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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 05:30


Humm ... Past Lives? ... Do you hear? ... Do you believe? ... You believe that ? ... You believe an Avatar is a Blue Puppet ...

Greetings in the Mars day ... the Red-Pink day of the Love of God,

    And Maitreya color is Ruby ... and today the Chohan or Lord is Beloved Koot Hoomi.

    An Koot Homi (also written Kuthumi) was Saint Francis, and Pythagoras.

    Madam Blavatsky spoke about Koot Hoomi and say,

. . . evidently a man of very gentle and even character, but of tremendously strong will; logical, easy-going, and taking endless pains to make his meaning clear. It was altogether the handwriting of a cultivated and very sympathetic man.

   -- Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society (Thanks also to Koot Hoomi)

    In fact, we (Future Technologies) includes him ... in the Cover of our Book,


   We do not includes Koot Hoomi, but we includes Pythagoras. We do not includes Saint Germain or Hermes, but another of its face ... We include Plato (who was Saint Germain) ... and them lives today on Sirius.



   However, this 'Lesson' is not about German (Saint Germain), Koot Homi or Mother Mary or Serapis Bey ... all from Sirius ... but about Lord Jesus Past Lives and Maitreya Past Lives ... Humm ...

   Yes! ... And this is a beauty fair concept ...

    In fact, Both were One ... and also the Buddha was 'him' ... understanding a face of the same 'Soul' ... but while they divide ... they unite again and now are blend. Jesus is inside Maitreya ... but of course ... if you do not digest Reincarnation you cannot accept Advanced concepts ...

   Anyway the lesson regards the Past Lives of Lord Jesus and Maiterya (citing the Buddha, Siddartha).

   Maitreya is Older ... or the Original Soul ... which split and become Maitreya and Jesus (Sananda).

   Maitreya was the Buddha in one of his visit as well Krisna ... but this has been commented early. Today we will add another life ... and ... Gautama explains ... in a channel ...

In aeons long past, aeons beyond recall, there was an emperor in this world by the name of Mahayana who had a thousand kings subject to him. He had three sons: the eldest, Mahanada, the middle son Mahadeva, and the youngest, Mahasattva. From childhood the youngest son was of a loving and com­passionate nature and thought of all beings as his only sons.

Upon a certain occasion the emperor, his minis­ters, and his wives and sons went to the forests and mountains to divert themselves. The princes went into the woods to explore and saw there a mother tiger who had given birth to cubs and was so exhausted with hunger that she was on the point of eating her young. The younger brother said to the others: "Brothers, this mother tiger is starving and going to eat her own offspring." When the elder brothers agreed that this was so, the younger brother asked: "What would the tigress eat?" The elder brothers said: "She eats freshly-killed meat and drinks blood." The younger brother said: "Who could give his own flesh and blood in order to save her life?" To which the brothers replied: "Who, indeed, could do so difficult a thing!"

The younger brother thought: "For long I have been wandering in the round of birth and death wast­ing life and limb, and through attachment, anger, and ignorance have brought forth no merits. For the sake of the Dharma I should have entered the field of virtue. Now, in order to bring about merit, I shall give my body to the tigress."

As they were returning, he said to the two elder brothers: "You two go on ahead. I have something private I want to do in the woods. I'll come back to you in just a moment." Going back to the tigress, he lay down in front of her, but the tigress was unable to open her mouth to eat. The prince then took a sharp stick and pierced his body. When the blood flowed the tigress licked it, [she] was then able to open her mouth, and [she] ate the prince's body.

At the conclusion of the story, Gautama reveals that Maitreya was the elder brother Mahanada, Manjushri was the brother Mahadeva, and he himself was the youngest brother, Mahasattva.


   Now I will speak about the Past Lives (or visits) of Lord Jesus.

   He was Abel ... the son of Adam and Eve (many explanations must be provided here) ... and after Cain kill him ... he, Lord Jesus return as Seth.

    Then he return as Joseph (Old Testament) the favored of twelve sons of Jacob.

     He then was Joshua (about 1300 B.C.) in the Exodus with Moses as well his successor.

     He then was David whom become King of the Israelite who unite the Tribes of Israel.


   and which symbol is today in Israel Flag.


   which has magical and important meaning still today not understood.

   He was Prophet Elisha (9th Century) who watch Elijah Ascension (John the Baptist).

   Maitreya was the Guru of both, Elijah and Elisha ... both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

   ... I Giovanni A. Orlando (John, Johannes) can add that Lord Jesus who is the Chief and King of the System ... return also at the times of Atlantis ...

    He was Horus in Egypt with Mother Mary (Isis) and Joseph (Osiris, Saint Germain).


... May the Love of God be with You ... in the day of the Love of God.


Giovanni A. Orlando

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