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Monday, 05 May 2008 00:00
World, 2008-05-03.

In my first MacWorld ever, I go specially to hear Mr. Steve Jobs, Apple Computer founder as well the inventor of the modern Personal Computer. After to stand up at 5am, not really complicated for me, and a quick breakfast I start to walk in early morning in San Francisco streets to reach the Moscone Center.

After more than five hours of standing up in a very long line, we enter in Moscone Center. We're happy because we know that the Job's presentation had been started, in time while we stay outside the buidling.

However, we enter in a room and hear Mr. Jobs from a high widescreen, not personally. The same happens when I hear Mr. Bill Gates.

So, we start to listen the speech from the point number 3, I think, around when he start to comment about Apple Movie rental, and I appreciate that decision. Honestly, I want to do the same with my company.

Anyway, Mr. Jobs then announce its MacBook air, that get excellent impressions locally and from me. I have my comments on MacBook air, but this is not the point here.

The point here, is to comment about him latest idea. The idea, that in some sense is hidden from the fact to release a Laptop, without CD or DVD.

The really idea is to "Don't accumulate stuff, like Music or Movies on your PC, just download when you want".

Yep! ... Don't accumulate. Download, may be you need to pay for them, but after you watch, remove them! ... in any case, keep clean.

This idea is for sanity, and to live friendly and in peace with your data moving across your hands in home or business.

So, this idea, if you want to follow it, is to have a maximum number of Gb (or Tb) for your use at home or office. ... Not unlimited, like logically you dream, expect or suppose.

Of course, I enjoy the nice iPhone, and in this case, I want to take one, but will be when will be.

Giovanni A. Orlando.
The Beauty of To-Share PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 03 May 2008 00:00
World, 2008-05-03.

It is not beauty To-Share? ... Give, Give and Give. Give away software, scan and release Books, Movies and Music under Torrent files, write and express yourself using Free Software, challange yourself and the local or Worldwide community realasing software or books for free download, then to offer in printed mode under payment, release free Music to hear before you purchase the entire album ...

That is the beauty To Share ... and wherever you live or whatever you share ...
The Freedom is in you and sooner or later will appears ...

Sincerely, I AM and remains yours,
Giovanni A. Orlando.

The Art ... now costs US$ 70.00 ... PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 02 May 2008 00:00
World, 2008-05-02.

The 50% off discount has expired the latest April 30th 2008. The new price for the "The Art of Buil your Personal Operating System, is now US$ 70.00.

The book "The Art" is like a special rare and precious stamp. It covers how to build a complete Operating System.

As soon released the book touchs up to 100.00 euros in France.

Actually, a new edition is under design and is planned to be released in Summer here in Italy.

An indicative Table of Content is the following:
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. How to release MyFedora.
  • Chapter 2. How to release MyUbuntu.
  • Chapter 3. Developing Windows B.
  • ...

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