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Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

Marco Todeschini (1899-1988) and Paul Dirac (1902-1984) ... Nikola Tesla ... (1856-1943)


Greetings in the Venus day ... when the Orange Fragrance of the Lovers ... bless the environment ...

   And is quite simple to propose that the Train of the Wagons of Science ... including Physics ... and its Branches ... like  Optics, Mechanics, Physics-Mathematics, Astronomy, Chemistry, as Biology ... from the Past ... to the Future ... got a serious disaster at the beginning of the 20 Century ... when a passenger called Albert Einstein ... propose to take the curve in a specific point ... called Curvature of Space-Time using as well introducing 4D (Fourth Dimensional) measures ... claiming that is necessary a New different Mechanics for each ... Physics ... A Mechanics for 3D (Newtonian-Galilean Mechanics) ... a Mechanics for the Atom (Quantum Mechanics) and a Mechanics for High Speed ... close to the Speed of Light, c, 300.000 km/s ... the Einsteinian Mechanics ... but this is a Fallacy ...

    By close to September 2014 ... or the end of August of 2014 ... in plain English ... today, The Train still remain broken down in pieces.

  • Not the Miracles of Lord Jesus has been ever reproduced or explained to the masses and the Public.
  • The Highest Speed accepted by Science is the Speed of Light ... considering Inter-Planetary or Inter-Galactic Travels a Blasphemy ... because will take many years ... at the Speed of Light .

    Alebaran by example is 55 Light-Years far ... Arcturus is 550 light-years far ... Humm.

  Would be ... (Sorry, be so stupid) to suppose that you need to travel 55 or 555 years into an hypothetical ship ... to say Hello?

  No. This is a non-sense. Time Travel ... which is the Travel in the Stars ... take hours ... not years.

  Time ago ... in March 2011 ... we did a calculation regarding people in an hypothetical travel from planet Ummo in the constellation of Eridanus ... about 10 Light-years from here. Our calculation offer 72 hours.

   This is the article:

Why Einstein Theory is Wrong? ...

  Let me use my intuition ... I, Giovanni consider that it will take from 5 hours ... to 10 hours, depending of the weight of the Ship and the variable speed.

  Of course they will not take the same time and neither the travel will be made at the same speed.


   As explained the Train ... after Professor Einstein derailed ...

   One reason for derailed is:

The Aether does not exist ... but this is a Fallacy.

We can informally Propose:

Theorem: The Aether exist and is composed by Exta.

   In 1951 Paul Adrien Dirac ... one of the Highest Mind in the Physics of the 20th Century, say:

   Click the image to read the article ...

   Aether is a name for many things. Tesla by example was more precise and create the Division between Akasha and Prana ...

Click the image to read the article ...

   Tesla speaks about the Life-giving force or Prana ... and the Exta are the key components of the Prana in the relation:

1 Gram of Prana (we can use gram) ... is 3 x 106 extas ..

   You can visit ... and read ...

Akasha, Prana ... and the Exta. Introducing the Six Forces in Physics by Giovanni A. Orlando

    There are more ... much more ...

    Italian Scientist and Engineer Marco Todeschini ... in his 'Teoria delle Apparenze' speaks and introduce some epic facts ... that the Science of the 21th Century have no idea ...

  •  Of Course he recognize and investigate in depth ... The concept of Aether establishing formulaes and explaining that Michelson experiment was ... bad understood. In fact, the Michelson experiment propose two results ... Or Not Aether or the Space moves ... but The World consider The Aether does not exist ... What about an experiment to prove ... God exist? ... If the experiment ... made in planet for someone who few or nothing knows ... will establish ... may be the Blasphemy that The Lord does not exist ... But exist.
  • Another great Result by Todeschini is the ... Opps ... Quanta of Time. In fact he establish that Time is not continuous but at Quanta ... like the Quanta of Light ... proposed by Max Planck.

  Humm ... We are speaking only of three ... Scientists in the Book Cover, 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?' ...


  There are 28 Scientists and Healers ... all can be classified like New Agers ... including Plato and Pythagoras.

  The Aether will be soon ... displayed and is ... actually on the Monitor of a Computer ... and captured with Gas Discharge apparatus.

    The Aether is the Prana that flows inside us ... The Akasha is the Field captured by Kyrlian or GDV devices.

    ... From some perspective is very funny to ... try to prove ... with Mathematical Analysis which comes from an Empirical Evolution ... not Quantum ... not Galactic ... something that has been proved and used ... for several millennial in the East ... like India, China, Korea, Japan ... and any place visited by Krishna, The Buddha or his generations.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. A Biography of Dr. Marco Todeschini is available in Italian at:


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