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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 13:08


Greetings in the day of Love of God ... the Mars-day ... which is a day of Love ... dedicated to God, for God, with God.

    Most people may be worried for problems ... in other places problems begin to find Solution and in other countries there are no problems ... because they have solved their problems in the Past.

    Is not important to add bad Adjectives representing the Fear of the World for the New Time ...

    I, Giovanni begin to work ... on a Project titled, FTHumanEvolutionCourse ... dedicated for the Future and the New Science in the New Time ...

    One book was released to begin explanations ... from the Religious perspective ...

   Latest edition (in Italian) includes a small graph until the year ... 2030 ...

   No Educational Organization will explain you these facts.

   According to the Graph ... we have a Green or Hope-status from January 1th, 2018 and this is because we will be in the doors of 4D, Fourth Dimension.

    Science will develop ... like we see in Korean Tech Museum to have Cars able to transport us to any place ... taking commands by Voice ... and much more.

    Peace will rule the World ...

    There are a complete Clean Procedure in the World from many perspectives ...

All that do not apply for 4D cannot enter in 4D

   If you enter ... I am happy for you.

   The 'Metaphorical Passport' is not of Paper ... honestly You are  ... Your Own Passport.

    Of Course the entering into the 4D is ... an Spectacular Show ... very Real and more real than TV or Movie Shows.

    The Babies or Teenagers that have age of 15 years old ... up to 23 years old ... do not need Wars, or Litigations or Discussions.

     By the Year 2025 ... The World will be better ... because no one Dictators will be ... No Authorities to tell others what to do ... but full of Leaders ... but very individuals.

    By the year 2100 ... The Planet will have much less Population that today ...

    The process of Babies Arrival ... will reach its Maximum until the year 2030 ... then the process will decline and the Only Babies to arrive ... Once in 5D ... are Babies which have an Excellence in Mind and Spirit ... Higher than anyone in the Planet.

    Therefore the Selection ... is more Purity than Darwinian ... and Of Course Natural ... but not in the Physical Aspect but in the Mind.

    Few years after 2018 ... until 2023 ... the Refinement in the Mind will let the World to High Levels ... in Love with Animals.

    By that date the Planet have reached a Strong Planetary Mind and remember that the Limit is 120 years old ... still more ... if you reach enough Mind and enough Peace.

    The Time of the Fourth Dimension is ... Awaiting us ... and no more stress will disturb you ...

     The transition is in act.


Thanks ... and plant to live longer and Happy.

The Change is here.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. If the American Dream was not successful ... It will be successful. If Europe do not unite for War or in Peace and signing documents ... Europe will Unite. If South America do not unite after the times of 'El Dorado' ... 14,000 years ago ... well, will unite Again. China and Asia ... always discuss ... well, they will discuss no more and share Wisdom and Lands. Thanks!

Александр Фильчаков

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