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Sunday, 19 December 2010 11:03


    I Giovanni want you know the actual status of my coming book, "An Introduction to Mathematics", like a valid volume to introduce the entire degree in Mathematics that will be figure out for you in the

    For that ... I am offering the actual Index ... so you can enjoy the Subjects covered ...

It is the joy of the mind of God to give richly of his blessing. But above all, may I counsel you now, students of the Light and all mankind: Obtain first from God the Father the wisdom to live peaceably, to deal gently and courteously with one another, to promote the education of mankind the world around, and especially by honest efforts to prevent the increase in number of those indigent individuals who are prone to commit crimes against society.”

Part I: Introducing Mathematics

1.    Do you learn to count?
An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
     How many ways you can change a dollar?
     How many different chemistry elements may be developed?
     The Polya Theorem.

2. A problem of interest ...
An Introduction to Financial Mathematics

3. When the quintic, x5-ax-b=0, have solutions?
An Introduction to Galois Theory

4. An exercise in Analytic Geometry.
An Introduction to High School Mathematics.

5. The Theory of Groups and the Rubik Cube.
An Introduction to the Theory of Groups and Abstract Algebra.

6. How a Fourier Serie may lead to the Human Body?
An Introduction to Medical Mathematics

7. The Basel Problem and the origin of Riemann Zeta Function.
An Introduction to Analytical Theory of Numbers.

8. What kind of Geometry do you prefer?
An Introduction to Modern Geometry

9. How we can calculate the distance between two cities?
An example of Spherical Geometry.
    What is the Earth Radius?

10. How we can locate a star?
 An Introduction to Astronomy.

11. Why French School of Mathematics is the best one?
An Introduction to a Global School of Mathematics and better
Math for High School and Colleges.

12. How much is Pi in base Twelve?
An Introduction to Duodecimal Arithmetic

13. What is the NP vs P Problem?
An Introduction to The Theory of Computatibility.

14. Can Differential Equations discover false painters?
A Review on Calculus

15. What is a Banach Operator?
An Introduction to Functional Analysis

16. What is the Probability Space of the Lotto game?
An Introduction to the Theory of Probabilities.

17. How Equations leads to Quaternions?
An Introduction to the Theory of Quaternions.

18. Are the an odd perfect number?
An Introduction to Number Theory

19. What is Logic? What is the number?  
An Introduction to Logic and Mathematical Philosophy
·    Are Rational numbers numerable?

20. The Math behind the FTHumanEvolutionCourse logo.
An Introduction to Sacred Geometry

21. Why Johnny Can't Add : The Failure of the New Math
An Introduction to "stupid" Modern Mathematics

22. What Mathematics we need for Astronomy and Astrology?

A. The formula for the n-derivate of the quotient of two functions.
B. A Table of sines and cosines hand-made.
C. Who was Nicholas Bourbaki?
D. Can we produce "All the Mathematics?" ...
E. Calculating Galois Groups.
F. What Math is behind https:// ?
G. Gauss and the Law of Reciprocity.

We can change or move some Appendix in announced Chapters before book release.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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