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Greetings in the day of the Salt, the Saturn-day ... the day of the Old Age ...

    Now ... When, I Giovanni (John, Juan) your fellow ... ask to my Mentor in Physics at the University of Bologna ... 'Professor What Time in on the Moon?' ... I got the surprise to cause some stress to him ... and without to enter in senseless comments ... You can read such small Thesis here, which title is: 'Osservasioni sul Moto Iperbolico'.

    This is the moment when I expose the Einstein Twin Paradox explained ... in my Second (Small) Thesis Degree ... (there are also a Big Thesis Degree) ...

(Click the image to download the Paper in PDF ... soon to be published using LaTeX 2014)

  Was my Mentor in Physics ... Professor Cattani to introduce me the Book, 'Gravitation' from Wheeler, Misner, Thorne a 1279 pages book ... not necessarily correct.

   With my results, study and expertise on Einstein Theory together with many years of research which lead me to ... the idea to publish the coming book,

(which will be available in Hardcover and Paperback ... where Hardcover covers examples of the New Theory ...)


   Einstein Theory propose the idea of an Universe with No Ether ... as well Empty Space. Einstein Theory propose the not possibility to Travel across the Galaxy claiming that their formula ... are perfect ... as well that the Speed of Light is constant.

   Many Scientists ... have attacked Professor Einstein ... Professor Marco Todeschini is one of them ... considering the Speed of Light ... not always constant, but variable.

(Click to read the article ...)

   Now ... It is evident that ... Einstein Theory negate a sharp Thesis ... which is ... 'There are no Life Outside planet Earth' ... but this is absurd.

   Now ... I have studied and most need to be studied and I want to ... propose some concepts.

   I will propose here some books ... which tell us ... many Stories about the Galaxy ... and each Story comes from a Galactic Tribe ... each Galaxy Tribe existence ... deny Einstein Theory.

   I will begin with the Book ... 'Telos, Volume 1 - Revelations of New Lemuria'.

   What is Lemuria? ... What is the New Lemuria? ... Lemuria was the first Civilization on Earth ... dated according to the Book ...

   I can cite ...

About 4,500,000 years BC, Archangel Michael with his band of blue-flame angels and many Beings from the Light Realm, with the blessing of the Father/Mother God, escorted to this planet the first souls who were to become the seeds of the Lemurian race. This took place at the Royal Teton Retreat, where it is known today as the Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyoming. These new souls incarnating on this planet originally came from the Land of MU in the Dahl Universe. At that time, the Earth expressed everywhere a perfection, abundance and beauty that you could hardly imagine today. It was indeed the most magnificent paradise of this universe and of the whole of Creation. This perfection was maintained for several million years, until the beginning of the fall in consciousness that took place during the fourth golden age.


Eventually, other races from Sirius, Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades and a few other planets came and joined these "seed" souls to evolve here as well. As these races mixed together, they all formed the Lemurian civilization. To say the least, it was quite an awesome mixture! Lemuria, the "Motherland" became the cradle of an enlightened civilization on this planet, also assisting in the eventual birth of many other civilizations. The era of Atlantis was born at a later time.


    Evidently ... According to this book and explanation ... The Universe is a Wonderful Working-together ... Humm ...

    Here we got the idea ... of ... 'another' Universe.

   If from here ... we go to the book ...

   ... we will get another set of Flavors and Information ... about God Anu ... from Nibiru, and a Planet called Maldek ... which according to many records ... was destroyed and become the Asteroid Belt ...

    We can read from the Pleiadian Agenda ... that ...

"How does the present condition of Earth relate to past conditions? The biggest astronomical shift I remember occurred when the orbit of Earth around the Sun enlarged from 360 to 365-1/4 days. This was caused by two simultaneous events: the visit of Nibiru into your solar system, and a gigantic asteroid that came into the orbital pattern of the Pleiades 104,000 years ago. These two events occurring simultaneously enlarged the orbit of Earth. Nibiru is slightly smaller than Jupiter, and because of the speed of its trajectory and its reverse orbit in the solar system, it is extremely disruptive of planetary orbital patterns.3 This discontinuity caused Nibiru to lose its perfect synchronicity with Earth orbiting the Sun—3600 years to 360 days.

"Nibiru was responsible for the destruction of the fifth planet— Maldek—which is the present asteroid belt. I (The Moon) was orbiting around Earth at that time, and your ancestors experienced great tectonic stress during this event. There are many memories about this in my banks. At that time I was shielding your surface as much as possible from the various comets and asteroids that were flying through the solar system. The breakup of this planet, which orbited between Mars and Jupiter, generated much debris in your solar system. I took some big hits; that's why I have so many huge craters, which are the locations of domed temples holding your sub­conscious memory banks. These impacts were similar in intensity to July 1994, when the gaseous body of Jupiter was continually smashed by cometary fragments until the impact zone became waves of gas. This; caused the surface of Jupiter to be embroiled with potent feelings, as you know. Naturally, I can feel the strong reactions you are having, since you are reacting to how Jupiter felt when the cometary fragments blasted into her body. I have been crying since July 1994, yet few of you know where these powerful emotions are coming from. Meanwhile, Jupiter rules your fortune, your sense of potential, and I want you to know that this period is very promising. If you can figure out -what you want, you can create it! easily with Jupiter's assistance, and that is why I offered you my seven-step Lunar Manifestation Technique.

    Humm ... Sounds good ...

    Therefore Our 365 + 1/4= 365,25 ... was originally ... 360 days ... OR 30x12 ... most close to Our 29,56 EQUAL LENGTH PER MONTH ... Theoretical proposed in Our FT Lunar Calendar ... with months of 29.530588853 days. The Lunar Metonic Cycle.

    Now ... more information ...

    There are another book ... from Amorah Quan Yin ... titled, 'Pleiadian Perspective of Human Evolution' ... which was basically a dictation from the RA, the Sun ... where she tell us ... ALL OUR STORY ...

  She dedicate a Full Chapter on Maldek ...

(Click the image to read the entire Chapter ... or the Book)




Ra’s story of our solar rings evolution continues:

Shortly after the destruction of Martian life, there was a great stir in another part of the galaxy ...


     Now ... like always happens ... Each person has a different version of the same fact.

     The Annunaki of Nibiru and ... according to today High School Books ... this planet is not listed ... have leaved us ... many 'Books in Sumerian' ... translated to English ... basically by Zecharia Sitchin ...

      This is Volume 5 ... When Time Began ...

   Like first thing to consider is ... that 1 Year for a Nibiruan or Annunaki is 3600 years for us ... They call their 1 Year, 'A Char'.

   It is logical to consider that No One Annunaki will Live one Year ... of their Chars ... but Many. In fact, 10 Years ... of Nibiru are 10x3600= 36,000 years.

   Therefore a Baby of Nibiru ... ten years old is ... as old as 36,000 years.

    Nibiru is more advanced than us ... from many perspectives:

  • They have a Planetary Mind ... They think all ... at the same time.
  • They have a Planetary King ... chosen by the Planetary Mind ... Not by Political Elections ... but for Planetary Consensus.
  • They have no problems to travel in Time and Space ... at levels we cannot ever imagine.
  • ... etc.

   Now ...The Sitchin book ... explains ... When Time Began ...

It was then, at that moment, that Time began for Earth—the moment when, separated from the half of Tiamat that became the Asteroid Belt ("heaven"), Earth was shunted to its own new orbit and could start counting the years, the months, the days, the nights—to measure Time.

This scientific view, central to ancient cosmogony, religion, and mathematics, was expressed in many other Sumerian texts besides the Epic of Creation. A text treated by scholars as the "myth" of "Enki and the world order," but which is literally the autobiographical tale by Enki, the Sumerian god of science, describes the moment when—

When—Time began to tick for Earth:

In the days of yore,
when heaven was separated from Earth,
In the nights of yore,
when heaven was separated from Earth . . .


  The Holy Bible is ... only a 'Story' of the last 13,000 years ... where the Book of Genesis is a Resume of many Old Books like the Book of Enoch and other Old books.

    The Story of Adam and Eve is a perspective which is basically an Allegorical example ... not Real Facts.

    The Three of Life ... is the First DNA Layer ...

    ... and there are 36 Layers.

    The Annunaki ... change the DNA of Monkeys and create the Homo Sapiens ... with their DNA ... and do not create one couple Adam and Eve ... but many and they did these facts ... basically to drag and mine Our Gold ... for their Use.

     Human is a Example of God ... and have many Fathers ... the Annunaki are One ... The Sirians (Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, El Moria) ... are others ...

Thanks for today,


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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