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Greetings again in the day of Love ...

   And many were the stories and teaching that Ascended Masters bring to my attention last month ... and all, but all I will submit to you my friends ...

    And this wise but sad story ... I am going to share with you ... shock me too much ... because advert me ... 'Help others with the money you do not need ... no otherwise'.

    My Beloved friends ... While this story is a Story of Kings ... I will submit today ... because the one who was King (not named in the story) ... and then return like Napoleon ... was honestly a lovely and wise King ... but like El Moria, who was King Arthur comment ... he was branded twice like a tyrant ... and was not. Is not.

    Honestly Napoleon in his previous embodiment ... was a victim of his own LOVE for his people ... and give away its FORTUNE ... and become a beggar ... then he was trained in Heaven ... to avoid to repeat the mistake ... and return like Napoleon ... and he was supported by the Great Saint Germain (Merlin) ... but again he fails, because depart from Saint Germain ... and Heaven fails to have the United States of Europe ...

    Because the Brazilian and Egyptian ... as well Venezuelan attempt ... valid in Germany and Argentina too ... show us the need ... for a new Economic System based on Equality ... close to the FULL realization of the American Dream ... but ... NOT on CAPITALISM terms ... better on a New Social.

    While I Giovanni (John) can speaks longer on this NEW System ... I prefer not ... because I am not a Governor ... neither a King, nor a President ... I AM simple ... Giovanni the writer ... the Would-be Alchemist ... the Alchemist ... transforming the World ... with the Magic of Love.

Enjoy the Story ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.




'Mid pleasures and palaces though you may roam, Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.


Beloved ones, your hearts in their own present status and environment are hearts intended to be chalices of divine opportunity and abiding places of the Almighty One—the God of the universe, the mighty consciousness of Life.

Wherever you may travel in consciousness and whatsoever concepts may occupy your meditations, regardless of the humbleness of your surroundings there is no place like the heart that is dedicated to God as his Home and as his abiding place. There ministering angels of the Divine Presence bow in adoration of the mighty flame of love. The essential elements composing starry bodies in interstellar space are of the selfsame substance as your own heart flames dedicated to the principle of cosmic love.

As I bring to you this night my Christmas message from Darjeeling, I am reminded that many choose to bear my name but few choose to carry my flame. Those who bear my name are those who desire to have men give them praise. But those who bask in the mighty flame of truth, who recognize that in addition to honoring my name and in addition to speaking out and declaring, "I love the will of God," is the doing of the Father's will upon earth.

We bear this night a sweet simplicity into your heart chalices. We bear the simplicity of cosmic truth. Men and women today are often enamored with a cosmic tale—a story of some part of life which whets their curiosity and occupies their attention for a moment. But the mighty, eternal truths of being are bypassed as the day-to-day tests of divine experience come to mankind for the selfsame purpose of glorifying the divine intent and clothing mankind with the mighty robes of cosmic reality.

As I am speaking to you tonight, I am reminded then that the divine intent must be enshrined with holy reason and upon the altar of pure truth, but that men must exercise a certain reasonableness of spirit whereby they are able to allow and permit other parts of life to enjoy the bounties of heaven in addition to themselves. Do you not think, beloved ones, that it is rather farfetched for some individuals to fancy themselves to be the elect of God whereas others are to be excluded? Does it not seem incongruent with holy reason that God should have a favorite son and should bypass all others?

Beloved ones, while it is true that men choose to obey the Word of God, it is likewise true that God hath chosen all men and all women upon the planetary body to be his children and hath stood steadfast in the holy desire of conveying to all those spiritual powers and perceptions that will transport them from the domain of human folly and vanity into the purity of Cosmic Christ truth.

Long ago, beloved ones, there lived in a certain country upon this blessed planet a king who was possessed with a tremendous amount of wealth. This blessed king from the time he was a child was trained to recognize the qualities of charity and was trained at his own mother's knee to dispense this wealth wherever he should go and to continue to dispense it with justice and truth.

When his carriage drove through the streets of the city, it was his custom to hand to the simplest and most rugged beggar a golden coin of the realm that that one might have the succor which that blessed coin would buy. One time it was a bowl of soup, then again it was shelter for a few nights, then again it was a healing unguent, and for some it was the coin of the realm to be used in a gambling game that perchance would yield another coin or two.

The king in all his own heartfelt charity for his people proceeded down the streets of life, year after year dispensing that which he received from his own treasury until it came to pass that one day, because of laxity on the part of those who ought to have been guardians of the king's treasure, the vast storehouse was empty and even the king in this country was unable to pay the necessary requirements for his own sustenance and those of his household.

And so he donned his royal robes and proceeded out into the marketplaces to be a beggar on behalf of his own household. And as he stood upon the street corners, it came to pass that many of those who had been the recipients of his heartfelt kindness were given the opportunity of sharing with him a loaf of bread from their own hearth or a bag of meal or some fresh fruit from their own tree.

But the king was amazed, for it came to pass that whithersoever he journeyed men turned their backs upon him. They pulled their robes tightly around their shoulders and hugged to themselves whatever was their own substance, and they would not part with so much as a farthing of their own substance although he had bestowed his all upon them.

And lo, in the course of time it came to pass that when he called a meeting of his privy councillors and laid the situation before them, one who was very wise among them spake and said, "If the kingdom is to survive and you are to remain king, you must take from them that which is thine own. You must exact from them that which they ought to have willingly given unto you."

And the king said, "Nay, for I cannot find it in my heart to resort to any form of tyranny nor will I take from them unjustly, although it is necessity itself that compels it." And the councillors persisted and said, "O king, hear thou this. Though you take nothing for yourself, behold how your own household is afflicted and your children themselves are hungry."

And so it came to pass that they prevailed upon the king by reason, and so not for himself but for his household he went out unto them and demanded that they give to him that which was necessary for the survival of his own household. But he again found that they pulled their cloaks tightly about them and fled from his presence.

So he returned to the council again and they said, "You must needs be accompanied by soldiers of your own army, by spearsmen and by men who bear the sword, and you must by force take from them that which is essential to your survival." And the king spake unto his council and said, "Nay, I cannot by force rend from them that which they will not give by love."

And the council again reminded him of the great need that if his own household were to survive and those loyal friends that consisted and composed his court were to stand in life, he must secure that which was necessary for them. And so once again the king proceeded forth accompanied by soldiers, and he went unto the marketplaces and he seized by the power of his soldiers that which the people would not willingly give.

And by and by they branded him a tyrant. They reviled him secretly to themselves, and they would pay him no honor and homage. And so it came to pass that he passed on and departed from the world with dishonor, and all of those good works which he had for so long loved and desired were written down in the hearts of men as works of infamy.

But the king loved justice and he loved wisdom, and so he came unto us for instruction. And he desired to know how he himself might one day rectify this gross error which he felt he had committed by seizing from these people, by the power of the sword, that which they themselves would not willingly give regardless of his former benevolence.
And our instruction to him was one of great depth. I shall not convey this instruction to you in this dictation, but I shall say unto you that in due course of time it came to pass that this man himself was given further opportunity among the sons of men to serve the cause of freedom.

And with the coming of that embodiment, he himself once again found himself face to face with many weighty problems which he did not liquidate even in that embodiment, for this former king is known better to you in a later embodiment as Napoleon. And so I would point out that although he was given instruction by Saint Germain, he failed in that embodiment to acquire all the good which was within him, and once again he was regarded as a tyrant.

Mankind must recognize that there is a law that is above all human law, that that law is the law of God—the law of truth, the law of dedication to the holy will of God. Mankind in all of their understanding and in all of their getting are admonished to secure understanding for themselves. (Prov 4:7) This understanding must be the Christ-understanding that shall bring peace to the hearts of men and shall enable them to shed all of the pain and the sorrow and the unworthiness that is no part of their Christ nature or of their God nature but is only the result of wrong thought and feeling.

At various times when some of you are my guests in Darjeeling and are seated on the cushioned chairs in our beautiful retreat, I try to extend to your hearts some sense of the wonders of God's holy will. I try to speak to you from the historical records. I try to speak to you from your own personal records. I try to speak to you of the future and the glories that shall come as a result of your direct apprehension of the will of God.

Do you know, beloved ones, that mankind frequently without knowledge flaunt the will of God at the very time that they themselves feel a false sense of security and are imbued with the idea that they are doing the will of God whereas they are going directly contrary to it? Now some of you, blessed ones, may say to me, "Beloved El Morya, how can this be that we should not know when we were going directly contrary to the will of God?"

Well, blessed ones, I think it is clear that there are certain creatures in the marine world which are known as squids or octopuses. These beings of the deep possess the faculty of shooting forth into the water a black liquid which completely infilters the water element and makes it so opaque that their enemies are unable to perceive them and to know how to defend themselves against attack. These creatures have a lesson to teach mankind. There are many forces of density which are projected at mankind. I will give you some examples:

When we are dictating to the student body, very frequently there is an activity of the sinister force whereby there is projected at the students the idea that they cannot stay awake—the idea that they must sleep. This false idea is accepted by their consciousness and results in them failing to hear that dictation which we are giving and which may have a special vibratory action designed for that specific individual who is present at the very time this dictation is going forth. Another action involved here is the one whereby the beloved messenger himself is caused great distress of being as a result of the individual entering the sleep state and there being subjected to psychic influences—unwittingly, mind you— which are then directed at our activity and focus.


All of these things must be brought to the attention of the student body. There must be a great quickening and a stirring throughout the coming year in the hearts of all of the chelas. There must come about more alertness and more preparation for the task that is ahead. We cannot help but make progress, but this progress must be born in the hearts of men.

As I am speaking to you tonight, there is occurring the vibratory action of the Great White Brotherhood which is specifically designed to assist mankind into the fullness of the Christ Spirit. Beloved ones, for two thousand years mankind have been blessed with the Christ consciousness flowing through the Ascended Master Jesus. In the course of this long travail of history, mankind still remain in bondage to hate and violence and destructivity.

The principles of the Christ have not yet entered into the governments of the world to a great enough degree. There is not enough penetration to bring to the heads of state and their supporters those necessary godly and just attributes which will cause them to oppose the forces of violence and viciousness which stem from human greed. It is still a fact that where men are possessed with a large purse, they are able to buy that which they cannot secure by other means. And this is frequently the case even from those who possess, for it is often a fact that the greedy get more ill-gotten gain by reason of a continuing greed which gnaws and eats them as a canker.

The day is at hand, then, when integrity and Christliness must flood the nature of people and wash from the pool of their holy consciousness all of the darkness, opacity, and shadow. The time has come when mankind must let the healing waters troubled by the Angel of Deliverance wash them and cleanse them in the great cosmic laver until there is produced a consciousness of godliness, a consciousness of wholeness, a consciousness of Christ-accomplishment.

Through the years, people have enjoyed the solemn music in the great cathedrals. Their souls have reveled in the peals of the mighty organs of the planet. They have enjoyed the solemnity of holy and sacred occasions. They have enjoyed even the uttering of petitions to God for forgiveness of sins, yet they have remained in a state of cosmic imbalance. Ladies and gentlemen and those who shall read or hear my words through the miracles of electronic processing, bear in mind well that the fruit of the life of the Christ today, in the present hour, is the result of your own stewardship and not that of another.

Though in past history there be countless thousands who are devoted to the holy will of God, the sway of these lifestreams in itself and its power to affect the present hour is slight beside that which is given to you. And yet, you too shall reach the end of your own individual lifespans, your own individualized cycles, and you shall find yourselves at cycle's door when the Great Cosmic Law shall exact of you this request: Lay upon the altar of being that externalized virtue related to the holy will of God which you have performed in his holy name, I AM. Tell us then of the virtue that has flowed through thee. Tell us then of the dragons of impurity which you have slain in God's name, not only in yourself but in others. Tell us then of the mercy you have shewed forth.

Ladies and gentlemen, knights and ladies of the golden age, I send forth this chalice to you—the chalice of my own heart dedicated to the holy will of God. I ask you now, do you choose in the holy name of God and in utter consecration to his will to blend your energies in with my own and to offer them to God and to honor the Christ and to serve life? Or do you choose to immerse yourself in the draught of self-pity and that piteous state wherein your concern is your own individualized orbit of identity washed out from all the great color rays to a drab grayness of individualization free from all the pure, radiant virtues of the rainbow of life? I think not.
Then choose ye well this day whom ye shall serve: (John 24:15) the Christ Mass, the dedication of men's hearts to the living Christ—not to one who was slain on Golgotha's hill, not to one who entered the dank and dark chambers of the earth, but to one who radiantly was loosed from the pangs of death to arise into cosmic immortality from Bethany's hill to demonstrate for all time that "I AM the Resurrection and the Life." (John 11:25)

In this immortal sense, then, we send forth our challenge into space. Our challenge is the eternal one—not the bonds of human guilt and that which causes men, ridden by a shameless conscience, to desire extinction, but that holy purity and love of the splendid virtue of a shining which evokes his appearing upon the screen of life in the present hour and demands that all of the infamous conditions of the world shall be altered and changed by the sacred fire until the purity of Lord Gautama, the purity of Master Jesus, the purity of Saint Germain, the purity of Mother Mary is the purity of your own Divine Presence descending into your heart.

    I am come this night not to bring to you the chastisement of an ascended being but to bring to you that apprisement of your present condition which will evoke the magical response of a contrite heart which God shall not despise.

   Lo, the majesty of Christmas, the majesty of each day is the great substance of eternal faith in the will of God. How can men erect shrines of immortality without faith? How can men stand fast against the hordes of sinister oppression without faith? How can men overcome all outer conditions and abide in that cosmic purity—which they are in truth—in the midst of dense surroundings without faith? And yet faith abideth, hope abideth, and charity abideth, but the greatest of these is that charity (I Cor 13:13) which is pure love, the substance of God's heart.

And so tonight as I am speaking and delivering to you this Christmas message—a message of good cheer—I say to you all, bear in mind that the past is indeed prologue but the future, the shining gem of the future, belongs to the gods. Indeed it is the God of very gods, thy own I AM Presence—the shining splendid majesty which cannot be tarnished by mankind's own evil assessment.

Do you know, beloved ones, that countless individuals upon this planet, unfortunately innumerable individuals, cannot gaze upon another soul without a look or a glance of reproach? They constantly look for the flaw rather than for the gem. Perhaps they fancy themselves to be connoisseurs of gems, and yet I am unabashed when I say that every ascended being looks first of all upon the flawless jewel even when finding the diamond in the rough.

We gaze upon that jewel as the handiwork of God, and we recognize that the polishing is left to us and to the good report of the earnest endeavors of those individuals who shall recognize that though they themselves appear as diamonds in the rough, every plane and facet of that gem of being shall be polished in its immortal perfection and then, hallowed by the gleam of the great light of God which never fails, it shall become a part of the multifaceted expression of eternity, value received.

Beloved ones, you have a saying in your financial world "for value received." Let me tell you that the value which you received with life itself is that which you shall become when you shall behold Him as He is; for it is written that "every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him." (Rev 1:7) Now few upon earth have not at one time or another pierced the very Christ of Nazareth by reason of their own density or when¬soever they have directed one shaft of hate or human discord at any part of life. At that supreme moment, they have pierced the Christ, for they have done it unto the least of these and have done it unto Him. (Matt 25:40,45)

And therefore, all need deliverance, all need assistance, all need the polishing of divine forgiveness and the recognition of the words "for value received." You are endowed by God with value, with worth, with cosmic worth; and it is to this dedication that we would this night dedicate ourselves to the bringing out into the great, open planes of your consciousness this cosmic worth of your own identity and being.

For it is there in the arena of life and of consciousness that you must fight the battle of Armageddon, that you must overcome the hordes of evil, that you must put down all oppressions which you have created against any part of life until, washed pure and clean and robed in fine white linen, you are brought before the Lord of the Universe in the knowledge that you are his son and conductors of his energies.

As you then hold these energies sacred within the chalice of your being, you shall become knights-errant sent forth on the sacred quest. But it shall not be a fruitless venture—that I promise you. It shall be one filled with all the drama, all the wonder, all the music, all the joy and rejoicing that the great universal cup itself can hold. For there is no limit to that blessing which any part of life may draw from God if they will but have the faith to believe it and then will persist in continuing onward over all of the stones of stumbling and delusion until they find themselves at his feet.

It does not matter whether they journey to Bethlehem, to Nazareth, to Golgotha's hill, or to Bethany's hill, or what part of the great journey they may contact his precious presence. To contact it is enough. For the Christ is the Christ of every man. The Christ is the Christ of God. And God is life and God is your life.

In this holy relationship,
There is the Father and the Son
And you are the Son and he is the Father.
And there flows forth from him
That wondrous God flame
Which, although it is subdivided
Into a million or a billion or a quadrillion mysteries,
It is still the same—
Bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh,
Substance of his substance.
It is light.
It is love.
It is life.
It is rejoicing.
It is the Holy Spirit.
It is man individualized.
It is an ascended being, a star, a flower.
It is all,
And yet it is part.
For there is within the infinitesimal part
The gemlike essence of the Sun.
And there is within the Sun, the Sun itself,
The blessed part.
For all exist within that circle wide,
And it is home to all, the heart—
The heart of God,
Vast enough to contain the cosmos
Yet tiny enough to enter the doorway
Of the small and the humble and the weak
Who by reason of their temporary impoverishment
Are aware of their great need.
And in this great sense of need,
The cup begins to expand its own walls.
And moving outward there is a vast chasm of being
Revealed within the heart of man.
And this cup is filled
And runneth over with God's identity.

This is my Christmas message to you—the message that where your heart is, there your treasure is also; (Matt 6:28) the message that your home sweet home is your heart where God is. Without him, it is empty indeed.

Lo, the Brotherhood saluteth thee! Peace through the eternal cycles. Peace through the years—and victory for all. Let none flinch. Let all hold forth the light. So shall many strong sons bear victory's cross, the light of God that cannot fail.
I thank you and bid you good evening.

December 25, 1963 MLP
Wednesday evening Holytree
House Fairfax, Virginia


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