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Greetings in the Orange-Venus day of the Lovers ... the day of the Family.

    And is a very Special Day.

    The Chakra for today is NOT the Solar Plexus (above) but the Mudalahara ...

    This is a very important lesson ... because it includes if properly read, studied and digested many Truth which World Religion have never explained to you ... where Forgiveness is Number 1.

    The Lord Jesus statement ...

21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? 22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.
   -- Matthew 18:21-22.

    The Peace is the result of Forgiveness ... Read this lesson ... and you will understand properly.

    The Chakras are the Wheels in the Wheels ... that connect the Seven Bodies in the Rays ... 8 ...

    Too sweet to delay.

Enjoy the lesson,


Giovanni A. Orlando.


10 The Seven in the Seven AND The Test of the Ten


Concentric rings of the color rays emanating from the seven chakras denote the macrocosmic-microcosmic interchange of energy within the being of the New-age man and woman.

And the outflow and inflow of energy that accompanies the process marks the integration of the soul with the causal body as it enters into communion with the I AM Presence that circulate from the heart chakra throughout the four lower bodies.

Day by day as the aspirant gains control of the flow of life through his being, the inflow and the outflow of the life forces in the chakras increase until the hour of the transfiguration, when all of the seven chakras, together with the secondary heart chamber, are simultaneously releasing the color rings of the seven rays and the eighth ray from the base of the spine to the crown.

In other words, although the entire aura is encircled by the rings that emanate from the heart, within that aura there are released concentric rings of the color rays from each of the other chakras. And these are according to the petals and their corresponding color frequencies that are designated for each of the chakras, which are as follows:

Base of the spine: petals, 4; color frequency, white. Seat of the soul: petals, 6; color frequency, violet. Solar plexus: petals, 10; color frequency, purple and gold. Heart: petals, 12; color frequency, pink. Secondary heart chamber: petals, 8; color frequency, peach. Throat: petals, 16; color frequency, blue. Third eye: petals, 96; color frequency, green. Crown: petals, 972; color frequency, yellow.

Here we begin to see, then, the vision of the wheels within wheels that was beheld by the prophet Ezekiel. (Ezek 1:16)

Indeed, the chakras are the wheels of the law of a man's being whereby the energies of God are released to and from his being for the integration of his solar awareness in the planes of God's own Self-awareness.

Peter was the disciple who came to Jesus to learn the God-control of the flow of energy. In order to accomplish this, he was required to master fear and doubt and the questioning and curiosity of the carnal mind—all of which issue from the ego's sense of separation from God. Ultimately when Jesus' final test came—the overcoming of the last enemy (I Cor 15:26) and the entire momentum of the records of the soul's involvement in mortality—Peter betrayed his Lord.

Jesus' triumph over death by the resurrection flame was his testimony of the law realized in the Logos for the Piscean dispensation. Those who would follow Jesus must always come face to face with these challengers—fear and doubt, death and mortality— of the flame of Christ-mastery that is the mark of the Piscean conqueror.

One day Peter asked Jesus, "Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?" Jesus' answer illustrates the law of die multiplication of energy by the power of ten. The Master said, "I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven." (Matt 18:21,22)

To forgive is to free, and to free one's brother or one's sister is a gift that lies within your hand. Know you

To forgive is to free, and to free one's brother or one's sister is a gift that lies within your hand. Know you not that when you forgive one another and thereby free one another from bondage to the self, it is in reality you yourself who is freed? Freed from being tied through the law of karma to the one who has offended or wronged you in any way.

To forgive, one must be free of fear, of conceit and deceit, of rebellion against the law, of envy and jeal­ousy, and especially of the retaliatory tendencies that beset the ego consciousness. To forgive and to free all parts of life, one must be free of self-pity and the agony of remorse, of ingratitude and that loathsome sense of self-righteousness. But above all, one must be free of self-love, self-condemnation, and self-hatred.

The energies of freedom are anchored in the seat-of-the-soul chakra located approximately midpoint between the navel and the base of the spine. This is the place where the action of the seventh ray of transmutation can be magnetized.

And through this ray the misdemeanors of the soul enacted through a misuse of the energies of all of the chakras can be transmuted, their molds (thought matrices) melted down, and the energies used again for the building of more noble forms and for the filling of those forms with noble ideas and their corollary actions.

To forgive seven times is to forgive by the flame of the Christ the wrongs and injustices practiced by the self upon the self and other selves through its perver­sion of the seven planes of God's consciousness in the seven chakras.

Jesus instructed Peter that this was not enough. It was not enough for the integration of the soul into the wholeness of the Christ. The Master taught his disciple that there is a need for the multi­plication of the flame of forgiveness by the power of the ten as well as by the power of the seven.

Seven times seven (49) — the period of the Buddha's enlightenment under the bo tree—is for the mastery of the seven planes of being and the mastery of these planes in the seven bodies of manthe four lower bodies and the three higher bodies (the Christ Self, the I AM Presence, and the causal body).


Not just one round of seven for the anchoring of spirals of God's awareness in the wheels of the law, but the action of the seven rays in the consciousness of the Elohim multiplying the power of each of the seven chakras. And so for forty-nine days the Buddha sat under the bo tree to reach the attainment of the Enlightened One.

Now hear this: It is the requirement of the initia­tion of the Buddhic consciousness that you fulfill the law of the seven chakras in each of the planes of God's consciousness.

Therefore, once you have gained the mastery (8 means Mastery) of the heart chakra, that mastery must be transferred to each of the other chakras. This, then, will be the fulfillment of the seven rays as the mastery of the heart chakra is transferred to the others.

Likewise, once you have mastered the powers of the spoken Word in the throat chakra, the energies garnered as the Logos, as the blue fire of God-perfection, direction, and protection, must be up­held in the other six chakras. And the same holds true as you master each of the others.

Having gained the mastery of the seven in the seven, you are ready for the multiplication by the power of the ten. And now we will see why the number ten was so often a part of the ritual and the teaching of Jesus—the ten talents, the ten virgins, the ten lepers, the woman with the ten pieces of silver, and even the dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads. (Matt 25:14-30) (Luke 17:12, 15:8), (Rev 12:8).

The solar-plexus chakra has ten petals—five with the positive charge focusing the thrust of Alpha in the secret rays and five with a negative charge focusing the return current of Omega in the secret rays. Thus to the evolving soul consciousness, the solar plexus is the vehicle whereby the initiation of the test of the ten is passed. This is the test of selflessness, which always involves the test of the emotions and of the God-control of those emotions through the Divine Ego, which can come into prominence in the soul only as the result of the surrender of the human ego.

The desire body, as we have said, is anchored in and releases its energy through the solar plexus and the throat chakra.

The desire body of mankind con­tains a greater amount of God's energy than any of the other three lower bodies. Whatever motives and motivational patterns are contained within the desire body, these are fulfilled both consciously and uncon­sciously as energy spirals are pressed into manifesta­tion through the solar plexus and the throat chakra.

Mankind are hindered in their fulfillment of the divine plan only insofar as their desires do not reflect the desiring of God to be everywhere the fullness of life and truth and love.

When, therefore, mankind, with the determination and the surrender of a Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, surrender all lesser de­sires to the greater desire of the Universal Self, then the entire weight of the momentum of energy in the desire body propels the fulfillment of the will of God and the soul's own blueprint is outpictured in the four lower bodies.

It is, then, in the hour of the surrender "Never­theless, not my will but thine be done" (Luke 22:42) that the full momentum of the ten petals in the solar plexus is brought to bear upon the being of man as the multi­plying factor of the mastery and the attainment of the other chakras.

The reservoir of light held in the great sun disc, the magnet of the sun presence within the solar plexus, is the energy that multiplies the mastery of love in the heart, of wisdom in the crown, of purity, action, and flow in the base, of freedom in the soul, of vision in the third eye, of service in the solar plexus, and of the sacred Word in the throat.

The energies that can be drawn from the desire body of God, anchored in the solar plexus, and re­leased for the blessing of mankind are indeed unlim­ited. And whether they are used for healing, for science, for abundance, or for the furthering of the arts and the culture of the Mother, they will lend the momentum of the power of the ten and of the ten-times-ten to the mastery of the other six chakras.

The twelve virtues of the heart can be multiplied individually, one by one, or as the wholeness of the balance of the threefold flame. This multiplication, whether it be of the fires of forgiveness or of the five talents, or for the healing of the lepers, is always accomplished through service to life as the true disci­ple ministers unto the needs of the Christ in all.

The more one recognizes the need of humanity and desires to help carry the burden of that need, the greater the energy he is able to draw from the great reservoir of life that can be pulled through the heart from the causal body and then anchored in the solar plexus, the reservoir in Mater of the energies of peace.

Realize, too, O chelas who would expand the domain of the aura by the concentric rings of the chakras, that the energies of the solar plexus may be perverted and then employed to multiply the perver­sions of the other chakras.

And so the seven heads of the dragon, the beast of the carnal mind, symbolize the perversions of the seven aspects of God's consciousness through the lower mental body.

The seven crowns upon those heads show the misuse of the seven rays to amplify the seven perversions. And the ten horns are used to multiply the seven-times-seven by the energies of the human will in the solar plexus. Thus, knowing the law, mankind must choose how they will use God's energy and after what manner they will release the energies of the seven chakras.

Remember, then, the parable of the man who traveled into a far country and called his servants and delivered unto them his goods. (Matt 25:14-30)

The one to whom he gave the five talents is the one who required the initiation of the test of the ten in the solar plexus. The master gave to his servant the five talents as the thrust of the energy of Alpha. In the solar-plexus chakra, these talents are like five positive electrodes of the five secret rays, and they represent the thrust of the Alpha current.

It is up to the soul as it abides in time and space, far from the presence of the Lord (the Christ Self and the I AM Presence), to use these electrodes as the masculine polarity of Spirit to draw unto itself through the magnetism of the Spirit the corresponding energies of Omega (the five negative electrodes of the five secret rays), the returning current of the Mother flame that rises from the base-of-the-spine chakra.

The tarrying in time and space until the lord returns is an opportunity to prove one's stewardship—one's ability to hold fast to that which is received and to use it to multiply the essence of Spirit in the planes of Mater.

And so when the lord returned to the servant, he found that the one who had received five talents came to him and brought him other five talents, say­ing, "Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more."

Thus, having completed the mastery of the test of the ten, the servant received the commendation of the lord, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."

The joy of the lord is the joyous energy of the sixth ray anchored in the solar plexus for the multi­plication of the energies of life.

Note that only five of the ten virgins passed the test of being prepared for the entering in to the chamber of the heart with the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, (Jan 1 1956, Koot Hoomi and Jesus become World Teachers, these hierarchies have changed in 2012, but then Lady Nada become the Chohan of Sixth Ray, She was Mary Magdalen) the Master of the Piscean cycle.

This is the hour of the mastery of the feminine ray through the initiation that is called the test of the ten.

And the test of the ten is the test of selflessness whereby you salute the Mother ray with the Hail Mary and thereby confirm the balance of the ten petals of the solar plexus, giving ten Hail Marys in each of the five sections of your morning rosary.

And the test of the ten multiplied by the action of the five secret rays that form the star of man's being is for the drawing in through the chakras of the energies of the Mother and of the Holy Spirit.

This is the age of opportunity for balance in the heart, balance in the inflow and the outflow of the sacred breath, and balance in the tests of the seven-times-seven multiplied by the power of the ten.

So fulfill the cycles of energy flow within the forcefield of being and watch how the aura will grow and grow and grow. I am focusing the geometry of the aura of the Cosmic Christ until you, by the law of balance, harmony, and congruency, are able to as­sume that aura.

Master DK.
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