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Greetings in the Mars-day of the Red-Pink Ray of Love of God ...

       When the Truth is buried or Hidden ... like Reincarnation, God-within ... or the Bloodline of Lord Jesus which necessarely regard have sex with Mary Magdalen ... those who try to clean such Truth are necessarily attacked ... specially for Carnal Minded.

        Science ... to open another perspective is also Carnal Minded ... What is the value of Pi (π) ... It is ... 3.14 ... or 3.1415 ... Well, Pi is evidently "Irrational" ... No. Pi is irrational in 3D ... There are a Rational Pi ... that can be expressed like a Quotient.

        Einstein Theory? ... Well ... We can talk about the Pleiadians that have sex all the day ... in 5D ... Therefore ... evidently Einstein Theory that deny Aliens and/or Life in other Planets cannot explain such "Sex".

       People consider ... Please ... We Humans are ... like "Babies" that begin to take control ... again ... on their Own Destiny and Power on their Own Lives ... and there are many thousand of Civilizations ... more Advanced ... more Evolved that ... without declared interaction can ... Help. There are still Universes ... etc.


   In the Italian Edition of my book ... about The Apocalypse explained ... I reveal many concepts about the Sexual Life of Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalen ...

  Lord Jesus said: "I AM Male, I AM a Man ... and I have a Blood line ... on Earth".

  Mary Magdalen ... is The Holy Grail ... not a Cup ... but she ... and the Templars (I, your fellow friend ... was one that Protect such Grail, many times ... Proofs another day).


  Now the Sex between Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalen which Weeding was in Cana ... was similar to the "Tantric" Sex of the Dwellers of the Fifth Dimension.

  They use ... not 2 Chakra ... but all 7 ...

  Mary Magdalen speaks ... (Original Source "The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion) ...

The words of our Mother, Lady Magdalene ...


When I met Yeshua by the well for the first time, the mere proximity of his presence activated my internal Alchemies. A Serpent Power moved up my spine as if I had practiced the disciplines I had learned.

That first night when we were together alone, arm in arm, lying next to each other, we practiced the Sexual Magic of Isis. This specific form of magic charges the Ka body with tremendous magnetic force through the power of physical orgasm, for when one has a sexual orgasm there is a tremendous release of magnetic energy within the cells. As this energy spreads it releases a magnetic potential that can be used.

I wish to share the specifics of this, but in order to do so I must explain more of the basic understanding of sex and spiritual realization, for this secret was stolen by the Church.

When I, an Initiate of Isis, joined together with Yeshua, there were specific pathways I had to open within myself. I was stunned, however, to discover that many of these pathways were spontaneously opening in his presence. I mentioned at the beginning of this story how I trembled as a woman, having to struggle with my own passions and desires; for the path of the Initiate is to use the energy of passion in a highly specific way, and not to simply be carried off by it; for alchemy requires that energy be contained so that it can be transformed.

Very quickly Yeshua and I achieved the state—what is known as the Four Serpents. This occurs when both have mastered the internal Alchemies of Horus to the extent that they can activate both the Solar and the Lunar Serpents within their spines.

Clairvoyantly there is a central channel that runs up through the spine, and to the left there is a Lunar Circuit and to the right a Solar Circuit, called the Ida and Pingala by the yogis and yoginis. 

In the Alchemies of Horus one causes these two circuits to be activated by magnetic fields that are snakelike.

The Lunar Snake on the left side is pitch black, the color of the Void; so indeed, it is the embodiment of the Void itself and holds the potential as the Creatrix for all things.

The Solar Serpent is gold.

An Initiate causes these Two Serpents to rise upward. As they rise upward they pierce the chakras and cross over each other.

In the Alchemy of Horus these Two Serpents cross each other through the fifth seal, or throat, and all seals beneath.

They then face each other, at an area approximately where the pineal gland is, or the center of the head. Here a chalice is envisioned with the pineal gland at the very bottom of the chalice itself.

These Two Serpents are living—in that they are not static but vibrate and scintillate and ripple with energy—and the writhing of their bodies within the Ka activates an increase of magnetic potential.

There are specific practices, which I will share at a later time, but what I wish to address in this moment is the practice of the Four Serpents.

When Yeshua and I made love, as you call it, we caused our Serpents to rise up our spines, up our Djed. We did this simultaneously, and at the moment of mutual orgasm the charge released from the first seals in the pelvic areas of our bodies was sent upward, into the Throne, which is in the upper part of the head—stimulating the higher brain centers.

At the same time during this moment of sexual ecstasy we placed our awareness fully within our Ka bodies, for the Ka is strengthened by ecstasy. Ecstatic states are nourishing and strengthening to the Ka body, and as I said earlier, with each strengthening of the Ka it becomes more magnetic, drawing to the Initiate that which he or she desires.

The Sexual Magic of Isis has to do with the innate ability of the feminine being to utilize magnetic energies to open deeper levels of consciousness through the act of surrendering to the sexual energies and pathways that are opened.

When a woman is deeply loved and appreciated, as was I by Yeshua, something lets go at the deepest levels of herself, and at the moment of orgasm there is an uncontrollable shuddering that takes place. If she feels safe and allows this shaking, this quivering, to overtake her, there is a tremendous magnetic vortex that opens, the center of which is in her womb.

Two Initiates engaged in the Sexual Magic of Isis can strengthen themselves and rapidly expand their consciousness through the power of this magnetic field.

In the advanced practices of the Sexual Magic of Isis the male Initiate causes both of his Serpents to rise through the Ka body of the female and the female causes her Two Serpents to rise through the Ka body of the male. The explosive power of this practice is like the energy released by an atomic bomb. The massive tidal waves of magnetics can strengthen the Ka beyond imagination—or destroy it, if not handled properly.

It was this advanced practice of the Ka that Yeshua engaged that night before the Garden of Gethsemane. For him this tremendous increase of magnetic potential within his Ka strengthened him for his hardships and for the task that faced him in his final Initiation through the portal of death; so that when his physical body dissolved into it's constituate elements it was done so in a flash of light and heat—that the church calls the Resurrection.

But this was simply an effect of something that was occurring much deeper within him. It was caused by the magnetics of his Ka body, for it was through his potentized Ka that he journeyed through his underworld, through death itself.

As Yeshua and I engaged the Sexual Practices of Isis in our relationship we both understood that this was the purpose. For him each union with me was a means to strengthen his Ka. This is why I said earlier that he came to my well, for the well that the woman Initiate offers to the male is an endless well of magnetic potential. But it is only opened when the female feels safe and loved. Only then will the practices work.

For the practices without the nurturance of love become just techniques and will not give the result required or desired.

For me, I was both woman and Initiate. I had been trained for years and knew what to do with the pathways, but I was surprised to find myself swept away as a woman.

I found myself waiting in deepest anticipation for a look or a touch by Yeshua, and our times together alone were the most precious times I had ever experienced. Something about his touch and his eyes—the feel of him—caused something within me to open, and I found myself sometimes almost laughing at myself.

I, who had been trained in the most secret practices of the Sex Magic of Isis and had been judged by my Priestesses to be very advanced— this Initiate—found herself, a mere beginner in the presence of the woman.

For I tell you now that within the heart and the mind and the body wisdom of the feminine lie some of the greatest secrets and greatest powers—and they await to be revealed.
And all of it is lid open by the touch of another!


In the Hindu Tradition Lord Jesus is Vishnu and Lakshmi  is Lady Magdalene.

The Authors of Hindu Tantric Books are instead ... Shiva and Shakti ... we can read:


219 So, too, the Holy Spirit comes alive in the charming personages of Shiva and his Shakti. 220 Each one a sphere yet simultaneously a half of the other, 221 these divine complements of Love stand as living proof before all souls in Love that the opposite of Divine Love is not hatred but the balance, 222 whether of masculine or feminine charge, 223 of compassion, of kindness chastening with firmness, 224 giving and receiving gratitude as active and passive modes of the same verb, "to love."

225 The dual nature of Shiva, the Lord of Love, 226 himself the Destroyer/Deliverer, 227 is complemented by his consort who in manifold form is both demon slayer and child saver.

  -- Saint Germain on Alchemy: Love.


Conclusions: Is important you learn to dance ... The New Dance.

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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