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Greetings in the Saturn-day ... the Sabbath ... the day of Mother Mary and its Royal Blue Mantle ...

    And when ... the Priests order Jail for Galileo Galileo, the Italian Astronomer was because like today ... those Priests had a lack of Scientific Background.

    If you study and read ... Human History, Our History ... You will discover that ... basically only at the times of Egypt or first ... in Lemuria and Atlantis ... or El Dorado ... the Amazon contemporary Civilization ... Only in these Civilizations were the Scientific-Priests ... Also Rama in India ... but were not so extended like these Three, considering that Only India and Tibet were the Light of the World of the last 25,000 years ...

    Therefore ... only when Power+Love+Wisdom ... or Kingship+Spirituality+Science meet ... Only in these cases we have a Real King.

     Saint Germain who was Thoth in Atlantis and then Hermes in Egypt ... and work in Atlantis under the orders of Archangel Gabriel ... is the Perfect Master of Kings and Kings of Kings ... including Lord Jesus ... because was Joseph, its Mentor ... including King Arthur ... because was Merlin.

    Saint Germain explains the Mystical Power of ... The Maltese Cross ...


    Therefore ... A Personage ... of the Great Weight in History ... someone that can change History ... like was Tesla, or Galileo or Professor Einstein ... can change the curse of Human Evolution ... for better ... or to freeze Evolution.

     The best book to recover one of the Most Important Past Lives of Nikola Tesla is ... Patricia Cori ... Atlantis Rising.

    In fact, Patricia like a Priestess of Atlantis ... training the Young Atlantean Tesla, called, Affaieneset, the Keeper of Energy. 

      The Atlantean Tesla or the Chief Alchemist of Atlan, was assigned by the Annunaki ruling elite this supreme position.

      Please understand that ... God send the Annunaki who are the Fathers ... between others ... Our Fathers ... to Test ... Humankind ... about the Acceptance of Betray of God ... Humm ... The Test Fails ... and Humankind too.


   The Garden ... understood like the Divine Wisdom Level (divinE wisDON, EDON is Eden) ... was the ... Scientific-Religious Environment present on the Planet ... 14,000 years ago ... and before ...

    Because Humankind fails the Test ... The result were an Expulsion of the Garden ... Metaphorically explained like a Serpent and the Taste of the Apple. There were not such Eve ... but the Entire Humanity Falls ... and neither today the Story of Abel and Cain ... or Adam and Eve has been clarified or understood ... There are only mystical Folklore ... and Great Ignorance ...

  But let us speak about Tesla ...

  Friends ... the Keeper of the Energy is the Keeper of Energy ... there are no other.

  Nikola Tesla return at the beginning of the 20th Century, like Tesla to engine and offer ... great Science. He arrive to United States from today Serbia and produce an impressive number of Patents.

   He works close ... was disturbed by ... Edison ... because in New York city ... one of the first House with Electricity were the House of Banker J. P. Morgan ... and Edison was in Charge. There were so many problems that they were forced to change wires everyday ... because they use Direct Current ... Tesla then invent Alternate Current ... like is in use today.

   However ... let us speak about the Magical Tesla ... at the times of Atlantis ...

   From Patricia Cori book ...

Imagine an entire population, disciplined in the focused use of their minds and aware of the power of their thoughts, uniting to realize a common goal!

The Last Generation Atlanteans found their strength as a civ­ilized people in their superb ability to bring to manifestation one supreme desire: that the All be served with the boundless ener­gies of the Earth Mother and the collective mind. The heart cen­ters of the population were wide open during those morning hours of ritual, and their devotion to the well-being of the entire community was unconditional. No doubt you are developing a much deeper awareness of the power of thought over matter now, as you begin the shift out of material reality. Surely it is becoming easier for you to envision the awesome creative force of the One Mind and the potential of your unification.

This Collective Mind ... is what I call ... 'Planetary Consciousness' ... which while suffering ... begin to surface again. 

Please understand that ... Nibiru is a planet where people lives ... because they are far into Deep Space for thousand of years ... exactly 3600 years ... from Sun to Sun ... touching the Twin Star of Our Sun, which is Sirius B ... on the Sirius Constellation.

 Now ... people that live under the surface ... and have no Sun ... have developed by necessity ... impressive Technology ... like us in Winter that need to wash our clothes ... and is Cold ... with few days of full Sun. In fact, they ... like many Cosmic Races ... can travel impressive distances ... in minutes or hours ... distances of several Light years ... This again is another proof of Professor Einstein Mistakes ... considering the Speed of Light ... a constant.

But ... let us comment about Tesla marvels ...

As Akkaeneset's work progressed, the Dark Priesthood gained a stronghold over the society, intensifying the entrainment of the Atlanteans during rituals of prayer and devotion. We believe that there is no greater abuse of power than the bold and delib­erate sabotage of any sovereign individual's spiritual experience; there can be no darker intention. In those moments, when you open your crowns to bathe in the light of Prime Creator, you are as birds in flight—soaring beyond limitation, knowing your godliness. To interfere in that connection to Divinity can only be construed as total and deliberate intervention in the spiritual awakening of a sovereign being... and that is against all the principles of Creation.

Through the developments achieved in Akkaeneset's under­ground laboratories, the cloaked ones broke the electromagnetic code of human emotionality—a series of frequencies that could evoke desired emotional reactions, control, and even destroy the human mind. They developed the methodology that would subliminally chain people to the lower chakra emotions of fear, rage, and sexuality for the express purpose of heightening the energy fields of their technology and intensifying their power. Mean­while, Akkaeneset was increasingly mesmerized by Earth's inter­action with human mind and emotion, becoming almost obsessive in his desire to push human emotion and the forces of Gaia to the breaking point.

Bear in mind that, even then, the Annunaki of Earth were designing planetary link-up with Nebiru. They believed Akkaeneset capable of the kind of breakthroughs that would finally show them the way to establish resonance with Earth and draw Nebiru into Ra's system forever. He was given total power to realize that objective, enjoying absolute freedom, wealth, and pleasure. And, of course, he was totally free to manipulate the people of Atlantis and to use their established technology as well as their spirit to effect the ultimate goal of reeling Nebiru into a permanent orbit along with you.

Thus, experimentation with the geophysical forces of Earth took place well before your modern times ... well before the Power began its destructive assembly of antennae in the Alaskan fields. The one, Akkaeneset, turned the Earth inside out, pulling and pushing, creating technologies that far surpass those you know or imagine today. He performed important experiments with gravity, invisibility, electricity; he and his team gave the Priesthood the power to fly craft at great distances; there were solar ships, time machines, and laser rays far more sophisticated than yours. The most significant aspect of his walking amongst your ancestors, however, was yet another.

A time traveler, to the 3D framework the Alchemist brought acquired knowledge so far ahead of earth time that he actually tore a hole in the linear time construct of that reality. He pulled humankind, in a sense, out of time-in-a-line and showed your race glimpses of four dimensional reality. Ironically, while pro­viding the Priesthood the means of entertaining the minds of your ancestors, he simultaneously gave to humanity the vision of that which lies beyond the constraints of the third dimension. This was the dual nature of his being amongst you; it was his greatest contribution to humankind.

    Speaking repeatedly as we do of the no-time, consider that if you are currently moving towards technologies that already existed 13,000 yeas ago in the underground laboratories and power plants of Atlan, then you are moving forward and back­ward at the same time. This concept may seem foreign to you now, but it will become much clearer to you in the near future.


    Humm ... What Technologies? ... Humm ... Impressive ... Don't you? ...

    Now, my friends ... while you have no idea ... who the Annunaki are and what they did ... and what they do ... and why the Environment looks complicated ... but is not ... Would ... not be ... 'Normal' and 'Feasible' ... that Planet Nibiru ... return here ... into the Solar System ... like Mars and Jupiter? ... Yes, it is!

    However, this is not happening ... because Nibiru is still far from us ...

    There are two books ... I want to comment and propose ...

    One is ... Zecharia Sitchin ... 'The End of Days' ... which was the Highest Figure about the Annunaki.

    as well Best Seller ... Barbara Hand Clow ... 'The Pleiadian Agenda' ...

    I can tell you that ... the last times the Annunaki plan to land were 2000 years ago ... when Lord Jesus born.

    Religions are ... basically a system of Belief which manipulate Human Mind ... and is Alien, because they have no idea were is Mother Mary, or where is Lord Jesus.

    ... Now I want complete these Scientific and Revelatory Words ... with a special Jewel ... Humm ... Just for you ... my friends.

    And the Jewel is simple ... Tesla is back ...

    ... In a recent ... I will NOT tell you when or where ... Angel Kryon reveals that he are back ... Do not worry ... If you do not yet understood where or who he is ... He will delay in reveal to you ... and again ... will move the World ... to New Levels of Understanding ... May be to the 21th Century Science ...

    To conclude ... I want to submit an exercise ... with no answer. You can ask me in some conference or in private ... or keep for yourself the answer.

   Who was the Keeper of Energy ... in the Post diluvian World? ...

Have a nice day,

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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