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Greetings in the day Royal day of the King, the Royal day of the Queen ...

    And ... This Story ... the reasons because The Destruction of The Library of Alexandria ... who built it ... and if there are Modern Solutions ... understanding by Modern ... Solutions for the 21th Century ... is a very long Story ... which may take days or books to be explained.

    Honestly ... is more important to Heal the Past ... and Heal the Past means the Present ... than explains in details ... because the number of Factors involved is impressive ... Of Course a full Solution and Satisfaction ... in terms of Wisdom ... will be released from many people, including us.

    Now ... Recently we have spoken about Fire ... may be we forget to include the Sacred Term ... Torch ... Like the Olympic Torch, the Torch of New York Statue of Liberty ... etc, etc.

    And Freedom is a Torch too ...

    I want to begin and I will be short ... speaking about the Flame of Freedom from the Words of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in her book,

The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture History and Religion of America ...

Mankind Forgot the Source of Freedom

There was a time when all mankind forgot the Source, forgot that flame of freedom, forgot that freedom was a flame. And the flame went out. It was following the fall of Lemuria; and the descent of mankind's consciousness in that fall was to the most primitive state ever known on earth—to that point where man became almost like a beast, almost walking on all fours, not even being able to stand erect, not even having the sense of respect for the flame that burns in the heart. At that moment cosmic councils determined: "There is not one, no, not one soul on Terra who acknowledges and adores the fire of freedom, the flame of freedom. There is no further reason for being for Terra."

Cosmic councils determined that Terra should go the way of many other stars, many other homes of evolutions whose entire lifewaves elected not to be. Can you imagine an entire lifewave electing not to be? It is not too hard. We only have to go out into civilization today and see what mankind are electing to be to say to ourselves, "By the grace of God have we even recognized there is an alternative to the outer man." So cosmic councils decreed Terra should be no more, because cosmic councils were obliged to ratify what the free will of mankind had already decreed: Not to be.

Sanat Kumara: The First Keeper of the Flame

In that moment, in that supreme moment that was the judgment of a planet and a people, a flame of freedom leaped. It was the flame of Sanat Kumara, known as the Ancient of Days, the memory of whom is so great it is even recorded in the Old Testament in the Book of Daniel.3 The Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, was the hierarch of Venus, sister star to Terra in this solar system. Sanat Kumara came before those councils. He stood. He thrust his hand and he said:

"Wait! Do not snuff out Terra. I will go! I will be the soul on Terra who elects to keep the flame of freedom for all life. I will keep that flame until some respond, until one responds and then the few and then the many come to acknowledge the fire of the heart. I will go." By free will a hierarch who did not have to come to Terra came to Terra. He was already free. He elected to come to set the captives free, to liberate the souls, prisoners bound by their own animal, carnal consciousness.

So came Sanat Kumara. He came from Venus. He came with Lords of Flame. He came with many souls from other planets in this system who volunteered to keep the flame with him. And they, too, raised their hands and said: "Sanat Kumara, O Lord of Flame, we will not let thee go alone to Terra. We will come also! We will come to minister unto our brothers and sisters who have forgotten the flame, who have forgotten the force of freedom within the soul." And so the volunteers came. They came with Sanat Kumara; they came to Shamballa.

Shamballa, city of light, so named by the Ancient of Days, was the place where he enshrined upon the altar of the temple that was built there the flame of life that is called the threefold flame. It is the flame of your Real Self, of the Anointed One. It is also called the Christ flame. It is called the tripartite light, because it is the focus of power, wisdom, and love—the blue, the yellow, the pink. It is the focus of the Trinity of the aspects of creation: Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is the focus of the AUM, the trinity of Alpha becoming Omega through the individualization of the flame—you.


   There are two names for this Planet. One is 'Terra' is Angelic and means Ter (Three)+Ra(Sun) ... Three Times ...

We had known life on the Sun before the worlds came. Then the Earth—one of the newest members of the System—the child that was added, even as Judas Iscariot was added as Twelve-was added as twelfth planet, the last of the worlds. They did not arrive according to their position from or to the Sun.

And after countless ages we watched this red ball of fire turn black as the fires diminished, and then brown, while the rains came; for millions of years it rained. At last the planet became green and brought forth all manner of flesh, flying creatures; and the creatures of the deep brought forth after their own kind; and the Earth was ready to receive the seed of man-angel-man. We have watched this procession down countless millions of years.

And now, out of the past, there is the sounding of a silver trumpet. When the Beloved Teacher, who is Lord in This Solar System, came to Earth, the heavenly hosts rejoiced, even as it is written they rejoiced on that night when He arrived. And above was the sign of the night: the Blue-White Star that came and embraced the Earth in its radiance and in its love from the angelic hosts afar.

0, man of Earth! you speak of the things of heaven, yet you understand not even the things of Earth. Indeed heaven is all about you! You have but to look up from your daily routines, from your daily misgivings and your waywardness, and your lusts and your greed, to realize that heaven is all about you in ever expanding grandeur.

   -- Archangel Uriel.

  Now ... There has been ... Many Floods ... Many Noah ... and the Last was 13,000 years ago.

   Man have lost ... many times Its Faith ... And not this day What Faith is ... He consider is a Spiritual or Religious concept ... and is not, in any case not Only.

  • Man lost his Faith ... 65,000,000 years ago when a Meteor falls in Yucatan ... in Cancun ... destroying the Dinosaurs that then become FOSSIL, and these FOSSIL become OIL ... Petroleum ... therefore the Meteor arrive to do a Job.
  • Man lose the Faith ... 70,000 years ago in Older Arabia ... and prefer bargain instead to live in God Adoration. The Arabian Nights are real ... in the sense of Miracles realized based on Faith.
  • Man lose the Faith on Moses ... when the Ten Commandments were given.
  • ... Man risk Extinction ... when forgot the Faith and was ... Expelled from the Garden ...

   This Garden was ... Lemuria and Atlantis ... not more than 14,000 years ago ...

   Man ... understanding Human Race ... is a disbeliever.

   The Destruction of the Library of Alexandria ... was a necessary 'Reset' ... like any other ... to re-start.

   Without Worship ... Man have no Faith.

   Now we are in the Aquarian Age ... and is expected ... Humankind learn.

10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
11For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased.
12If thou be wise, thou shalt be wise for thyself: but if thou scornest, thou alone shalt bear it.
    -- Proverb 9:10-12.

   The Lord is merciful ... but respect and Holy Obedience is required.

    Saint Germain who is the Lord ... who was Hermes ... and then Found the Library of Alexandria, explains recently,

6 It is to genuine spiritual brotherhood, then, that we would direct your attention, 7 for the alchemist who seeks but his own unfoldment can never manifest aught but a relatively weak potential. 8 Those who ally themselves with the Brotherhood of Light are utilizing the functional power of the Great Alchemist not as a mighty ocean pouring through a narrow inlet, but as the great ocean roaring to the perfection of itself. 9 Thus in all true striving, the hand, aware of the head, blesses the feet that march in progress toward an appointed goal. 

10 Freedom, then, is a name and a game, 11 but the stakes are very high. 12 The Great Alchemist demands absolute obedience from every adherent 13 and from all who would practice the game of victorious becoming. 

14 Man is a limited creature. 15 He is limited by the mésalliances he has formed, 16 often in the bane of ignorance. 17 Therefore, we must commence by literally turning the being of man upside down and inside out. 18 We must ferret out the little tricks that have been employed by the finite self in maintaining its own sovereignty over the lives of others, 19 for it is the sense of struggle that has actually created a struggle in the lives of countless millions. 

20 But when they shed that sense, 21 when they perceive that the universe is a harmonious working-together of light serving light, 22 they will hasten to be about the Father's business of transmuting the shroud that covers the earth, 23 the shroud that is composed of the elements of mankind's own insanity and destructive emotional patterns.

    -- Saint Germain on Alchemy: Spiritual Alliance: 6-23.


   Therefore ... is not really important but to Heal the Past.

   We have ... designed a Course ... designed on 144 Courses ... in Twelve Disciplines ... now changed to Thirteen ... 

   It involves ... in full the Medicine of the 21th Century ... with the Brain ... the New Mathematics ... Shakespeare and English and also other Languages ... a New Chemistry ... Music ... A New Perspective of Heaven ... etc ... etc ...

    Yes, there are books from the Alexandrian Librarian in many places ... specially in the Vatican ... but Honestly the New Science has not yet been written ... There are no new book or Old Book that include it ...

    We need to write it ... This is one of these books ...

   I, Giovanni A. Orlando ... propose believe in God ... and

33But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
-- Matthew 6:33.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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