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Friday, 10 January 2014 17:39

Niagara Falls ... January 2014.


Greetings in the Venus day ... the day of the Love of the Family ... the day of Venus.

     It is a little bit sad ... that our Book published in 2010 ... comment about the Cycle of Water ... which repeat each 26,000 years and that arrive before than expected ...

(Click to browse Chapter 17 on First Edition ...)

   In fact, the first Edition of Our Book was published in August 2010.

   It was a little success ... in the sense the first book on the Religious Arena ... ever.

   Modestly ... there are no other way to survive and engine the Path to Understand that Accept, Learn and Digest the Messages of the Heavens.

   ... We know you ... do not read.

   In fact, in that book ... we comment about that Freeze time ...

   The book is still available because we release in Italian Second Edition (only in Italian) ... and now I am working to release the Third Edition.

    This first Edition were like an announcement of ... The Return of Lord Jesus ... the Announcement of a small Ice Age ... etc.

    The Second Edition were released to explain and describe the Arrival of Lord Jesus and complement new facts and information ... as well to speak about the Judgment ... which is still in act ... and people and the World call 'Crisis' ... Of Course will pass ... The Crisis will pass ... because is a process.

   In fact, I Giovanni in Chapter 17 of First Edition (This chapter changes in Second Edition) ... say,

It is going to get Colder by Kryon!

  Like attract Like ... and if 140 Million people in United States have no idea of Kryon words ... or no idea someone reproduce ... to inform ... Well? ... What else we can do? ...

   You can listen the original which is host at Kryon.com ... that I patiently transcribe and include in my book.


Take care,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I will listen again tonight. Thanks!

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