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Saturday, 06 November 2010 17:58


      I Giovanni need to confess that I love more Jesus after reading the Pleiadian Agenda ... than before and of course all the other channeling material like I comment on my recent book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained ..."

     Why Jesus engine and propose the "communion with Wine and Bread?"

     Honestly the answer is simple ... but it will shock you ... I promise. And probably neither Barbara Hand Clow figure out in full.

    Is Osiris a Green God?

     Yes, it is. And the Plant realm is green like you know. The trees are green and the loaves are green too.

     Now, has been commented here ... that we has a reptilian heritage. Well, we has also a Vegetable/Tree heritage!

     We all ARE ... the Children of the Gods ... from the Stars ... but also the Children of the original Earth dwellers: Plants and Lizards.

     When Osiris visit Earth? ... Osiris came to Earth at the beginning of the Age Taurus in 4320 B.C

     This and other questions are answered in the book (now available in its Third Edition):

(Click to browse ...)

     Now, the point is that Osiris implant him codes in Egypt ... but in a second moment him phallus was taken off (by Set).

     Why this? Osiris is a Green Code ... and no Green must be included in Human Race (from the plants) ... and so him phallus was taken.

This happens because Humans ...

from that date (4320 BC) must be only Blue ...

a Blue Race ... to must have stellar access.

     I, Giovanni suppose it is clear. Green only for the Plant Realm.

     Now, what Christ did was to re-activate the Plant Realm ... transforming Wine in Blood.

     And this is why he say ... like commented in Mattew: 26:26,

26And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body. 27And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; 28For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. 29But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom.

     Therefore transforming the "green" wine matured by the sun and becoming red like wine ... in  red blood. He create the sacrament called, "Eucharist".

     Eucharist ... means "Eu+Chirst" ... I+Christ.

     Therefore, also the Apostles ... drink the blood of Christ ... and also them enable the Christhood.

     When you repeat the Communion ... like commented by Jesus last year, exactly 09-Sep-2009 (09-09-09) ... and reproduced in my book, The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Micheal and the Family of Light ... "Chapter 12" ... (in first or second edition ...)

      Check the picture and how to move the cup of wine ... at the moment of Communion ...

     When you realize the communion ... at Home or in any place ... you are activating the Green-Plant Realm in you ... again.

     This teaching is very important ... because the words of Lord Jesus got Life ... again.

     Therefore with the Eucharist sacrament ... you are becoming the Christ ... eating bread and drinking wine, exactly like he said unto us ... and unto the Twelve and Mary Magdalene in the last Supper.

     This is the explanation of 666 ... the Human DNA ... with the Christ type! ... The type of the Christ!

     Therefore the Eucharist is exactly like he explains ... and he did using grape (wine) and bread! ... A real Alchemist!

     Blessed is he ...

     Before to leave you to the "Cosmic" explanation ... let me said that Jesus announce a new Supper ... after his return ...

Blessed you are,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

(Before to start ... let me say that Osiris was to-day Ascended Master Saint Germain, who was also Thoth, and Hermes Trimegustus, as well Francis Bacon the author of the Shakespearean Plays as well Merlin, and Columbus, by the way ... between others).


Christ and the Activation of the Plant Realm

Christ transubstantiated your plant realm into blood, and then he set up a sacrament operating through time for increasing the resonance of Gaia in the plant realm. The plant realm is the green expression of the 2D elementals, as you humans are the red expression of the 2D elementals. Humans transduce elementals into electromagnetic communication systems—kundalini energy—and plants transduce the elementals into a breathing system—oxygen and carbon dioxide. When you allow yourselves to take the time to feel the power of a great tree, you feel the planet breath and you can communicate with the tree. Trees are very lonely for you, and you are losing your own ability to breathe by cutting the forests. The forests are slowly losing the memory of the Garden—the mind of Gaia. Meanwhile, people, you are the keepers of the Mind of Gaia, and once you remember this and feel this force, you will stop destroying your biological libraries—the forests of Gaia. Why do you think Christians were intent on cutting the sacred oak groves of the Druids? Wake up, wake up, tell your brothers and sisters that they are keepers of the mind of Gaia.


As we've said above, the Anunnaki planned to take over your planet at Zero Point. But when Christ elevated the green plant realm into blood, they knew that this would evolve you right out of their control range, as you would begin to feel Gaia in your blood. So they devised a big program from Zero Point to 325 A.D. and they gradually manipulated you by setting up the Christian Church to dominate the diverse religious movements of Rome, Greece, the Levant, and Egypt. In 325 A.D., the Roman Catholic Church was set up as the official dispenser of the Eucharist. The Anunnaki Caesars realized what Christ was doing by transmuting wine into blood, and they immediately tried to shut this power down by taking total control of it. Many of you still have emotional bodies that are controlled by religious belief systems and physical bodies that are controlled by the medical establishment. There will be a great fight as you move into the Photon Band. This battle will occur within each one of you as each of you takes back your integrity.


I know these ideas are difficult for you to contemplate, yet the level of violence is forcing you to dig deeper. You all know something is terribly wrong. Your prejudices and belief systems are inherently irrational and contradictory, and many religious systems are self-destructing these days, and this shocks you. In the 1950s, who would have thought many altar boys would have to fear sexual abuse from their priests? I prod you and tease you about religion to wake you up, but I know how painful this loss of belief is for you.


Let's pick an especially cloaked idea and go for it as a group! We Pleiadians want to know if you have any idea how you could fall for the Immaculate Conception, since any immaculate conception in a female could not produce a male child? Why do you study genetics and then draw no conclusions from what you study? Where would the female get a male chromosome? From a star being? From a God or an angel? People, the birth of Christ was a 3D event! Who came up with the idea of no sex in this creation? Well, this ridiculous diversion was created by the Anunnaki to keep you from seeing that Mary Magdalene and Christ birthed a child. From that birthing, the Christie codes were implanted into the blood of the planet. Codes don't get implanted in 3D by celibate males! 


Speaking of our alliance with the Sirians, now that the Age of Pisces closing out, the Christ consciousness is flooding into your planet from Sirius, and this reinvigorates the ancient Egyptian field codes. These were implanted when Osiris came to Earth at the beginning of the Age Taurus in 4320 B.C. Later, a blow was delivered to the Sirian codes win Osiris's phallus was taken off by Set. This is very secret stuff. Osiris is "green god" like Dionysus, the god of wine. Osiris lost his phallus because Egypt was the zone for the codes called "blue Nile;" he had to be dismembered to trigger the next stage of evolution of humans into the " Blue race" expression of the 2D elemental realm. Humans needed to lose their role as the green expression of the elemental realm so the trees and plants could be honored with this green expression. The shift for humans into the Blue Nile consciousness was how humans began to access their stellar codes. In the ancient days, the stellar codes were reserved for the pharaoh. He carried them to hold the field of the Blue Nile for the people. Now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, every human can attain stellar access.


Subconsciously, you cut trees attempting to regain your green power. Deep inside you fear the moment when Osiris lost his phallus, so you cut trees to prove to yourselves that you are more powerful than they are. Having this power somehow makes you feel like you will not get castrated. However, this is an act of defiance against your male vulnerability. Remember, the emasculation of the male is what is killing your planet. Once the great blow happened to Osiris, Sirian codes were removed from 3D. Once you had the opportunity to discover them yourselves, and since 1994 that faculty is available again. The real point of Osiris is that you must remember your vulnerability. Most of you remember the days of the Blue Nile when you were like plants. You lived in exquisite synchronicity and breathed with the planet then, but you also felt like a plant—rooted to one place. You wanted free will and this rooting grated on your minds and hearts. Imagine a great tree having as much sensitivity and awareness as you have. Then see that tree in a great forest next to a churning river. One day you come before that tree, and it has never seen a human before. From the tree's point of view, it created you. And you cut it down! Like Osiris, this tree is severed and begins an eternal search for its lost self—you. We Pleiadians can see that you are ready to reintegrate these vibrations. Remember, we can see the future: A very great number of you will choose to become magnificent trees in the new forests. There you will be for 500 to 10,000 years, silently observing Gaia's creativity. Maybe a human will walk by someday, maybe not, but in the next age the forests will prevail and not you humans.


In accordance with cosmic law, the Anunnaki must evolve too, and they are being activated by the Photon band because the Sun is responding to it. The Photon Band does not destroy them. They have been in it many times, yet they are still around. The Nibiruans will be orbiting into your solar system around 3600 A.D., just when your solar system is still moving in the Band through the latter days of Aquarius. Their abilities to control and manipulate you are already lessening, but many of you don't know this yet. During the Age of Aquarius, their control will dissipate. The Net already peaked back in 1989, and the next Anunnaki takeover attempt will be directed out of Washington, D.C. Well, people, if you thought the fall of the Berlin Wall or the disintegration of the U.S.S.R. was something, wait until you see the walls protecting your own government fall.


The Sirian influence will also lessen as you move deeper into the Photon Band. Sirius is the twin to your Sun, and it exists in the Galactic Night. Now is the time to learn as much as you can about the Sirian and Nibiruan teachings. The Sirians are the keepers of orbits in the Galactic Night, and the Anunnaki are messengers of the Sirians, and as you move out of the Galactic Night, suddenly they work together to create realities on Earth. A great reversal occurs during the shift out of the Galactic Night, the part of your journey when various 2D through 8D intelligences greatly influence Earth. We've said little about the 8D intelligences—the Galactic Federation—but when your Sun passes into the Photon Band in 1998-2001, that is a time when your solar system has direct communica­tion with the Galactic Federation.


The Pleiadians began to mine your information as soon as your out­ermost planet moved into the Photon Band, which was 1972 when Pluto entered the Photon Band and the Sirians began constructing geometrical light structures and forms. A great pulse from the Sun in 1972 opened Earth, and this impulsed the Sirians to construct a geometrical light system that could access and read the high-energy frequency of the Galactic Federation.7 The Sirians are transducers for the Galactic Federation when the solar system moves into the Photon Band. The only records you have on this process are from the reign of Akhenaton of Egypt. Akhenaton's teaching about the Aton is actually secret knowledge about the qualities of your Sun when your solar system is in the Photon Band; that is, you are enhanced by the Aton, by the Photon Band, which will turn your blood crystalline blue.


As you move deeper into the Photon Band, you have nothing to fear from the Sun. Like the Aton, you will be able to gaze into it! Imagine that! Your blood will become blue, your plants will reinvigorate, you will be able to handle great light with your eyes, and you will become gentle am loving again. The Blue Nile will be the field of your planet, and the green ones will breathe the 2D elemental powers through crystals in the soil, which will birth great forests again. Imagine it! There will be absolutely no control on your planet for 2000 years as energies and forms reorganize. Many agencies and teachers on your planet are attempting to convince you that you must fear what is coming; yet all that is coming is the removal of control so that all lifeforms can vibrate back into integrity. Yes, if you are killer, you will die; if you do not love your body, you will leave it; if you fear the forest, you will not be welcome there; if you do not love the children, you will not parent them; if you do not hold your animals, they will leave you; and if you are not interested in cosmic communication with the Sun, you will go into darkness. But then you will come back in a body as a tree, a child, an animal, or a Sun being. All the control you created to convince yourself that you have to stay in your body will be gone. You will only stay because you want to.


Furthermore, ninth-dimensional intelligences actually know how much you love freedom from all control. We Pleiadians have noticed that you are enjoying watching Washington, D.C, turn into a cartoon strip. Many of you intuit that Clinton is about to grow his nose and Newt Ginko is about to grow his tail, and both of them will be laughing with rosy checks, like Pleiadians telling jokes. Many of you are feeling like we're going into a summer off after being in a very hard school. And what were you so worried about while you were in school?

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