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Saturday, 24 May 2014 04:15

The New Aquarian Age of Photon Band ... and Nibiru. (Click to enlarge)


Greetings in the Saturn-day ... the Sabbath ... the day of the Wise and the Old ...

       And ... speaking about Planets ... we do not need to speak only about Mercury, Venus and Saturn ... but also about Nibiru ... because is a key planet on Human Evolution.

     Nibiru is a Red planet and is actually the Tenth Planet in OUR Solar System ... cataloged like the Twelfth Planet by New Age Author Zecharia Sitchin which unlock all the Sumerian Tablets ... and he comment about Nibiru return and has returned!

      Nibiru is available ... and therefore is 'close' to Our Solar System.

      Nibiru is the same planet called Hercobulus ... and is very Big ... compared to Jupiter and our Earth.

       Hercobulus=Nibiru has an orbit of 3600 years. Was its entering ... and collision with another planet called Tiamat that produce the change from 360 days orbit ... to today 365.25 days ... The Collision destroy planet Marduk and create the Asterioid Belt in Our Beloved and Sacred Solar System.

      The name Hercobulus is a mistaken name created by Brazilian Author Hercilio Maes (1913-1993), and of course Hercobulus is not fictional.

          Because its impressive Size ... Nibiru (correct name) has been attracted from Tylos Sun ... to Our Sun, Ra, many many eons ago.

     Nibiruans dwellers comes originally from Orion Constellation ... but this is not the point.

     The Point is Nibiruans (Nibiru dwellers) are responsible for many facts:

  • The Bring the Dinosaur Eggs ... about 250 Million Years Ago. (They are called also the Anunaki).
  • Their Land and arrival ... many years ago when we (Humans) were at some point like Not-Evolved Monkeys ... to get and to Mine Gold from our Planet ... from Africa, from Central America as well from other planets in Our Solar System ... to create the Homo Erectus ...

         They ... the Anunaki (Anu+na+ki) ... which Father is God Anu of the 4D (Forth Dimension) ... create Man (and Human Race like is today).

  • They bring to us ... many things ... and Plants ... like Coffee.
  • Other planets they visit or colonize ... to help ... are 'Venus, Mars, Neptune and Saturn' ...

  They are ... like the 'Rich Old Members of the Family' ... The Biblical Exodus ... has been so called because to offer a remembrance of their arrival ... and departure.

     More? ... They were involved ... because their Need of Gold ... in Human Evolution by Fathers still Greater than them and they are ... Human-like ... while their Skin is more Opaque.

      They were not destroyers ... and Nibiru planet ... Their Red planet is visible for those who got the necessary authorization to see it.

     Many, many facts ... are now occurring to our Planet ...

(Click to enlarge)

    I, Giovanni am ... now listing these facts:

  1. From December 12th, 2012 ... We leave the Galactic Night ... which is a Cycle 21,600 years long. The time in the Galactic Night + the Time in the Photon Band. There are two phases in the Galactic Night and two phases in the Photon Band, for a total of 25,920 years for a Complete Cycle. The Actual time is from Dec 12th 2012 ... + 2160 approximately to lead us in the year 4,174 A.C. Last time we dwell in the Photon Band ... The Pyramid of Giza was built ... exactly in 10,800 BC, 12, 814 years ago.
  2. The Noah Flood was 13,000 years ago in the year 10,986 B.C. ... and the Noah Flood story is as follows: The Nibiruans need Gold to survive because the Great exposition of their Planet, Nibiru in the Galactic Night ... from them and for us ... and for this reason they built many subterranean cities. With the propagation of  powder Gold in their Atmosphere the Weather is now Tropical. And God Anu ... the Father King ... which Age is over 450,000 years Terrestrial Years ... because 1 Year in Nibiru is 3,600 terrestrial years ... had two main Sons ... Enlil and Enki. Enlil was the Son with her Wife, Enki was the Son with one Concubine ... and Enlil was a Mathematician ... who say: 'Well, now that we are used Humans ... let them perish with the Flood. Enki, instead say: 'The Human Evolution ... has just began'. And was Enki, that then go to Sirius Star, the Star of Father God and Lord Jesus ... to engine and spoke to Noah about to Built the Ark.
  3. The Time of the Photon Band ... Humanity and its DNA is bombarded by many, many Photons and Great Evolution happens ... and is permitted, A New Jump in Human Evolution. Enki has a son called, Enkil ... which is a Great Master.
  4. Again was Enki ... Enkil Father to let the tongue of men get Changed ... at Babel ... This 'lost of one language' was necessary to avoid the perpetuation of Evil in Man ...
    Archangels Chamuel and Archeia Charity help Enki ... in the change ...

  5. The Entering in the Photon Band ... engine the New Age in full which is the Age of Aquarius ... and Mother Mary is the Absolute Queen for over 2,000 years. We are also ... entering in a New Possible Golden Age ... like in Atlantis and Lemuria ... or 'El Dorado' ... The Golden Age of South America, 12,000 years ago. A small Ice Age is happening in some places. The Earth Kundalini was moved ... because the New 25,000 cycle begin ... from Tibet to Peru ... from India to Chile ... and you have saw the Earthquakes on the News ... which are going to stop as soon the Earth Energy is finally installed.

     We can see ... that the Noah Flood was posterior in time to the Construction of the Sphinx ... If you play ... good attention ... You can see the Maximum Level of Water ... because the Noah Flood was later ... and the entire Body of the Sphinx was under Water ... not the Face ... this is because the Body suffers Erosion and not the Face ...

   The key book for these facts ... is:

Happy Saturn-day,


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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