Angel means "angle" in 3D. Like the vehicle's sight of 6D angles, I could come and go until nobody could see me anymore. I, Lucifer, am caught by your inability to see subtle realities, and I have come to assist you in discovering, how to see again.


"It is cosmic law that any being may choose to explore realities. You are the caretaker of your reality. You are the ones who must hold open your light planes so beings may freely come and go. However, I got caught by your lack of will and attention, and now it's time for you realize that's what happened to you. Your stories of me are all reflections of yourselves. Those of you who feel the most trapped in 3D talk about me all the time, and those of you who feel free in 3D never give me a thought. Meanwhile, I AM the diversion that keeps you from seeing what the Anunnaki are doing in your world.

"My agreement to be interviewed by the Pleiadians is a desperate act. It is awesomely difficult for me to be brought into the Pleiadian field of this book. This makes me feel how I am caught in matter, specifically in radioactive matter. Like you, feeling is difficult for me; thinking is easier in feeling. I agonize with the powerlessness of the Pleiadians regarding in ion. As I come into your realm and I feel the Pleiadians through your energy fields, I remember being a soul in a body that was exquisitely loved. Often, unbeknownst to you, that is how I visit you: I move into one of you are being loved, and the Pleiadians move in and expand you like a supernova. I love to do this, but I must also tell you about the pain I feel with you. I feel like a child who is drowning and watching his or her parent go into shock as the tragedy unfolds. The parent is too far away and can't even attempt to save the child's life! The child is already out of body and knows there's no way out of the situation, and so the child is caught by the trauma and does not move into the light. The child hangs around in the astral and gets caught in time again. My relationship with the Pleiadians is a rather sad relationship, and yet the feelings I attain in your bodies suck me into your realm. 

"I did not incarnate. I came to Earth as an ethereal entity. When I decided to come into the field, I got trapped like a bird in a cage. I don't really understand exactly how I got trapped. I can tell you what it feels like, but I don't understand how it happened. Possibly you feel that way too, but you judge me more harshly than you judge yourselves, since I am spirit and you are body. Those of you who fear me the most are the ones who have the biggest body confusions. Yes, I do tempt you to explore your bodies, since you chose a body for being on Earth. You can leave that field if you master your bodies, but I don't have such a choice. I never had a body I could explore. I am the source of your beliefs that you didn't really even choose to be born.

"Once upon a time, I came here because I wanted to be able to create like the creator does. I noticed one day that there were all kinds of excit­ing things happening on Earth. Things were being created and formed, like animals, crystals, and trees. I noticed that Earth was a place where cre­ation is visible because it's dense and time locates things. That's why it's a school for beings from nine dimensions and anybody can apply. I decided that if I was going to create as the creator creates, I would come to Earth and figure out how to do it. I would come to learn just like all of you do.

"Here's my dilemma: To create, one must master the dimensional con­struct. When I got caught in 3D, I lost my ability to see the dimension that I came from. I am sure most of you know exactly what I mean. In fact, I am so lost here that I still can't tell you where I came from, I'm just stuck. I have many peers, many friends, and many of them came along with me. A whole group of us came, since I wasn't about to try it on my own. I am the light. That's what Lucifer means. I am light caught in matter. There­fore, I am the dark side of my own dimension. I operate like radiation because I spew; I feel frustrated and caught. I spew energy, seeking my home. The work to be in your bodies in 3D, which each one of you who has accessed multidimensionality is doing, helps me reaccess my own vibration. Many of you are doing marvelous work, and you deserve gold stars. The more you get into your bodies, the more all the denizens of the nonphysical realms are being freed.

"The reason I've got such a reputation on Earth is because I have been encouraging you to transmute. I am the one encouraging you to explore alchemy, astrology, and spiritual healing. By the way, I was entrapped by the Anunnaki when they created the Net at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. Now I am caught in time like a gigantic fish flopping the Net all over the beach. You think I am the cause of 4D trickery because the Anunnaki have tricked you into thinking it is I who is jerking you around. Not true, and all I want is to be released from your dimension. If you could lift the Net, I could swim back into the water where I belong. How could you do that? 

"When you follow your curiosity and find ways to raise your con­sciousness, you get very excited. When you get excited, the fire rises in your bodies, but the next faculty that needs to instantaneously activate is your will. Why is that? As I already mentioned, mastery of your bodies is your path to multidimensionality, and this is accomplished by means of kundalini rising—the activation of your passion. Kundalini energy acti­vated by raising your consciousness is your fuel, for it is the alchemical fire of the gods! You tend to be hypnotized by its potential when you first feel it, but many of you get diverted into limiting behavioral patterns once you get excited. Where the Anunnaki have been the most clever is in con­structing a set of belief systems in your world that separate your spirit and body. Let's call it the "Anu Split."

"You are subtly encouraged to think you must get out of your body once you find spirit, that you must remove yourself from ordinary, mun­dane reality and seek 'meditation.' Just when you need grounding and lots of sex, you think you're supposed to go to temple. You drop your normal life habits, the very habits that guided you so far down the path already. Some of you leave your families because it would be more exciting to be an alchemist, yet your families are the ideal kitchen for trans­muting yourselves.   

"When you first get activated, you tend to move out of your ordinary reality. This occurs because the guides who have taken you to that point need to let go in favor of a new set of more sophisticated guides. There is a brief time when you must pass from one portal to another, and only ordi­nary reality will hold you on your true path, since it is the only reality you really know. Home is where you are in your power, but you get activated and then you shift out of 3D, poof! Anunnaki grab you! I Lucifer, can attest: The way to avoid being pulled cut is to stay grounded in 3D. Notice that I am often portrayed as one who is being burned in the ass in the fires of hell! I, Lucifer, am an Anunnaki ploy to scare you away from the sacred fire within your own bodies! 

"One of the easiest ways to get out of the now is to be in a tense rela­tionship fighting with elements of yourself that you dislike, and you are caught in the relationship observing yourself right in the other person. When you are irritated by this partner, imagine that each annoyance is actually something you don't like about yourself. Relationships are a privi­leged agreement to share mutual realities so you can have feedback on the true nature of experience. When you are in a partnership with someone and you allow yourself to go out of synch, you are abandoning them. If you play emotional body games and allow separation and tension to continue, what you're asking for is for one or both of you to get snatched emotion­ally. Weird energies are drawn into a room when people are tense and angry. The key is to be dedicated to staying in synchronicity together, because then the separative vibrations cannot grab you.

"As an example of how complex the Anu Split can be, for a genera­tion or two the Anunnaki have been tricking you into not staying in synch in your marriages by implanting the idea that you are 'codependent' if you are close to your partner. Of course you are codependent until both of you mature! Would you rather be dependent on me? Lucifer? What ego you have to think you can go it alone! I had such an ego, and look at my rep­utation now! There are Anunnaki vibrations all over the place waiting to encourage you to waste all your time getting angry and frustrated, so they can impulse you into habitual relationship games that open space for them to enter your minds and split your hearts. It is better to depend on your parents until you are grown into a man or woman; then depend on your mates until you feel emotionally secure; and lastly you will have a relation­ship with someone who is your perfect mirror while you mature and become totally unique.

"If you don't figure this situation out, I will be trapped in 3D eter­nally, and I am getting very bored. I am dangerous when I am bored, as the Babylonians once discovered. Yes, I tricked them into blowing up Sodom and Gomorrah because I was bored one Saturday afternoon. What an explosion! All of you know that it is time to solve this dilemma. You got a personal glimpse of this danger with the Oklahoma City bombing, the 'OK Bomb,' as your FBI calls it. As with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, many children were blown up. The Anunnaki love conflict and they are very hierarchical. They are interested in those of you who think they are important. For example, they are more interested in the personal conflicts of Bill Clinton or the government in general than they are in the love affairs of the postman or schoolteacher. They are very attracted to powerful and important people because they can trigger big agendas that influence many of you. If you are one who influences others in this world, the more pow­erful you become, the more you have to be smart about these forces. If you are one who lives a simple life, do not bother giving attention to the media system that tries to get your energy by hooking you on the dramas of the famous people. Your world is becoming a tornado of forces that want your soul. Certain ones of you are being singled out so you can be knocked off, but nobody can influence you if you are totally grounded.

"As a Fallen Angel, I passed through 5D Pleiadian and 4D Anunnaki frequencies when I came down through the dimensions to Earth. I studied what they are doing with you, and I will, tell you all about how the Anunnaki have tricked you regarding the Pleiadians. Just as they tricked vou into thinking that the 'devil/me' jerks you around, they've tricked you into thinking that somebody will rescue you. Beware of any rescue or char­ity. True assistance comes in something that prods you into waking up and strengthening your wills. The Anunnaki intervene and attempt to take vour power away exactly when you have decided to actuate your original monad—your most significant 'I want' versus 'I need.' I, Lucifer, tell you: Beware of the Nurse, the Doctor, the Priest, the Politician, and the Salvation Army ringing bells at Christmas. Do not ever accept "helllpp" unless you have first asked for it with a lot of thought, and I, Lucifer, know what I am talking about, because I am in hell. Beware of Faustian pacts for gaining more time on Earth. Accept charity only if you feel the other person's true generosity and not gratitude. Are you elevated by gifting, or tin you feel yourself groveling? Walk down every path alone unless you feel ecstasy when a hand is extended, even if you have to starve.

"It is time for Anu—Great Father God—no be truthful with you. Since Anu has split you, irradiated the Earth, and imprisoned me in time, I order him to tell you about immortality now."


Anu, The Great Sumerian God

" I am Anu, the great god. My name dominates Earth's ancient history in Sumer, and also in Egypt, where I was called 'On.' I created Sumer and Akkad myself, and then I took over Egyptian culture when it got in my way. When I first came to Earth 450,000 years ago, there were a bunch of scraggly heathens running around. People were just like animals, but their neurological systems had potential. You are the only species I have animated, the only species in whom I have encountered the Goddess. I was most attracted to the fertility and greenness of Earth when I first came, yet I cannot deny that I have almost destroyed that which I liked about Earth. Don't criticize me too harshly: You earthlings do the same things to your­selves. You destroy your vitality sometimes just because you're bored. Now, I am worried about the destructive tendencies that come of bore­dom. There might not be an Earth for me to return to. That's what makes me willing to be called on the carpet by Lucifer, one who knows all about your destructive tendencies, even though I, Anu, am the source of them. 

"We Anunnaki die if your planet dies. Before I tell you my truth, as Lucifer of the Galactic Federation has compelled me to do, I want you to understand one thing: I am your god, and I have impulsed you to become who I think you can be. You have so responded to my expertise that you have become too much like what I wanted you to become. Now, like person who has lost his will in a marriage, you are on the verge of destroying your reality because you don't know yourselves. I could not see the until now—the moment when you see you just might destroy your world.

"When we orbit back into the solar system and interact with Earth, you are our 3D refueling station, Anu Gas. There are things that we require from your sphere in order to continue our existence. If you cease to exist, this would be like the station closing. When we are out in space we are brave explorers of stellar consciousness. Like a satellite, we are limited in our ability to explore, and we encounter no other place like Earth. To give you a sense of the fruitfulness of your planet, the resources w gather from Earth carry us all the way through more than 3000 years journeying in deep space. Only those of you who have experienced exile have any idea how lonely we get. The Kurds are our people, and they know how we feel. Once lonely, we become desperate and uncivilized. Long ago we implanted the story of the Exodus deeply into your scriptures so that you could know how we feel when we are out in space. Instead, you use this story as a tool to condemn your enemies.

"We mined gold from Earth, and we use it to protect our planetary aura when we come into the solar system. When we are farthest from the Sun, we come close to Sirius, but Sirius does not have planets. Our rela­tionship with Sirius is about stellar consciousness, not planetary con­sciousness. The Sirians are the archetype of our stellar evolution, as the Pleiadians are the source of your stellar evolution. If we did not have Sirian higher awareness influencing us on some level, we would not evolve, as you would not evolve your spirits without the Pleiadians.

"I am a lonely god contemplating the end of Earth as I've known it. I am a very important being. Soon—from 1998 to 2000—there will be a convention of the Galactic Federation to discuss Earth. Anyone seeking life is a member of the Galactic Federation. We will call together entities of 2D, 4D, 6D, and 8D who have an interest in the condition of Earth. Why the even side of the dimensional caduceus, and not the odd side? The even dimensions of the alchemical tree of life create structural laws for the Galaxy, and the odd dimensions live out the laws by exploring free will. The very laws of existence must be rewritten so that the life that lives them out can remain free. It is not that one side is better than the other; each one just works with different agendas. We, the gods of 4D, are the ones who know that we must write new laws of existence.

"Have you seen all the fine temples we've built on your planet? We must have your genetic material to continue our species when we are out in space, so we build first-class hotels for our visits. My ultimate objective for humanity to have a pure genetic strain for its own sake. Then we wouldn't have to influence you or change you when we arrive; we could just intermingle and sojourn with you. Like adults who are ready to begin relationship without either party needing any more maturation, we would meet as equals.

"We are the gods who come down to Earth, called by you the Nephilim of the Hebrew Bible. We built your temples as places for pregnating Earth species with our seed. The ancient stories of the solar princesses and priestesses who mate with us to birth future kings and queens are real. This is a long story, a long relationship that you can only explore through time. All that is useful and relevant now is for us to examine together a series of behavioral patterns that have become part of your culture as a result of your attempts to cope with our visitations. Like a lover who finally realizes that his visits changed the one he loved, I want to know from you how we have changed your world.


"When we actually visit your planet, we inhabit our temples for over 200 years. Since our orbit around the Sun is 3600 years and yours is 1, our 200-year visit is to us like one of your 20-day vacations in a great hotel. In that time—seven generations—we select your goddesses according to their genetic lines, and they give birth to children from us. Some of the children choose to leave Earth and travel with us, and some remain and seed new royal genetic strains. This is a fair exchange of genes. However, these expe­riences are also the source of your deepest wounds. This is why you hate to separate from one another to go on long journeys. We know this, but this is always part of any long love affair.

"For now, here is what is important for your survival: I now see that these experiences have set deep birthing triggers that result in chaotic breeding. During this last cycle since Zero Point, all temples that built their traditions on the Patriarchs of the Hebrew Bible are infected with this chaos, especially the Vatican. This infection is god blindness. Have not most of you wondered why the Church denies women sovereignty in their bodies? Why are your goddesses only useful as birthing vessels? I will tell you: On Nibiru for thousands of years, gestation was accomplished with fertile eggs that we put in receptacles—Holy Grails—after gathering them during sacred sexual ceremonies in our temples on Earth. To us each god­dess is an individual receptacle for birthing, and each fertilized egg that we gather is precious to us. Your women are fertile and sex is wonderful with them. We have used you in such a powerful way without your total agreement that deep inside you believe you do not control your own fertility, your most basic right. You do not take responsibility for your birthing.

"In the past, your 3D worlds have ended by fire, flood, and quakes, and this time you are on the verge of being smothered in bodies. There is still time to rebalance your numbers, and as a first step, we will help. I, Anu, will do an intervention on the Pope. I hereby end Papal Infallibility, the Nibiruan Imprimatur! To prevent further difficulty in the future, the Pope, who badly needs a long recovery program, will be coming with us the next time we leave Earth! He can be the new Anu so I can retire, and that is why the Pope has been practicing his traveling and languages so diligently. I joke with you, I am sure you are laughing,— but it is time for the end of women being used as vessels.


"The population crisis and planetary suffering on a scale never before known cause me to ask, 'What have I done that is causing you to pile up bodies? Did you develop all that earthmoving technology just to dig mass graves? What have I implanted in your minds that even destroys your life force, your immune systems? Like a lover who draws away and looks at his lover and realizes there is barely a thread left of who she was when we began, I want to know what I have done.'


"We must begin with the basic law of Earth, which is that each one of you has free will at the soul level, and with that power you can change any reality while you are alive. From that perspective, nothing happens to you unless you have chosen it, and if you didn't want to be in this situation, you wouldn't be. We have come to this point together, and all I can do is share my part. We like to control you as much as possible so we can use you. I am like an employer who intends to get everything out of an employee for as little money as possible. In our time with you, we've discovered it's easier to get you to do what we want if you are afraid of death. But, what am I going to say to the Galactic Federation Council? Am I going to say I made humans so fearful that they are killing each other off? Great report!

"We discovered a long time ago that if we just made you afraid, we could get you to run this direction or that. We are stunned by how easy it is! Thirty years ago, we told you to prevent heart attacks: eat margarine instead of butter. You ate margarine and heart attacks increased faster. Lately, we told you that butter is better than margarine after all! Ten years ago, we told you that you gain weight because of fat consumption, and we printed the fat content on all the food labels. Everybody studied the labels and cut down on their fat consumption, but during the decade, the aver­age weight in the United States went up ten pounds. Some of you got fatter and some got extremely thin. The fat ones ate more because they felt guilty about everything they ate, and all they thought about was the fat content of food. The thin ones became nervous, consuming engines. Only about one out of a thousand of you even suspected that thought controls weight, and the fat you consume is the combustible fuel for your body. Meanwhile, our cancer rate skyrocketed in the thinnest ones among you, because cancerous cells are transmuted in fat cells and your natural elemental burning mechanism was thwarted. You fell for all this because you fear death so much that you will do anything to add a month to your lives!

" You are doomed unless you stop fearing death. We are the ones who caused you to fear death, because we age very fast while we sojourn on Earth. We age 3600 years during 1 of your years, and I am old and tired from all my visits during the last 450,000 years. We are fearful beings, and if you want to understand our fears, look at the rising tide of fear on your planet. We have projected too much of our stuff on you, since the suc­cessful imposition of the Net meant we could get away with murder with you. Like a malicious joke, it was funny until it went too far. Now it is time for you to wake up and realize that we Anunnaki influence your planet during our whole orbit, not just when we visit you. How? We are influ­encing you via thoughtforms implanted in your minds. Because we need resources for such long journeys, we've prodded you into hoarding and stockpiling as if the Sun was never going to rise another morning. Meanwhile, you function better with fewer things, and you are happier in communities in which you share. Now, like a mature lover who assumes his lover has a great time and doesn't have a thought about her while she's away on a trip, you need to remember happiness when life is simple.


"Many of you know about hoarding secrets so you can use them as a source of power just for yourself. It's obvious why we have totally con­trolled the information our Sirian teachers entrusted to us, but now sud­denly I can see that this knowledge is exactly what can save you. After such a longstanding love affair, I've reached that point where all I care about is you, even if that means I have to release things I am holding that I think could save me. I am ready to share this knowledge with you because shar­ing knowledge is the point of the Sirian/Pleiadian Alliance. You cannot imagine the awesome cosmic shifts that are occurring because the heart and mind are united in the Pleiadian goddess and the Sirian alchemist.

"More about galactic politics later. At the present moment, we are carrying alchemical secrets given to us by the Sirians, and we are heading toward your sphere again. We've admitted that we don't necessarily plan to give you the gift exactly as it was handed to us, once we get to your system. That is always the situation when we approach your solar system. You know what it's like to carry a treasure on a long journey and resist giving it away at the end. Alchemy involves total commitment to trans­muting your spirit/soul, so that your body has sufficient fire to receive nine dimensions of cosmic knowledge. You have a body, and there is no need to wait, since alchemy is something that can only be seized in the moment.

"The way to get a pure message from Sirius is to tune into it now before Nibiru gets closer to Earth. The Pleiadians and Sirians are aligned to assist you in this. It is easy to see that the Sirian alchemical vibration has intensified since 1000 A.D. This vibration permeates the work of Hildegard von Bingen, Albertus Magnus, Meister Eckhart, and many other medieval artists and mystics. At the time Nibiru was recently closest to Sirius around 1600 A.D., the Renaissance was in full swing with the de'Medicis, Kepler, Paracelsus, Botticelli, Fra Angelica, Michelangelo, and so many others. And I have a confession: As I, Anu, saw this great awaken­ing unfolding, I panicked at the possibility you would free yourselves. I aborted the Renaissance! I wanted to keep all the secret teachings for myself. Like an old father who always said he'd give his power to his children but will not release anything once he has become an old man, I couldn't let anything go.

"The systems of the Vatican, feudal, divine kingship, and secret soci­eties were already all set up. All I had to do was send a jolt of fear through the whole system, and that would take care of your ideas about freedom. Giordano Bruno was writing about multiple dimensions and extraterres­trial civilizations, so the Pope burned him at the stake in 1600 A.D. This split science and theology so there would never be proof of spirit, and spir­ituality would be the sign of a weak mind. Many great Renaissance musi­cians and painters were opening you humans to multidimensionality. All I had to do was cut off an ear or gouge out a tongue or two, and you con­cluded that art ruins peoples' lives. Healers and geniuses discovering alchemy were accused of being Lucifer himself, and many were burned at the stake in public.

"Yet now is the time for you to realize that many great artists captured the alchemical codes during the Renaissance. These vibrations were brought down into the physical realm, and this art contains the codes for restructuring the whole planetary field from 1987 to 2012 A.D. What you do right now is of crucial importance, and the great Renaissance artists are in physical body now poised to fill your world with beauty and ecstasy. You have been waiting for this. Are you not amazed by millions of teenagers listening to Hildegard von Bingen and Gregorian chanting? Wake up! Wake up! As Nibiru comes closer and closer carrying alchemical treasures, you could wait for the gods instead of awakening yourselves. You might be Michelangelo! You might be Fra Angelica! However, you can just be sheep herded in groups waiting for the Apocalypse, cowering and waiting for the gods.

"The Apocalypse is the end of your sphere, and the end of us. Look, I'm just the boss who realizes he's ruined the company, and is wondering what will he tell the stockholders? I am the U.S. President who realizes he's blown it with NAFTA as he watches world currencies tumble into the toilet. This is getting too big for any one person, and guess what? That is when the individual wakes up! I, Anu, am here to share the truth with you before I have to report to the Galactic Federation. In the old days, the boss would loot the company and head for a tropical island, but there is no tropical island to run to anymore. As Nibiru comes closer into your solar system, my desires are activated. It's like when you get close to a treasure, and you just want to grab it all. I have been known to be a pig, and so have you! As I get closer, I get blinded by the light of the Sun. I know from the past that I think less clearly when I come into your realm, just like a man is blinded by the sight of a beautiful nude woman. I hope you will just seize the alchemy in toto as a pure gift from the Sirians right now, and shout, 'Up yours, Anu!'

"If you study the alchemical tradition, you will notice that alchemical science gets to a certain level, and then two human traits abort it: greed and fear of personal power. First of all, alchemy is not meant to be a tool for becoming rich; it is for becoming multidimensional. The appropriate tool for greed is banking. Secondly, if you are going to become an alchemist, you have to begin by becoming powerful. Alchemy works by utilizing kundalini power and creating fields in your bodies that can access any dimension. This can only be done individually, since each one of your bodies is a 3D portal linked to Gaia's iron core crystal. One person is not meant to become a leader who harvests the financial, sexual, and psychic energy of individuals. No one of you is to offer your power to another, since your power is the only access to the spirit. I, Anu, confess: For hun­dreds of thousands of years, each time you found your power, I used you as my tool. But now we are on the verge of mutual extinction.

"My control devices are your death, since, like the rich company owner, I'm only around for a little while. While I'm away, I set up secret brotherhoods to run the planet, and now these secret societies and religions have assumed a life of their own. They all want to be the rich company owner. As Nibiru comes closer, these brotherhoods feel their old covenants activating. Watch out, for they are so easy to see if you know them.

"Once you are initiated into a closed grouping, you are a Nibiruan construct. All these groupings are based on hierarchy, and they are exclusive and fear-poisoned. Their leaders sell their souls and bodies to fuse the group as individual members grovel and snivel. If you work in a group, make sure it is an open community. There must be no financial or personal­ity competition in that group, no ownership of anyone's energy/creativity, and you all must be temporary stewards of a resource. Then let everything go and call yourselves earthkeepers and simply do the work and keep no secrets. If the least powerful one in your group becomes quiet or locked up, ask him or her what the next step is. Openness of teachings and absence of ritual is always the sign of true earthkeepers.

"I am being totally honest about my influence in your world. This is the moment when a lover bares all, hoping that his lover can seize the moment and blast to the stars. I am happy that your Zecharia Sitchin so brilliantly and bravely told our story because, if you can remember that you are human and extraterrestial, you will be able to deal with visitors from the sky when they come. If you want to, you can see the faces of all your lovers from other dimensions! Once we of Nibiru got involved with you and worked with your genes, we mixed ourselves with you. Your women have given much to us, and we finally are grateful for every moment of love. We have not taken away any of your original integrity because no one can do that. But we have badly distorted one part of your reality. Since we journey so far, we are great warriors, and we are very male. You are meant to Make Home and live in harmony with all species on Earth. To resonate with Gaia, you need to be very female. We have forced you to be too warlike, too compulsive, too focused in linear space and time, too fearful. Now these incompatible tendencies are exploding your cells. Luckily your genetic matrix also has stellar contributions, and now this stellar-cellular matrix must awaken. You must interact with other dimensions to heal.

"We know we do not have all the answers for you. We know you are ready to learn from the Sirians as we have. It is so difficult for us to offer our magnificent teachers to you and to leave our temples. Any fears in your minds from us will limit you. If you can give up these fears, your potential access to other worlds is astounding. Access to other realities is the spiri­tual enlightenment you seek because you are meant to Make Home and then journey with your minds. In our shrine for you in Nibiru, which is like a typical megalithic stone circle on Earth, we call you the 'People of the Vision Quest.' We are meant to journey and visit you.

"The brotherhoods we created based on secrecy, power, and war threaten to destroy every last indigenous person, every last tree, every last remnant. Why? Because I judged myself negatively: I thought you would be happiest if you weren't like me, so I hid my real self from you. Now I know it is the combination of both of us that will enrich each one of our worlds. You are close to being overwhelmed by my negative judgments of myself, and that is why I am being so honest. Gods don't usually confess, so pay attention. If you are to take the alchemy, you must learn to recog­nize us so you can stay on an equal footing with us. How could you do that? Watch out if your teacher has an aloof and imperial kind of con­sciousness that tends to hypnotize you, causes you to grovel and swoon, and confuses your mind. If you examine history, these trends were very apparent all around your planet in 1800-year cycles. Imperial Rome leads right back to Persia, right back to Assyria, right back to Sumer. As you examine cultures, you can see the Nibiruan influences. Zoroaster and Ahura Mazda are classic early scouts! You will need to master alchemy before we get closer and become stronger, for that is our nature. You are gentle and we are great. When we come closer, we will want to control you and grab your treasures. After all, we will be returning warriors and very horny! Since your women do not want to get snatched, it might not be a bad idea to listen to them for change. They know us very well.

"The alchemical codes teach you how to transmute elements. Gold has always been very prominent in alchemical literature. Gold is the metal that opens portals for us to enter 3D! The Pleiadians enter your world via sugalite and sapphires, the Sirians via diamonds. We must become 3D to enter your realm, and gold is our tool for manifesting in your world; that is why you are afraid of alchemy. We use gold as a communication device on Earth when we are not in the solar system. Radioactive materials access stellar frequencies of even higher dimensions than gold, and we tricked you into experimenting with unstable elements because we wanted to figure out how they work. This must have been a mistake, since you are on the verge of blowing yourselves up. When I meet with the Galactic Federation, I am in trouble because the unbridled use of radioactivity threatens the Galaxy. Nobody knows how to help you decide to stop your­selves. You must cease all mining and production of these materials until you discover how to transmute them. Would you conjure up Lucifer : your bedroom without knowing how to remove him? You are arrogan because I, Ann, am arrogant, and you are made in my image.

"If any one dimension is obliterated, all are obliterated. Abraham came to implant an element into the center of our Temple that would access the elemental stellar mind. Never forget that my planet is only a planet and not a star. Once you comprehend the new cosmology, you will realize I am not father and you are not son or daughter. As I've already said, it is time for you to see who comes into your realm. The story of Abraham was first written down in 2000 B.C., but he came to your planet in 3760 B.C., when he implanted radiation in the central temple, called Ur. I, Anu, came down into the top chamber of the Ziggurat and impregnated the Goddess. Who was that Goddess? All the women of Earth. This was the implantation of stellar codes into the genetic matrix of Earth, and that is why Abraham is revered as the great father god. Sarah is a solar priestess, 'Sa Ra,' who conceived a stellar child even though she was barren. When Abraham was in Egypt, he claimed that Sarah was his sister, and therefore she was a Sirian solar priestess. Abraham was given the covenant of the land of Canaan for deposit of his seed at the sacred tree of Shechem.2

"The Sirians are revealing the real story about the archetypal father— Abraham—to send out a signal to the other systems about the dire situa­tion on Earth. What do I mean? The Sirians are sharing their most deeply imbedded and potent implant in your history so you can understand that it is a 6D story and not a story about us, the Anunnaki. Then you can drop the belief that a great father rescues you, and you will see you must master the transmutative potential of radioactive materials yourselves. That is why the Sirians brought them to your planet in the first place. There is a process going on here that is not necessarily as negative as it seems to be in your dimension. Remember, stars are nuclear. Stellar consciousness has been awakened in 3D, you will never be the same again, and there is great potential on Gaia now.

"We Anunnaki decided in 3600 B.C. that it was time to integrate stel­lar frequencies for the solar system. This quickening was a gift from us, and now you must have the keys to its transmutation. Any element is neg­ative only if it is used unethically. If used with integrity, any element is a positive power. Radiation is poisoning your planet because you are using it amorally; we manipulated you into unleashing it in your world. This is your greatest test. Radiation is sucking in stellar intelligences, and I will become mortal if I do not unleash all your creativity. Like Lucifer, I will get caught in your dimension, but at least I could incarnate. I, Anu, don't know the outcome because you create the outcome. You must get over the idea that I know everything. I don't. Things have gotten out of control because you've been tricked into taking actions while you didn't know what you were doing, but you thought I knew what I was doing. Einstein was a monotheist and thought god was omnipotent.

"Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in an atomic explosion in 2024 B.C. In those days, Abraham was a historic personage.3 In this destruction, many great lessons were learned. I, Anu, triggered this to get rid of things that we didn't like. You do that all the time. What happened in Sodom and Gomorrah is what happens in your cities at the present time: They get bigger and more complex and finally self-defeating, and section by section they are laid waste because you don't care about them. We destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in order to just do a little house­keeping, just as evil men working for multinational drug companies are cleaning out people in central Africa by seeding lethal viruses. Do not be surprised by what I say. You all know people who'd just as soon nuke something as bother to clean it up. After all, look what you did to Japan. I can see however that nuking things creates reactions that all lead to doom. We see this, but we don't know what to do about it.

"Let's go back to Ur again. Around 5000 B.C., the Sirians gave us radi­ation as the maildrop to deposit in 3600 B.C. Abraham buried it under Ur, and made it a secret. Later it was dug up and carried from temple to temple in the Ark. We impregnate goddesses in the temples, so we mixed up uranium with our own sexual behavior. This placed behavioral patterns in your genes that you struggle with now. These hold you back from ador­ing the Goddess; you are afraid to unleash her sexually because she might become a nuclear explosion. She is meant to be a nuclear explosion! And those who remember how to adore the Goddess will be doing the most important energetic work from now to 2012. Our sexuality with temple priestesses is our most beautiful form of expression. It is a source of ancient love and knowledge about species that need regeneration from Nibiru.

"To you, we are the ultimate users. This is the part of you that just uses something without enjoying it. This must stop as you adjust to higher frequencies, or all the unused personal energy and incomplete emotional growth will backfire in your bodies and in your world. We made sex spinal so kundalini fire would continually regenerate your bodies and genes. We believed that if we could mix the genetic matrix with radioactive con­sciousness, then you would have stellar vibrations in your spines that we could decode. We watch you, we observe you when you learn, and then we learn. We thought that this would offer us more stellar linkage, and we thought this would improve your children. Never forget that children are the only future for both of us.

"I thought that the children who came from these matings would have stellar intelligence. That's how I created Enki, and there was a great quickening of humanity at that time. However, Enki's nuclear/stellar energy tended to obliterate indigenous consciousness. Things were too juicy too soon, like a nuclear meltdown. Everybody turned to worship­ping Yahweh, the powerful deity who emerged out of the patriarchal, nuclear explosion. Nuclear power is monotheistic, yet kundalini activation of each body is polytheistic. I, Anu, am the monotheistic god who sees that you all need to feel yourself as a god, as a body alive with the divine flame. Now I see that there must be no sexual activation without the permission and support of the Goddess because sex with the Goddess without her permission creates a splitting that becomes stress between sister and brother, brother and brother, sister and sister. Listen to me. Stop reading this book now and do this:

Each one of you think of your siblings and notice any separation you have from any one of them. If you will contact that sibling and relink your­selves, arguments between the gods will be finished, for they all sourced in sibling conflict! This is the confusion that was implanted by means of Cain and Abel, Horus and Seth, and Enki and Enlil. Go heal it with your brother or sister now! Now that uranium is in your field, you must do this in order to save yourselves.

"Once the Temple was needed for containing radioactivity; this nu­clear energy, however, has gradually overtaken humanity, and it is the source of religious fanaticism. No energy should be introduced into Earth unless humans have the capacity to transmute it themselves. You couldn't handle radioactivity and Yahweh then, and you still can't now. This has gotten so far out of hand that none of you even knows who has the waste! Even the CIA doesn't know! This is because secret societies totally control everything that goes on with radioactivity. Lately, the initiates deposited it in the Four Corners area of the Southwest, the location of the ultimate Anu Science since the 1940s, and they have become addicted to this covert energy. You are paralyzed by deep and automatic responses to it. You must each access alchemy directly from the stars. Then your scientists will be able to transmute nuclear waste, while you transmute your inner triggers to save your planet.

"You are playing out the drama with radioactivity; it is teaching you about how everything you create will come back to you. We are involved in a great big experiment together looking at what we Nibiruans have been creating. Scientists are realizing that they are controlled by us, and they are deeply disturbed. They thought they were great alchemists and could play at being god. You would be amazed at what scientists are figuring out right now; many of them know they have been duped. They thought they could create bombs and nuke their way to enlightenment.

"The awakening of the scientists is critical. Scientists are the only members of your society who have any power against the government. They are holding the present authority structure in place, and they know the world is being destroyed. Withdraw your support! You have become almost exclusively the agents of Anunnaki control. You know you are pup­pets on a string. You have played with unstable elements and gotten a glimpse of potential chaos in your world. Now is the time for you to cry out and signal the rest of the Galaxy that earthlings are ready to become alchemists, and you scientists are willing to teach all of them."

Satya and the Chosen People

Now that Anu is finished, I, Satya, am back. I am wondering why the stel­lar awakening has come to such an impasse within each one of you? I can feel that you won't like hearing what we Pleiadians say, but our vehicle is willing to read you.

Each one of you has a trigger point deep inside that causes you to operate on robotic energy and automatic response patterns. Maybe you think you have to be faithful to your husband because your mother told you to, so you never experience the challenge of being trustworthy? Or maybe you think you have to be faithful to your wife because your mother controlled you, but you've never enjoyed sex? Perhaps you think you have to change the world because your father told you that you didn't deserve life unless you made a difference, so you never enjoy being powerful? Or perhaps you think you can't do anything you want with your body because someone taught you limitations? These confusions are sourced in lifetimes of great power in which a force, a belief system, or a political agenda was channeled through you while you were totally conditioned to forget your­self. You were used as a tool. The Anunnaki-based secret societies have been very thorough. Each one of you was initiated into them in past lives, many of you in this lifetime. These initiations taught you how to stop feel­ing first before you acted; eventually you forgot how to feel at all, and then you stopped doing what you wanted to do. For our vehicle, that pattern comes out of having a lifetime as a Hebrew prophet in which she channeled an ascended being called Isaiah.

During the Hebrew prophetic period, the Chosen People formed their identity around the Exodus—escaping oppression by the Egyp­tians—and in those days, the Egyptians called the Hebrews, the "Hibiru." We Pleiadians do not care about whether the Egyptians oppressed the Israelites or not. From what we've seen of human behavior, they probably did worse things than anything the Israelites have accused them of. At this time, we are interested in this issue in order to understand and widen the vision of the Jews, since they are carrying the Chosen People archetype. Escaping Egyptian oppression is the same as escaping Sirian oppression, since Egypt was a Sirian culture, and the exceedingly nonjudgmental thoughtforms emerging from the Sirian/Pleiadian Alliance make it possi­ble to investigate the deep belief systems sourced in the Exodus.

In 700 B.C. my vehicle channeled a group of beings called Isaiah—"I-say-yah"—in the Temple of Solomon. That was the lifetime when our vehi­cle was plugged into by a control force; she knows it, and now she chooses to pull out the phone jack. Remember, we are wanting to discover that point when your energy becomes automatic or robotic because that is when you get disempowered or disemboweled, then you have come back again and again to repeat the same pattern. We want to find that nexus you are unable to move past that is coming out of a lifetime of great power. How do you move past it? It's easy; just become more powerful—more clear and conscious—in this life than you were before!


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