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Greetings in the day of the Lord ... the Sun-day ...

     And while there are a World ... seems there are NO World. Why I say that? ... If you have a Car ... but is broken, then you have no car. If you are Rich ... and you have no money, you are not Rich ... and if you have a Family ... and there are no Family ... then ... there are No Family, but those you see ... those who ring ... only them.

     And people die ... people suffer and say ... 'Oh Lord' ... but ...

Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.
  -- Eke 12:2.


     In fact, there are No World. America in Europe is Just United States ... may be someone suppose the rest is ... Europe? No! ... South America? ... Another continent? ...

      European ... have several point of view ... still today ... most Europeans does not seem European like Brothers and Friends ... but Implicit Rulers ... because Economical stronger ... etc, etc ... There are not a United World ...

      Despite about the Egyptian troubles ... Egypt will solve its problems ... and a Great Empire ... will rise ... a New Persia ... where Egypt is the somehow capital ... with New Light ... New Importance ... and Great Independence ...

      How much cost this? ... Well to me cost too much ...  to you is free ...

      Now I today in the day of the Lord will gift ... a message regarding 100 years in the Future ... and I AM American ... because I AM born in the American continent ... may be not for you ... but for me and the Heavens ... ALL people of the Americas ... are Americans.

     I AM European ... and not because a piece of Paper ... but simply because I born and Live several lives in Italy ... in Vienna and Germany ... and these Lives are pulsating ... because TIME DOES NOT END ... Time is Eternally Cycling ... and therefore I AM still such Spaniard, such Austrian Composer, such German Musician ... such Italian Architect ... of the Old ... as well such Crusade Chief ... such Knight ... Holy if you prefer ... I AM THAT I AM ... like you are your 'I AM' ... infinitely ... eternal ... always ... No one can change ... Our essence ... Our Past ... Our Love for Humanity.

      Enjoy the Speech!

Giovanni A. Orlando.
Vol. 20 No. 50
Saint Germain
December 11, 1977


Our Service in the Next Hundred Years of America's Destiny

Part 1


Most beloved Keepers of the Flame, with a tear of joy in my eye, I thank you for your love. I thank you for your life that for an ascended being makes life worth living. I tell you truly, many are the memories in my soul of others who have failed the cause of freedom as we have tried again and again over the centuries to draw souls of light together. How I remember our desire to form the United States of Europe and how, by the selfishness and the sense of blame and the vendetta consciousness and the separatist consciousness, they would not listen. They would not listen.

Again and again the master plan of the ages has been brought forth. And in a moment, a moment's hesitation, a moment being off guard, supply, light, and the projects of the Brotherhood have been lost. In that moment when the Western powers gave way to the black magician Stalin, gave to him Eastern Europe in that very moment when the West was victorious and when we saw the opportunity once again to unite Europe and to build a new Germany, a new freedom, a new place of refuge for that unique flame of the House of Rakoczy, for my very own guru, the Great Divine Director — I can tell you that in that moment when I saw the spell of the fallen ones reaching out, even on Churchill and Roosevelt and on those who assented to that appeasement, I cried, precious ones.

I cried for mankind and I tell you, Mother Mary cried. You think that ascended masters do not weep. I assure you that we weep, and our tears are shed as the tears of a cosmos. I can assure you that that which is done in a moment of weakness may take many, many cycles to undo. And therefore, those who acknowledge and understand the forging of a new world and a free world must realize that day by day decisions are being made and day by day there is the requirement of the flame.
The armies had withdrawn. America was in celebration for a victory. People were off guard. They were too anxious, too anxious, and not at all in the vigil. And therefore, from the very light of victory there came the greatest defeat to freedom that has ever been known. And now, the retreat of the guru and of the cosmic forcefield of the Great Divine Director must be compromised and eclipsed by that darkness.

Need I tell you how we wept when Soviet tanks entered Budapest and Hungary? The people, the people in their love of my flame, in their love of my guru, were willing to give their lives for freedom —to attack tanks! And America would not come. America would not hear. America would not respond to defend them.
O Lord Sanat Kumara, I am here with these souls who have declared the freedom and the victory. I am here, Sanat Kumara, and they have responded, and they will not betray America. I know they will not! I implore you, Sanat Kumara, to release now into our hearts the flame of the original signing of the Declaration of Independence as we meditate upon Independence Hall and go there to the very cradle of our liberty.

So we assemble as the early patriots. We assemble together as statesmen ascended, unascended. We come in consciousness. We come to hear the call, "Sign that document!" We come to ratify the original thirteen. We come to declare that this nation ought to be and is indeed a free people, a sovereign nation, one that is conceived in liberty.

Ancient of Days, O Sanat Kumara, let us be one, then, in this moment, and let our hearts' energies be multiplied by the powers of a cosmos, by their wisdom, and by their love that we might not surrender this blessed earth.

I kneel before Almighty God this day. I kneel before the altar of freedom and I ask once again for those dispensations of freedom. I beg you, Almighty God, not to say no to me, for I am your son of freedom and I have brought with me to your altar sons and daughters of freedom. And if, O God, all dispensations that I have called forth have been misused by mankind and if, O Lord, you will not hear my plea, then I say, Hear the plea of these embodied souls! Hear their cry, O God! Receive their causal bodies and know that I no longer stand alone on earth, but there are those with me who will not surrender to the tyrant's will, who will surrender only to God.

And I know, O Lord, by thy name and by thy flame, these too can conquer in Christ's name. These too can go forth as we went forth of old. These too can cast the writing on the wall that is not a spell of darkness but is the writing of the victors bold. O Lord, I implore you by our fervent cry, Send forth the instrument! Send forth the light-bearers! Send forth the army! Send forth the light that will crystallize, crystallize the mind of God and the heart of God and turn this nation into a miracle of joy and light ascending.

I thank thee, O God. I thank thee for the opportunity to pray this day. I thank thee for the opportunity to stand on earth and to come to this glorious city where the saints have walked, where the pilgrims have known the inspiration of Mother Liberty. I thank thee, O God, for Opportunity, my own twin flame, who has extended that flame throughout a cosmos. And in the moments of discouragement when freedom seemed lost, I thank thee for her aspiration of the feminine consciousness of opportunity whereby I could try and try again to work with mankind for the victory.

I thank thee for the Mother on high and the Mother below. I thank thee that there have been many ascended masters who have taken their stand with me and who have pledged their love. I thank thee, O God, in thy name, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and in the name of the Blessed Virgin.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your tribute. Won't you be seated.

Precious ones, I will tell you why I sent forth my dictations to you concerning the manifestation of self-concern and of selfishness. I will tell you that it was I who received a mandate from the Lords of Karma and from the cosmic council. And they said to me again, "See here now, Saint Germain, we have given you dispensations for your chelas and for your Keepers of the Flame and look at what they are doing. Look at the record." And once again I was called upon the carpet and once again I heard the words, "Unless your chelas, unless some among mankind will show that they can take their stand, we cannot give you dispensations on the Fourth of July, we cannot sponsor you, we cannot back you in your continual programs for this land and this people."

And so I said to myself, "I cannot go to Washington under such circumstances. I cannot come to the Keepers of the Flame. I cannot appear unless I can appear in the light of our joint victory, our one victory, our victory of service together that proves to an entire cosmos that ascended and unascended beings can work hand-in-hand together and can create that wonder of wonders, that golden-age society, that God-government on earth, that reign of peace, that freedom in the Mother, that culture that comes to its very height under her aegis and with the light of the Holy Spirit."

And therefore, you see how hierarchy goes: when the master is called on the carpet, then the master calls his chelas on the carpet. And so it goes. And it is handed down until there is a response in the other direction. And as the chelas are victorious, so the master is victorious. And so the Great Central Sun releases paeans of joy and cosmic love. And opportunity comes again.

Now from the heart of my own guru who stands with me — also backing me in this cause and therefore backing you — he stands now with me, his hand upon my shoulder. And I have the good joy to announce to you that this great dispensation given unto the Great Divine Director is a dispensation whereby this cosmic sphere, this mandala, may release in this very moment, this very moment of the cycles turning, an energy field — a light and a will and a truth and an electrode — for the turning of the tide, the turning of the tide that is a vast turning of the cosmic computer.
And this turning will affect all lifewaves in these systems of worlds. And it is a slow turning; but as it turns, it will alter the flow of energies and the manifestation of energies through the quadrants of Mater.

And therefore on this anniversary that this nation has endured 200 years, the Great Divine Director and I with him place our combined momentum of attainment and of victory upon the altar of freedom in Terra, upon the altar of the heart of the Mother of the Flame —for we must have a living altar —upon the altar of the heart of each Keeper of the Flame. Upon that altar we place the mantle of our momentum as opportunity for you to anchor in these planes that which we can anchor only thus far.

Only at the highest point of the etheric plane may we anchor this momentum. And from that point, the point of the light of the fire in your heart, the point of the threefold flame, we count on you to lower our momentum through the entire memory body of the race that they might also remember their origins in God and the days of the golden ages when man and woman walked and talked with God in the Garden of Eden, in the paradise consciousness.

So let the memory body of earth be saturated with our fire! And let the chelas reach up to the etheric plane and pull it down by their fiats, by their love, by their devotion, by their hope and joy and love and singing and the music that they make in tribute to our presence. Let them pull it down into the mental plane and let that fiery momentum of our causal bodies be for the throwing out of all philosophies and ideologies that were spawned by Antichrist long, long before the current cycles of history.

These aspects of dialectical materialism were not brought forth in application to the times. They have been present in the minds of the fallen ones for thousands of years. They are not so timely as they appear to be, for the timeliness of this dispensation is the coming of the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood.

Let it be understood that the archdeceivers of mankind have a bag of tricks. But it is only a bag, and there are only a limited number of tricks within that bag. I say, Seize the bag and run with it and put it to the torch! Beloved ones, as Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool all of the people some of the time and you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

Finally, on the replays of their tricks, mankind will suddenly awaken, and they will awaken because you are awake with Gautama Buddha, because you are awake! You will be the spark that flies! You will be the fireworks on the Fourth of July! You will be the flame and the torch that ignites the world! You will be the victory!

Now the Lords of Karma open the Book of Life. And it is their desire that I should read to you from the pages of the Book of Life. And so I read to you from page 4689:

"The prophecy has gone forth from the altar of Alpha and Omega, the prophecy of the coming of the Woman clothed with the Sun. And she shall come forth and she shall be enshrined in that haven of light, in that new nation which is and shall be called the New Jerusalem. And in the center of that nation, her shrine shall be erected, and she shall give birth to holy children, and these holy children will occupy the four quadrants of Mater, and these children will take dominion in fire and air and water and earth. These holy children will come to show the way of the law and the light appearing.

"And in that day there shall be turmoil in the land and there shall be a clamoring of voices, and there shall be wars and many wars taking the life and the blood of other children of the Mother who will come from many shores to rally at the focus of freedom. And yet some will not arrive at the focus of freedom, for they will be taken abroad and apart from the Mother by the warfare of the dragon and the archdeceivers of mankind.

"And in that day I, the Lord God, will send forth my deliverer, Michael the archangel, who will go forth and who will defeat the dragon and the seed of the dragon who also go forth to make war with the remnant of the seed of the Mother.

"And there shall be a crown of twelve lights, and the lights shall be the energy of our altar and the energy of the mastery of the feminine ray in this people. And there shall be the opportunity for the people to take the Mother's crown and to also be blessed by the action of her attainment. And the crown shall be for the victory, and the opportunity shall be for this people to elect to serve under the light of her protection.

"And all who by free will do not elect to serve under the light of her protection will be outside of the circle of the thirteen, of the Mother and her disciples. And these will be outside of the consciousness of God where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. And those who remain within the forcefield of the Mother, they will know the victory, and they will be an electrode to galvanize many of mankind unto the light.

"And there will be others who will come who, in seeing the Mother will recognize that their opportunity is spent and that judgment draweth nigh. For they, too, know the law of God, that the coming of the Mother is the coming of the judgment. And therefore, they will join the armies of the fallen ones to make war against this light and against the persons in the sons and daughters of God who espouse the light.

"Then it is that there will come with the armies of heaven the Faithful and True, the Lord Christ, leading the armies of the saints and ascended beings, leading them across the face of this mighty land. And all who are caught up unto God and his righteousness in the affirmation of the law of the science of the spoken Word will be delivered by the hosts of the Lord."

And this is the end of the reading from the Book of Life.

Part 2
Now let it be understood that on this day, Americans as a whole have lost the power of the Word. By their hearkening unto the fallen ones, their speech is not the speech of God and their mouths have become the instruments of the fallen ones as they express the rebellion of the fallen ones that is not even their own. Precious ones, it is not even their own! Yet they think it is their own because they rise up in that sense of injustice. I will give you now certain remedies for this manifestation.

Injustice is abroad in the land as a dark and dense manifestation of returning karma. And with the turning of the Dark Cycle1 next April 23, that manifestation of injustice which is already upon the earth will intensify as a flood rising even to the roofs of the houses, and people will find themselves inundated by the emotional energies and their impact upon society and government of this gross sense of injustice. And of course their sense of injustice is that the light-bearers and those who have attainment ought to give away their attainment and their light. And they think that it is injust that they should be the recipients of their own individual karma, that they should have to work out that karma.

And therefore you see, their rebellion is against Almighty God directly and against his law. They camouflage the rebellion in social causes, rebelling against this and that and this and that, against each other, against the church, against the state. But they are rebels to the core and you see, their rebellion is against the white-fire core of being. This energy shortly coming to the fore must be transmuted before it is precipitated, for its precipitation will cause further spiritual and material blindness and the coming to power of those individuals who are in no wise capable of running the affairs of state.

Therefore, I am repeating the call of Ray-O-Light and the legions of fearlessness flame who came at the turn of the year. And now a half turn later I come and I say, Indeed, doubt and fear are your greatest challenge! For doubt and fear are the manifestation of a consciousness of injustice that is based on human curiosity and human questioning. Let us see, then, that the students of the law concentrate on the transmutation of all misuses of the sacred fire under the hierarchies of Pisces and Virgo. For Virgo is Mother Earth, Opportunity, Justice, my very own beloved keeping the action and the flow of Christ-mastery for you in your own cycle of return to the heart of Omega.

Let it be, then, that you work diligently with the fearlessness flame, that fiery white light tinged in emerald green that will cut through all of the mob consciousness, the mass consciousness, the emotional fervor that the fallen ones attempt to generate among the people. And let your calls be to me and to the Divine Director to lower our momentum of mastery in the third quadrant that is the quadrant of the Mother and that is the quadrant of the hundred-year cycle of America's destiny. Let it also be seen that, in addition to the manifestation of the utter transmutation of this line of the Great Divine Director's mandala, that there is a need for you to clear these lines within and to apply yourselves to the study of what is happening in government.

As I mentioned, when mistakes are made, when there is the slip 'twixt the cup and the lip and the torch is dropped, it is always in a moment, a moment when, by pride or insecurity, harmony is forsaken. And with a sudden thrust of emotional energy that catches all off guard with the opening of the door, then, of the solar plexus, in comes the riptide! And the riptide is a mass energy, and the fallen ones are waiting to project that mass consciousness through those who are near the Mother and the children of the Mother that, in the riptide and in the maelstrom and the havoc that follows, there will be a teetering and a tottering of the soul and of the state.

And all of a sudden the vote goes through! The Federal Reserve is given excessive powers. America is sold away —her technology, her secrets, her grain, her life. In a moment, the signing away of Vietnam, of Cambodia, and what next? In a moment, a moment's decision, millions of lives are committed to death.

Listen to my question: Who decided the death of thousands and thousands of Vietnamese after America pulled out? Who decided the death of a million Cambodians who have been lost in the past year? You say, "The Communists decided their death. They murdered them." I say, nay! Nay, it is the free people! It is the people to whom is passed the torch of initiation. You who were not there keeping the flame. Upon you, America, is the burden of this karma. For you knew the intent of the enemy. You knew the doctrine of the enemy. You knew the avowed doctrine of world takeover and world conquest. And you knew the writing of history —that every nation that has been taken over by Communism has murdered the life, the light of the leaders in government, in the military, and in the professions.

Therefore, who made the decision? According to cosmic law, the people who have the highest level of initiation have a much greater commitment and responsibility. Given two lifestreams, the one with greater attainment makes greater karma for the same mistake. This is the law. To them to whom is given much, much is expected.

But then, who did? Who did make the decision? The American people who have the light? The Christed ones? The children of God? No. The handful of rebels and demonstrators supporting one or two individuals in your government who manipulated these decisions, chief of which is Henry Kissinger. And I repeat the judgment of Archangel Michael! Let it be upon him, and let it be upon this nation, and let it be upon every individual in government who makes the decisions for the light-bearers yet has neither the light nor the authority of the Brotherhood to make such decisions.

What about the people who do not know the law of reincarnation, who have no sense of an afterlife, who know not where the soul departs when the body is no more? For us, we see another day and another opportunity for these souls who have been lost. And many of them, the most beautiful children of light in Russia and in China, have been received into incarnation in this land of America. Many of these are here, and they bring with them a great light of the ages.
We, then, have hope, even after death. But those who do not and who see life as only in this life, more callous are they when they allow the decision to be made for these ones to be abandoned. And so you see, according to their own understanding, they have a greater karma. For for them, in their minds, this is the ultimate death; and still they have no compassion and still there is no fervor.

Part 3
Come out from among them and be ye a separate people. Be that people! Be that one and that whole and that nation!

Let us then study carefully what is happening in the government. Whether or not you are studying government or political science, you have an opportunity and a responsibility to be informed, to vote, to know the candidates, to study the platform. And if you do not understand, then see that you are instructed. You cannot afford to not know the issues because when you study the issues, you will also see the intertwining of the plots of the fallen ones.

Take the women's rights amendment. The ascended masters are for women's rights. Who is not? Who is not? But can you say whether that amendment secures those rights or whether it tears down those rights? You ought to know by having studied not only the amendment, which is very short and therefore deceptive, but you ought to study the minds who framed it. You ought to study what their intent is and what the intent of the fallen ones is behind them. And behind them still, the archdeceivers.

Trace, then, the plot and realize that the intent of those who move the radicals and the rebellious ones for the same causes that we move you — those who move them have other designs and other goals, and they will manipulate those who are uninformed and at the same time who have even just a little bit of rebellion.
The goal of the archdeceivers is not equality for women, it is the fall of woman, it is the suppression of woman, it is the tearing from her of her spiritual office. Woman is placed on a pedestal by man, where she ought to be; for the feminine aspect of himself is his aspiration, his upward pulling energy, his light in the center of the sun. Therefore, man naturally looks up to woman as he looks up to the light of the Mother within himself. After all, man is the child of woman, therefore he must place her as the Source of life. And so you see, this is to tear from woman her spiritual opportunity, her right to be woman, to push down her energies, to tear them from the crown and drive them to the base chakra and then to cause these energies to be dissipated, putting woman in closer and closer proximity to man in all the armed forces and in places where men, by their caste and their calling, ought to be free to be men.

We also defend the rights of men to be free from the entanglements of women who come not with the flame of Mother, but with other designs to tear down the integrity and the honor and the life-force of men. And so you see, the liberation of woman in sex, in short skirts, in all manner of the desecration of the body of the Mother including abortion is not for her freedom, it is for her enslavement!

You see through this. Will you please tell me why mankind cannot see through this? Why are they so dense when the writing is on the wall, when God has spoken for thousands of years? I, too, scratch my head and I say, How is it that they cannot see? And then, of course, the cosmic Mother reminds me, "They are blinded by their own selfishness."

And so I come again and I speak to Keepers of the Flame and I talk to you about this selfishness, for you are the only ones who will understand. I cannot get these people to put aside their selfishness. It is ingrained from birth! They are indulged from birth! But you will listen, you will hear, you will make the sacrifices that they cannot make. And so I come and I chastise you. And some are not worthy of the chastisement, and so I chastise you for all of the American people.

And because you are so close to my heart and I love you so much, you are the ones that get the spanking. [Laughter and applause.]

With every ascended master and cosmic being I say, I love you, I love you, I love you! And when you hear from me, no matter what I say, no matter what it is, know that sometime, somewhere you will have an understanding of why I say what I say. And therefore, no matter what it is, no matter what the dictation that you suddenly receive in the mail, know that that dictation is saying, "I love you, I love you, I love you!"

Children of my heart, rise to the level of equality. Share with me my heart chakra. Though it is said the servant is not greater than his Lord, I say, You whom I have called servants, I call you friends. I elevate you to that position that one expects of a friend: responsibility, understanding, friendship. I can confide in you, I can open up my heart to you. I can cry with you, I can laugh with you. I can let you know what is happening and know that you will understand and you will do something —that of a certainty.

O God, O Mother, when I have called, they have acted. Keepers of the Flame have acted. This, then, is a promise, a hope. It is a prayer. It is a prediction and a prophecy. It is the power of the Word fulfilled. I say then, from your throat chakras, Let the lightning and the thunder go forth! And let those American people who have become as the dumb ass, let them now be opened and let them speak.

For I am casting forth my flame to shatter that spell that has been placed upon the throat chakras, and I desire that this people should speak the Word of God, should speak the fiats of freedom, should give forth the mandate for God-government, for light, for Christ, for Mother. And so my word goes forth and I say, This people shall no longer be as dumb animals! And as the Lord God gave it unto the ass of Balaam to speak, so I touch these people and I say to God, Speak through them, for they do not even know the words to speak! And I send my guardian angels to guard the throat chakras of the American people that they will no longer utter the blasphemies, the condemnation, and the words that are unholy and ungodly and unfit to pass through the mouth of the Mother or to rest upon the gentle ears of her children.

Let these people be silent no longer, Omega! This is my call. But let them join in the decrees, and let us hear those decrees roll with a mighty thunder and with the thrust of Zadkiel and his bands. And with a roll —"a thrust and a roll and a ho, ho, ho" we come! Light-bearers come! Light-bearers come in the march of freedom!

By the victory of this day, blessed ones, I will be with you on the morrow. And with joy in my heart, I will walk the streets of this nation with those who have the authority and the right to rule this nation, who are the patriots, who are the sons and daughters of liberty.

O Liberty, we thank thee, our Mother, for holding high the torch! We thank thee, we thank thee, and our gratitude is unto thee this day. O Liberty, O Mother, O Woman clothed with the Sun, O Woman with the crown of twelve stars, we salute thee, we salute thee, we salute thee! For by the flame of Mother, we shall conquer!

I AM in you forevermore, Saint Germain of the flame of freedom and of the House of Rakoczy! [Applause.]

Note: The above dictation by Saint Germain was dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet it
Higher Consciousness in Washington, DC. on July 4. 1976 (5:13-5:58 p.m. EDT).


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