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Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Lord ... The Yellow day of El Moria ...

      And ... like I promise time ago ... like an Author (few of them) because is very cryptic ... but was modified ... The Book of Apocalypse was modified in few many places ... but remain cryptic for 99% of Humanity.

       Like an Author of the Book of Apocalypse explained ... like a John (not of Patmos, but friend of him, in his days) ... I want to figure a NEW Perspective of the Book of Revelation ... from the direction of the Comic Clock.

       Here the explanation that I will extend in years ahead ... figure ... The Perversions of the Dark Side ...

       There are 4 Perversions in Act:

    These perversions are:

  • The Perversion of the Holy and Benevolent Father ... with a Destructor and Torturator Dragon. (Still valid).
  • The Holy and Benevolent Master is replaced by the Anti-Christ ...
  • The Mother (at Home or in Power to establish Peace) ... has been replaced by a Whore or Prostitute. (Where is the Family? ... New Show?)
  • The Holy Spirit has been replaced by The False Prophet ... and there are Many.


   Now ... To have Peace in the Galaxy ... we must have Peace here ... and one component is NOT Judgment.

   In fact, the words you are going to read talk about ... The fallen commenting the experiment with DNA ... This is correct but they were Scientists.

   And they transform some inefficient Stupid Monkeys ... We all ... 500,000 years ago ... Hu Hu ... in Home Erectus. (You can watch Movie: Lucy )

   The Dark Ones continue to suppose they are smart ... and they can keep control ... They are Just testing and trying ... They know must leave, but accord ... Leave Time and Space to the Light.

     Now if you read about Lucifer on the Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow or Pleiadian Perspective of Human Evolution ...

  You will discover that he dwell in the Galactic Council and fail his mission on Maldek (also commented here) ...

  Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not,
    and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:
      -- Luke 6:37.

Happy Lesson,
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Please remember ... In Aries we accept The Lord like the Only God ... In Pisces ruled by the Master we accept The Son ... him ... Now, in Aquarius we need to Accept ... The Mother and the Holy Spirit ... Take Care!



A Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Is there a counterfeit creation and a false hierarchy? Is there an invisible government of darkness? Who or what are the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, and the great whore as depicted in the Book of Revelation? (Rev 11:20)

Will you draw a circle on a sheet of paper, full size? The topic of our discussion is Antichrist and the categories of Antichrist as outlined in the Book of Revelation: the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, and the great whore.

Free Will

Beloved Alpha spoke to us last evening (July 6, 1975 ... but for you and me, is right now) of the judgment of Lucifer, the Fallen One.

In explaining the counterfeit creation, we must zero in on the concept of free will. If there is free will, then there is the freedom to choose light or darkness, God or not-God, reality or unreality, the Self or the not-self.

Now if you deny the premise of free will, what are you doing here? Who made you come? Are you a puppet on a string or did you walk here of your own free will?

Free will is an essential element of the cosmos and of understanding the law of cosmos. Even the electron has free will. The electron is the smallest particle of energy that has elected to do the will of God. Souls came forth with the gift of free will leaving the fiery core of Alpha and Omega. Among the souls that went forth, some exercised that grace of free will to choose to merge with the will of God, and some chose to merge with the will that was the direct opposite of that will.

The First Three Root Races

The first root races on Terra, evolutions of souls coming forth for the first time into incarnation in Matter, used their free will to elect to merge with the light. They did not experience what has been called the Fall—the descent from the fiery core to the periphery, to densification, to the plane of relative good and evil. They did not depart from the third-eye consciousness of the all-seeing eye of God, of ever beholding the absolute perfection.

Three entire lifewaves came forth and chose to do only the will of God with full awareness at the mental level of the consequences of a not-choice, of choosing the Antichrist. But they never entered into the choice. They never fell for the rationale that you have to experience evil, or the energy veil, in order to understand it, in order to distinguish it, in order to choose. For them, the analysis in the laboratory of the soul was enough. They chose the light; they remained in the light; they returned in the ritual of the ascension.

The Fourth Root Race and Lucifer's Rebellion

It was with the coming of the fourth root race that there was the interference. This is described in Climb the Highest Mountain in the chapter called "A Heap of Confusion." We look around at the confusion on the planet and we say: Where did it all start? Where did it all come from? How did we get into this realm of twilight where we do not have the vision of the Whole?

The Fallen One, Lucifer, elected to use the tremendous light of God that had been given to him to glory in his own image, in his own selfhood, and to enter into competition with the Creator. It is sometimes difficult to understand how such an exalted being, one called "son of the morning" and "Lucifer" (meaning light-bearer), one so close to the very heart of God, could rebel. (Isa 14:12)

There is a story in the Apocrypha of the New Testament— religious writings that have been handed down from the early Christians but which have not become a part of our Bible—that God created man in his image and likeness, that he created sons and daughters. He sent forth Christed ones and he said to his angels: "Now I have formed man out of my own image, out of my own likeness. Therefore, this image is myself incarnate. Now, therefore, worship the image of God."

And the story goes that the archangel Lucifer, or perhaps Satan, refused to worship the image of the Christ, the reflection of God across the vast cosmos. That reflection, that image borne in the Divine Mother, borne in the Son, the Christ, became an anathema. You might say that the Fallen One became jealous that the Lord God did not require that the creation worship him.

We see the mark of the Fall, then, as ambition, pride, egocentrism. And this mark of the Fall, as it is spun into a veil, into a mist that surrounds the ego, becomes an intellectual rationale, a philosophy that is devoid of God in the center. It becomes a materialistic science that needs no God. It becomes intellectual reasoning. It becomes a self-sufficiency that says: "I don't need God. I can do it better than God."

When all of this took place in the consciousness of Lucifer, he still had great light; and that great light was the result of his momentum before the Fall. So great was his light that millions of angels were in his service; and when he made the decision to separate from the fiery core of being, the angelic hosts, so accustomed to obedience to their leader, followed after him.

We read in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation that Michael fought the dragon and his angels, and the dragon prevailed not; "neither was their place found any more in heaven." We read that a third of the angels were cast out of heaven with the dragon, with the Fallen One. (Rev 12:4) A third of the hierarchies serving the light in a certain sector of the cosmos followed the way of the rationale of the intellect.

Michael the Archangel comes with his angels to challenge the adversary, this one who is now anti-God, Antichrist. And there is war in heaven. John the Revelator, who received the Book of Revelation as a dictation from Jesus the Christ sent and signified by the angel of Jesus, witnessed the record of that war in heaven. And so it is written that they were cast out of heaven. And then the warning goes forth, "Woe to the inhabiters of the earth... for the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath." (Rev 12:12)

The Fall of Lucifer
and the Contamination in the Planes of Mater

"Come down" signifies the fall of Lucifer, the descent into Matter and into maya. It signifies that his place is no longer in the plane of Spirit, where only perfection can dwell. He is cast out of the fiery core of being and he dwells in the planes of Mater consciousness. These include the four quadrants—the etheric, the mental, the astral (or emotional), and physical planes of consciousness—in other words, the entire habitation, the dwelling place of our own souls. We find, then, that during the epoch of the fourth root race, there is contamination in the planes of Mater in this solar system and throughout various sectors of this galaxy and other galaxies. The fall is system-wide.

Now we see souls of the fourth root race, innocent souls who have just come forth from the heart of God. They have not the aeons of experience of the mastermind of the Fallen One. They hear his argument. They hear the argument of the Serpent depicted in the Book of Genesis: If you eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, "ye shall not surely die."(Gen 3:3-4)

This is what the carnal mind said unto the woman. The Lord God had said, "If you eat of it, you will die." The carnal mind says, "You will not surely die." It is an intellectual argument. It is meaningless. It is sophistry.

The death that is spoken of is the potential for the death of the soul, or the second death.(Rev 2:11) When we partake of the knowledge of evil, the knowledge of the energy veil, by taking it in, assimilating it within our consciousness, the seeds of the second death are sown. From that moment on, the warfare is in the four planes of Mater of our own microcosm. We have allowed the Devil that is cast down into the plane of earth, the plane of Matter, to gain entrance into our four lower bodies.

The Descent of Energy: The Fall of Man and Woman

Adam and Eve are symbolical of man and woman—the average man and woman living on Lemuria during that epoch. Many fell for that lie; they allowed the descent of energy. And it is written they knew that they were naked. They knew that they no longer were wearing the wedding garment, the seamless garment of the virgin consciousness of the all-seeing eye of God.(Matt 22:12)

And therefore they, too, were cast out of paradise. As Lucifer had been cast out of heaven, so they were cast out of that circle of fire where only the laws of perfection heretofore had been outpictured by the first three root races.

The Invasion of the Fallen Ones

Once the mankind of Earth had responded to the lie of the Fallen One, they broke the seal of the virgin consciousness of the entire planetary body. No longer was Earth protected from the fallen ones. And therefore they came—the angels who had fallen and those whom they had influenced on other planetary bodies, influenced to the extent that on the planet that once was between Mars and Jupiter, the fall was so great, the rebellion so complete, that there was, as a consequence of rebellion, schism.

The divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones were successful. There was war on that planet. There was the use of atomic energy. And the outcome of that war was the total destruction of the planet—the blowing-up of the planet that has been called Maldek. The remains of this planet are the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. There are the remains of another fallen planet, another destroyed planet, an asteroid belt closer to the sun that has also been discovered. We have, then, clearly the record, right within the physical, right within our own solar system, of the consequence of the misuse of free will.

Now Alpha warned us in his dictation that even though the judgment of Lucifer has come, this does not guarantee our safety, this does not mean that the battle is o'er, because the battle is now being waged in the microcosm of each individual soul on the planet Earth.

With the coming in of laggard evolutions that had destroyed other planets and the coming in of the fallen ones, the planet Earth then became a conglomeration of lifewaves. The consequence of that fall was the total degradation of life almost to the plane of the animal—the point that finally resulted in the decision of cosmic councils to cancel out the planet Earth, because not a single solitary soul remained to acknowledge or adore the threefold flame within the heart.

The Coming of Sanat Kumara
and Many Light-Bearers

At that moment Sanat Kumara came. Many light-bearers came with him, legions and hosts of light. Many of you numbered among those who came with Sanat Kumara, who saw the plight of the fourth root race, who saw the action of the fallen angels influencing them, who saw the laggard generation lowering the life standard of Terra. And so there was quite an array of souls who volunteered to come and assist the raising-up of the life-force, the raising-up of the sacred fire, the restoration of the feminine ray that had been destroyed, desecrated on Mu—who volunteered to restore the Christ to the position of prominence within every individual.

We see how long the fallen ones and their arguments have held sway, how long it has been since the Fall that mankind have failed to acknowledge the I AM Presence, the I AM THAT I AM that was revealed to Moses. (Exo 3:14)

That teaching was known on Lemuria before the Fall. It has been lost. And even though great avatars have come, mankind en masse has never been restored totally to the awareness of the I AM Presence, the flaming monad. This shows how entrenched the consciousness of the fallen ones, of Antichrist, and the laggard generation is upon the planet Earth. How long has it taken, even with the coming of Jesus the Christ, for the restoration of self-awareness as Christ in every man, woman, and child?

The Fallen One, Lucifer himself, has convinced mankind that there is only one Son of God, only one Christed One, and that all the rest of us are sinners—that we have no right to be sons and daughters of God. This lie has been continuing century by century. This is the lie that has been the watering-down of true Christianity, of true Buddhism—the taking from the children of the East, the children of the Mother, their right to be the Buddha, their understanding that they hold that potential of Buddhahood here and now, not in the long distant future.

The Sinking of Atlantis

We see, then, that relatively speaking in the relative plane of maya. Antichrist and the fallen ones have had their day. They have had their day of preeminence where the serpentine mind has held sway in mankind—all through the Dark Ages, all through that period when mankind did not know the one true God. Their consciousness contributed to the wickedness that was accomplished in the days of Atlantis, which led finally to the edict that went forth from the Lords of Karma that resulted in the flood, the sinking of Atlantis.

That edict went forth because science had reached such a state of advancement (with these laggard evolutions coming from other planets plus the fallen ones who had an extensive knowledge of the control of the life-force, the DNA chain, the creation of life in the test tube) that the creations of the Atlantean scientists were grotesque—all types of hideous forms and even the mixing of the seed of animal and human life. And we read in mythology of those creations that are half goat and half man. These were the product of the experimentation of the fallen ones. And therefore the flood came. (13,000 years ago).

But according to the laws of creator and creation, all of the animals were not destroyed. Those that were the mixture of the seed of man and animal were destroyed. The remainder were paired off and had to be taken by Noah so that they could propagate once again, because elemental life had become a part of that creation, a part of that manifestation. (Gen 7:14-16)

We see, then, that the influence has been for thousands and thousands of years. Now the question is: Why did the Almighty allow such an infiltration of the consciousness of the souls of mankind? Why did he allow it? Simply because he respects his own laws—the law of free will and the gift of free will. Now this law is an exact mathematical formula. It means that to each and every living soul, to you and to me and to the archangels and to the angels who follow them, to the laggards and to those who rebelled against God, to all there is given a sphere of energy, a nucleus of energy, that is released cycle by cycle, lifetime by lifetime.

The Final Judgment to Come

When we went forth as living souls from the flame of Alpha and Omega, we were given an allotment of energy equivalent to a certain number of cycles of evolution in time and space. This could amount to several hundred thousand year, several million yearsthe figure doesn't matter.

The principle is that we have free will and the right to experiment with free  will only for a certain span of time and space. At the conclusion of the soul's passing through these cycles (and the going through the cycles according to the cosmic clock is exact; over and over again we pass through those twelve hierarchies of the sun, facing their initiations in the planes of Matter)—at the conclusion of that allotted time, then, is the judgment. And that judgment is known as the final judgment— the final tallying of what has been done cycle by cycle. (Rev 20:12-13).

If 51 percent of the energy allotted to the soul has been qualified with light, the soul has earned the right to retain an identity. It is accorded the ascension in the light. It becomes a part of the I AM Presence and then a permanent atom in the body of God forevermore. One with God, sealed and fired in God, it can nevermore go out. It remains in the consciousness of God, expanding throughout eternity.

If there is not the sign of a sufficient amount of effort placed on the side of light, if the soul cannot show just cause as to why its existence ought to be perpetuated, if it has been continually using light to reinforce the ego and the worship of the ego, at the end of that cycle the soul stands before the high tribunal of the Four and Twenty Elders, which is located, in this sector of the galaxy, on the God Star Sirius. It is the Court of the Sacred Fire. The Four and Twenty Elders are cosmic beings, twelve sets of twin flames who represent the twelve hierarchies.

The soul stands on the dais of the Court. If the Court decides, in consonance with the Christ Self of the soul, that the soul has not shown just cause why its identity should be continued, then the flame of Alpha and Omega is passed up through the dais and the identity of the soul is canceled out. The Christ Self of that lifestream merges with the universal Christ; the I AM Presence of that lifestream merges with the universal I AM Presence. And the energy that was used to create the soul, the energy that was used by the soul in its miscreations—all of that is withdrawn back to the God Star for requalification. The requalification occurs in a giant forceficld of the sacred fire that is named in the Book of Revelation as the "lake of fire." (Rev 20:14-15).

The Lake of Fire

The vision of this lake of fire and the knowledge of the lake of fire by the fallen ones has resulted in their development of the doctrine of hellfire, damnation—eternal punishment in the fires of hell. It is the fallen ones who have created this false theology.

They have purveyed it to the holy innocents.
In fact, the moment that any misqualified energy comes in contact with the lake of fire, the sacred fire consumes the cause and core of the misqualified substance. The energy is restored to the perfection of God, returned to the fiery core of the Great Central Sun magnet as part of the Source of life, and used again, even as the potter remolds the clay that he has fashioned into a form which he desires to now cancel out. So as far as eternal damnation goes, this is the desire of the wicked to threaten the children of the light with eternal suffering. Nevertheless, the children of the light need to be concerned with the fate of the soul, not with the doctrine of the Luciferians.

Time in Space to Repent

Alpha explained that Lucifer, the Fallen One, at the time of his rebellion, had a certain quantity of light that had been qualified as good, as light, while he had been in the service of God. That momentum of energy plus his attainment before the Fall qualified him to have a certain period of time in space to repent, to return to the worship of Almighty God. That period of time has been very long for the innocents, for the children of God. It has been going on for thousands of years upon the planetary body.

During that period of time, because of the tremendous attainment of Lucifer, his ability to manipulate energy, and because of the nature of the fact that young souls do not have that attainment, it was Lucifer and the fallen ones who actually controlled life in the planes of Matter—not to the extent, however, that souls could not rise. During that period of tribulation, many souls overcame the carnal mind within and the Fallen One without; and through suffering and trial and temptation—overcoming all—they passed through the ritual of the ascension and returned to God as ascended beings.

Lucifer's Time Is Up

Now it is the end of the Piscean dispensation, the end of the period when Jesus came to prove the Christ, to manifest the light which Lucifer could not challenge, could not defeat. So at the end of this dispensation, it has come to pass that Lucifer's time was up—no more cycles allotted to him, no more opportunity.

Furthermore, he misused his position in hierarchy, which he was not permitted to do, by coming forth and challenging the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. The manifestation of the law is such that those who represent the Great White Brotherhood have protection from the Fallen One. Likewise, the Fallen One cannot be touched by the messengers, because it is up to mankind to choose whom they prefer—the messengers of the Christed ones or the carnal mind. At any moment, then, when the Fallen One, Lucifer, would go forth in a direct attack on the messengers, a certain allotment of his opportunity and energy would be taken. Over the last fifteen years, this has occurred increment by increment, until finally that full portion of 51 percent of the darkness of Lucifer was seized from him by the Lords of Karma.

The Judgment of Lucifer

It happened, then, that he was called to judgment, bound by Archangel Michael in answer to the calls of the Christed ones, and taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire to stand trial before the Four and Twenty Elders. His trial lasted for days, and during that period an examination of the total record of the actions of Lucifer and the fallen ones was taken by the Twenty-Four Elders.

A review was made. At the conclusion of the review, the opportunity for repentance was given to Lucifer to bend the knee before the Christ, before Almighty God, and to worship the I AM Presence. He blasphemed before the Twenty-Four Elders and declared he would never worship the image of the Christ. His time was up. As he stood on the dais, the energy of Alpha and Omega passed through his form and canceled out the one that was once known as son of the morning. This, then, was the announcement that was brought by Alpha last evening.

The Seed of Antichrist

Alpha was very concerned in making this announcement that the children of the light, the students of the ascended masters, do not become complacent, do not consider that the victory is won. This is only the beginning; the warfare is now in the soul of everyone. In the four quadrants of being, we are required to exorcise the Antichrist, the seeds of Antichrist, of rebellion, that have been planted there by our association with the fallen ones, with the laggard generation.

May I mention that when the fallen ones were cast down into the earth, many were forced to take embodiment by edict of the Lords of Karma; and therefore they walk among us. There are fallen angels in embodiment who are the ones who instigate the philosophies and the movements that are Antichrist, leading the children of God into all manner of perversions, instigating corruption in government, in the economy, in every nation on earth.

They are a very dangerous group of individuals, because they have that power of the angelic hosts and they convey tremendous feeling through the feeling body because that was their momentum before incarnation.

After they incarnated, many of the angelic hosts of light who did not fall volunteered to take incarnation to offset the work of the fallen angels. And therefore we have also abiding on earth many angels of light who serve the light, who help mankind, who carry the flame of love, who are teachers. And many of these angels of light are among the student body of the ascended masters' chelas, because they are the ones who desire to have the teaching to teach mankind the way.

Now therefore, since our incarnation upon the planet, no matter what category we fit into—whether of the sons and daughters of God, the children of the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth root races, which subsequently incarnated, whether we are of the angelic hosts who came to rescue mankind or whether we came with Sanat Kumara or whether we came from other planets on the rescue mission—whichever category we fall into, most of us, until this time of the revelation of the ascended masters' teachings, have forgotten all of this history of the Fall, all of this history of why we are here, what is happening, why we love the light and yet find ourselves entangled with skeins of darkness and in a situation of having karma with souls of light and souls of darkness.

The Lie of the Fallen Ones

We come to the place, then, of seeing that after we came on this rescue mission one way or the other, after taking incarnation, we forgot why we were here and who we were. No one told us we had an I AM Presence, and the veil of maya became very thick.

Without a teacher, we could not know the way. We believed the lie of the fallen ones that there was only one Son of God. We accepted the mass condemnation of the Luciferians, of whom it is spoken in the Book of Revelation, "This is the accuser of the brethren which accused them before our God day and night." (Rev 12:10).

The "accuser of the brethren" is another name for Lucifer, who accuses, or condemns, souls of light, continually amplifying and magnetizing condemnation until the children of light feel totally worthless, allow themselves to be absorbed in the mass consciousness, and no longer take a stand for truth because they do not understand that the truth is within them.

We find that through intermingling, we have made karma. We have reacted to the fallen ones. We have been seized by their anger; we have responded in revenge. And therefore the skeins of karma have woven us, tied us, to the fallen ones, sometimes in a very personal way in a family situation. This is why you see in many families people of light and people who don't love the light; you see schism and division.

We find, therefore, that almost without exception—and it is important not to have that spiritual pride that makes us think we are the exception—the children of the light on Terra have absorbed the influences of the fallen ones. Without even realizing it, we have taken in at subconscious levels their philosophies, their way of life, their morality, their accentuation on "the good life." "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you die" is the byword of the Luciferians, because they know ultimately they will pass through the second death. So they teach that doctrine to the children of light and they draw the children of light into a pleasure cult, a cult of sensual thralldom, and thereby cause the children of light to lose their souls.

The fallen ones, knowing that they will be canceled out, have only one goal. They say, "If we're going, we're going to take the children of light with us." And so this is why they continue in their ways. They would destroy a planet in order to take with them souls who would give them allegiance in the destruction of that planet.

They have set up false forms of government. They have drawn individuals into their camp. Nazism is a clear example of a government of the fallen ones, of a black magician incarnate being used to take millions of children of light into the camp by the sounding of the fierceness of the voice, the beating of the drum, the military rhythm, and the exultation of the concept of a superrace.

Appealing to that pride which the Luciferians had already implanted in the children of light, they make them come into this mass hypnosis; they draw them in by the magnetism of pride. This has happened over and over and over again. Civilizations have risen and fallen as the result of the Luciferians entering into the top echelons of government and only slightly perverting the true philosophy of the Christ and of Almighty God.

Individualism That Excludes the Christ

The philosophy of the Luciferians is an ultimate individualism; but it is an individualism that excludes the Christ, that excludes the merging of the Christ flames of all for the good of the many. Luciferians are individualists to the point where they will not cooperate with society. But they milk society. Through the perversion and corruption of capitalism and communism, they have milked the masses of the light of their divine inheritance. They have taken the wealth of nations and they have put it into their pockets. They have organized an inner false government that is known as the llluminati.

This llluminati was begun in Bavaria in about 1776 by one known as Adam Weishaupt. It is an organization of the fallen ones who have infiltrated the banking systems of the world, the governments, the economies. They always operate behind the scenes; and they attempt to draw into their camp the young, the brilliant, the children of God. They flatter them; they appeal to that spiritual pride, that intellectual pride. They tell them that they are going to make them rulers of mankind. They tell them that they are of the elite and that the masses are not worthy to rule themselves and therefore they must be ruled by the intellectual elite and the men of science. Thus they deprive the people—the children of the light who have the threefold flame—of their God-given opportunity to rule themselves according to the dictates of conscience.

And whether it is in the West or in the East, no matter what the form of government, no matter what the rationale, the movement is toward more and more power in the central government, less and less authority given to the individual people. We find that the power of concentration of wealth is hoarded in the hands of the fallen ones, the llluminati. We find that it is hoarded in every nation.

Divergent Political and Economic Systems

We find that the varying systems of government and economic systems, political and economic theory, are all contrived, that they are used by the fallen ones to get the children of light in opposing camps so that they will fight one another, so that the Luciferians don't have to do anything about destroying the children of God. They just prop them up on the battlefield and let them destroy one another in a war that is supposed to be a righteous war for some great cause. But the cause never comes through; no side wins. Who is Vietnam saved for? Is it saved for the Vietnamese? Who is it saved for? Either side. Nobody wins. But who is destroyed? The children of God on the battlefield. Their blood is taken at the hand of the fallen ones and those who profit by war—the Luciferians, the munition makers, the people who build the planes, build the armaments, and so on.

There is a real plot that is a skein of maya across the planetary body like a spider's web. The worst thing about the plot is that the Luciferians have successfully divided the children of light. They have divided them on the religious scene into camps of opposing and warring factions, until the viciousness and the fanaticism of those who call themselves this or that religion—against one another and against the teachings of the ascended masters—is an absolute tragedy. But it exists and we must face it.

We see the same thing in the political arena. The llluminati seek to control the elections. They would let the children of God think that it is a fair thing and that the opposing views are being represented in the two-party system; but who wins? The one who wins is often the plant of the fallen ones in whichever party that they decide to back. All of this is camouflaged by nice words, nice speeches, quoting all of the right phrases. And the people think, "He's a good guy because he believes in freedom of speech and he believes in democracy and he's asked us to pray for him—so he must be a good guy."

Let Us Bury Our Differences

Well, here we are. We're talking about the dragon, the beast, the great whore, and the false prophet. We're talking about that which has infested the souls of mankind which must be exorcised. We see, then, that when the judgment of Lucifer comes, the one great boon that is given to us is a period of time when we can launch forth with the teachings of the ascended masters without having the key adversary opposing every step we take.

We find that there is an opportunity in the next twenty-five years (1975+25=2000, we are in 216) for a tremendous expansion of the light, a tremendous transmutation by the action of the Holy Spirit.

If we will unite, if we will bury our differences, if we will see that differences are always contrived and that if we will stay in the teaching long enough we will resolve all aspects of difference, we will find in the fiery core of being the basis for our unity. We will understand in the light of cosmic law that all that is right and good is agreed upon by all of us. And we will see through the philosophy, the temptation, the lies of the fallen ones that have been imposed upon us to separate us.

If we are truly desirous of forging a golden age, we will stay with the sacred fire, we will stay with the violet flame, we will stay with the masters. And we will clean up our own consciousness, our own chakras, our own worlds, until we can see clearly the light that unites us and the energy veil that separates us, which can be thrown into the flame. We must exorcise all that causes division. This is the greatest weapon of the fallen ones—their divide-and-conquer tactics. And they divide us over the silliest of issues!

I could not believe it! In 1968 when we were traveling, we visited two of the most magnificent cathedrals in Nuremberg. I Was taken to see these cathedrals. They were two Protestant cathedrals. We went in one and we went in the other, and I asked my cousin: "Now what is the difference between the beliefs of these two churches? Why do they have two cathedrals? Why don't they build one great cathedral and worship together?"

He said: "Well, one group believes that the bread and wine in the Communion ritual is only a symbol of the body and blood of Christ; the other group believes that the wine and the bread through the ritual of transubstantiation become in fact the body and blood of Christ in the ritual of Communion. Over this difference they split— I don't know how many hundreds of years —and they each built their own cathedral." Now can you imagine, in the face of saving a planet and saving souls, what difference it makes? What difference does it make? Can we not give the freedom to each individual soul who worships in the church to believe as his conscience dictates without separating ourselves and thereby opening the door for the wedge, a further schism, to be driven in by the doctrines and dogmas of the fallen ones? And so it goes. I'm certain that you have seen the pettiness of the division and the nature of the division.

What concerns me is the vision that Alpha gave to me as he was speaking. He spoke of the great cosmic ocean of the being of God and he spoke of us as souls suspended in that ocean. He spoke of the Macrocosm and of Lucifer's second death and his influence being transmuted in the Macrocosm. But I saw that the soul, a globule of energy and light, a forcefield of identity, was sealed in a membrane, the membrane of identity, the membrane of free will, and that all of the light of God and of the whole Macrocosm could not penetrate that membrane unless the soul inside willed it so.

And of course this explains how people in the world can be so surrounded by the love of God and never acknowledge it. It is the membrane of identity. Granted, it is a temporary identity, because it is not yet forged as a permanent atom of being in the ritual of the ascension. It is the soul gone forth with an allotment of energy, biding its time in Mater, determining what the choices will be.

The Dragon, the Beast, the Great Whore, and the False Prophet: Perversions of God in the Four Lower Bodies

I saw, then, that unless people understand clearly and accurately that the battle is in the four lower bodies and the soul, the second death of Lucifer, the entire victory of Armageddon, even the victory of a golden age, will not mean the winning of immortality by the individual soul. (Rev 16:14-16)

Each individual soul, because it elected to go forth from the fiery core of oneness, must make the decision itself. It must sit in the center of the Christ flame even as the Four and Twenty Elders sit in the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius. The soul must invoke the Christ Self to manifest the judgment of the dragon, the beast, the great whore, and the false prophet. Now each one of these perversions of the Godhead control one of the four lower bodies. I want you to diagram this on the circle you have drawn.

Now I suggest you study the Book of Revelation. Beginning with chapter eleven, you can read of the mission of the two witnesses who are the messengers for the Great White Brotherhood— the two prophets which bring the teaching of the ascended masters to the age.
(Rev 11:3-13) They come and they deliver the teaching and they also face the challenge of the dragon.

Then there is the coming of the Woman in chapter twelve—a "Woman clothed with the Sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars," the twelve stars denoting her mastery under the twelve hierarchies of the sun.
(Rev 12:1)

Chapter twelve is the sign of the Aquarian age, the coming of the feminine ray, the elevation of the feminine ray. And when the feminine ray is elevated, it brings forth the Christ, the Manchild, that is the fulfillment of the mission of the Divine Mother in all of us.
(Rev 12:5)

Chapters thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen go on about the dragon, the beast, the great whore, and the false prophet, and they go on at great length. And of course, the Book of Revelation is written in code. It is cryptic. It was delivered by Jesus. The final verse says that if any man should tamper with the Book of Revelation in any way, his name should be removed from the Book of Life.
(Rev 22:18-19)

That's a pretty strong warning to all of those who were in their cells in the last several thousand years rewriting the sacred scriptures and to the fallen ones who infiltrated the churches and removed from the teachings of Christ and the teachings of the Old Testament those scriptures which clearly revealed the nature of the fall of the Luciferians, the nature of their creation, which clearly revealed the teaching on reincarnation, the laws of karma. All this was in our sacred scripture. All this has been tampered with.

Now there are some who say that sacred scripture is the absolute Word of God. Well, where it is the Word of God, it is the Word of God. Where it isn't there, it isn't there. And that is the problem we face—that people try to piece together a theology and a doctrine that they say we cannot stray from, when they do not have the whole writing of the law and the Word.

Jesus, of course, knew that they would do this. Jesus didn't even bother to write the books—did you notice? He gave the teaching; he let his disciples write it down. He knew that the teaching would carry only in the flame within the heart, from fire to fire to fire. That is what apostolic succession is intended to be: the carrying-down of the tradition of the true teaching of Christ— not of the dead ritual, not of the untempered zeal, not of the fanaticism, but of the flame. That is what the true priests and priestesses at the altar of God are intended to convey to the people.

Instead, the flame was lost. The teaching was tampered with. So when Jesus dictated that Book of Revelation to John on the Isle of Patmos just shortly before John's ascension, he included in it, "Anybody that changes one word of this book, his name will be stricken from the Book of Life." And so they didn't tamper with it. It's there intact. But it is cryptic. And the reason it is cryptic, in code, is that you can't tamper with code, because those that would tamper with it are actually too ignorant to know what to change.

And that's what happened in the visions of Ezekiel and of Daniel in the Old Testament. (Dan 7:12)

Those writings couldn't be tampered with, because they seem inane on the face of it to the fallen ones and the rebellious ones, since you have to be in the Holy Spirit to understand them. Well, I'm not here to give you a complete exposé on the Book of Revelation. (I, Giovanni I AM).

This we do in upper levels of Summit University. But I am here to show you about the battle of Armageddon in your forcefield.

The Dragon on the Twelve O'Clock Line: Perversion of the Father

Please divide your circle into four quadrants. We place the dragon on the 12 o'clock line. The dragon is the ultimate perversion of God as Father, God as lawgiver, God as power. The dragon, in its immensity, symbolizes that forcefield, that vortex of energy that has taken the power of God and created the image of the beast; it has created this monstrous form. And that dragon consciousness, the direct opposite of God the Father, initiates dark cycles and gives the perverted power to the beast. The dragon is the counterfeit of the Impersonal Impersonality of the Great Divine Director. On the 12 o'clock line is the accuser of the brethren referred to in the Book of Revelation.

The perversion of God-power is condemnation. That condemnation is the pounding, the aggression on the mind that is continually downing you, telling you you can't succeed, per¬meating the mass consciousness with the will to fail and the will to failure. It is the pressing-down of the crown chakra, the pressing-down of the energies of the crown into the lower chakras and then, by the action of the dragon, causing those energies to be misused in lust and sensuality.
Now this is the quadrant of the etheric body, the fire body. We learn that the dragon is the perversion of fire, of the fohat of creation. The creation of the beast itself and the dragon is the misuse of the sacred fire of man and woman, of the Elohim, of the seed and the egg of the Father-Mother God, creating this monstrous form that is seething with all of the accumulation of the rebellion of the fallen ones. This vibration will act in the subconscious, in your own etheric body, as self-condemnation, as condemnation of others, as the denial of God.

Now see how many among mankind under the influence of this dragon within their own subconscious deny God. Maybe it's not an outright denial—"God doesn't exist"—not as blatant as atheism. But maybe it comes under a perversion of Pisces—doubt in the existence of God, fear that God will punish us, fear that he will not be just, a trembling, or a consideration that God is remote, that God is a hateful god (the perversion of Aquarius), that he is not a God of love.

Relegating God to a distant cosmos where he has no part of our personal lives—this is the denial of God. This is anti-God substance, very subtle. After all, if the dragon popped out of your subconscious, appeared on the screen before you, talked to you and said, "Now I'm the dragon, I'm the perversion of God, and I'm going to see to it that you fail," why, you'd take up your sword and you'd slay the dragon! But the dragon is very subtle: it is our own carnal consciousness.

It is simply the doubt that the I AM Presence is real. It's the doubt that the I AM Presence can fulfill the law of being within us. It is the doubt that the I AM Presence will come through every time we make a call. It's the doubt that the I AM Presence will be able to completely defeat the world dragon, the world momentum, and the mass collective subconscious.

Let us understand, then, when we reel that momentum or condemnation of ourself or other parts of life, of hatred of ourself or mild dislike of ourself or other pans of life, of doubt and death and belief in death—all of this is the dragon consciousness stealing the fire of our etheric body, depriving us of the glorious victory of the light of the solar hierarchies in that body.

This is a consciousness, a very subtle consciousness, of malice. It is malice beneath the surface. It is not often active except in the insane or those who are suddenly seized to commit mass murders and crimes. But it is there. It's like a silvery black forcefield at subconscious levels that comes up and pricks and incites these sometimes aggressive emotions and energies that we suddenly feel coming through us. We actually don't come face-to-face with this type of force until we challenge it, until we totally and wholeheartedly accept God and the teachings and the Path and the goal of the ascension. Because as long as we are not on the Path, we are part of the mass consciousness.

There are only two places you can be—either on the Path or in the mass consciousness. There is no middle ground. The middle ground is a very deceptive place. People think they are in the middle, but they aren't. They're really in the mass consciousness. So only when you decide to go against the mainstream of the mass consciousness do you confront all these forces, who then become very, very uncomfortable and begin to bellow their death cries and their death throes within your consciousness. And that's when you experience the battle of Armageddon.

People come into the masters' teachings and they think: "When I was in this or that church, I didn't have any problems at all. Now I'm in the masters' teachings, and all kinds of things are happening to me and it's really a struggle to maintain my own and maintain my light. What's happening to me?" And so because people don't like the struggle, they often go back to the calm and the ease and the downstream of orthodoxy, that aspect of orthodoxy which is the perverted teachings of the Brotherhood.

The Exorcism of the Dragon

To set the record straight in the etheric body, the dragon must be exorcised. How do we exorcise it? You have the 6.04 decree, "Round the Clock Protection." You have the violet flame. You have mighty Astrea. You have your own Christ Self and your own I AM Presence.

And you can release the fiat: "In the name of the Christ, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I demand the binding of the dragon within my etheric body. I demand the transmutation of the cause and core of the consciousness of the dragon, the seed of the dragon and the egg of the dragon, and all that remains of the influence of the dragon in my subconscious. Let it be done this hour in the name of Jesus the Christ! And let Archangel Michael and mighty Astrea come into my etheric body this day and purge me of the cause and core of all that is less than my I AM Presence and my Christ Self! I accept it done this hour in the full power of the threefold flame within my heart."

Now you make your own prayer, you make your own call, and you make it fervently. You apply the teachings of the Brotherhood. You get down on your knees, if necessary, when you feel the temptation and the force of the dragon, and you refuse to let it overtake you. You call to Archangel Michael to take his sword and slay that dragon. The entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood will reinforce the call of the son of God who desires to make secure the forcefield of his own microcosm.

The Antichrist and the Beast on the Three O'Clock Line: Perversion of the Christ

Standing on the 3 o'clock line challenging the Christ is Antichrist himself. This Antichrist, from that point of the 3 o'clock line of the Christ, is that which gives birth to all of the perversions of the Godhead—the dragon, the false prophet, and the great whore. Antichrist is the fulcrum of all that is "anti--." That which is on the 12 o'clock line is anti-Father. That which is on the 6 o'clock line, as the great whore, is anti-Mother. And that which is on the 9 o'clock line opposing the Holy Spirit is anti-Spirit, or anti-Holy Spirit. It is simply a frequency which is the exact opposite of the frequency of light, which opposes the force-field.

Now on the 3 o'clock line, serving under the Antichrist, is the beast. And in the Book of Revelation there are two beasts which are listed—the beast that riseth up out of the sea and the beast that cometh up out of the earth. (Rev 13:1,11)

These are the two beasts who, under the Antichrist, pervert the emotional body and the mental body. The beast is the carnal mind—the serpent that crawled on its belly before Eve, come fullgrown now. The beast of Revelation is the mature adult of that serpent of Genesis. And it grew by the acceptance of souls. As we accepted the lie of the compromise of relative good and evil, we fed the serpent, and the serpent grew into the beast.

The beast controls almost the entire astral belt and mental plane of the planet. Not quite, because those who are the Christed ones and who have the true light and have the true teachings (and I don't mean only those who are students of the masters, because in every walk of life, in every religion, there are real souls who have the real light, who are real devotees, and I know because I've met them in every church and in every teaching and in every walk of life)—they are there and they hold the flame and they do not allow the emotional body or the mental body to become polluted.

But for the most part, the mental plane is polluted with the beast of intellectual pride and ambition and competition; and the beast polluting the astral plane is the pollution of all misuses of the flame of the purity of the Divine Mother. Saint Germain has said that the astral plane is the sewer of mankind's consciousness. And by the temptations of the beast leading to all forms of perversion and misuse of God's energy, the astral plane is what it is today.

Many people who study the Book of Revelation go into naming names of people in embodiment who personify the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, and the great whore. I don't think it's necessary to do that. In fact, there may be one or several individuals on the planet who can claim a greater concentration of the beast, the dragon, the great whore, and so forth, than the rest of us and might stand out among us as having that greater mastery and forcefield of the energy veil. But I think pointing the finger at anyone, even pointing the finger at Lucifer, diverts us from the victory and from the battleground of our own soul.

I think it's very dangerous to say, "The Devil made me do this and the 'force' made me do this and So-and-so made me do this, and so I sinned and so I fell." That's exactly what Adam said. You know: "Eve gave me the apple and I ate it." And Eve said, "Well, the serpent tempted me and I ate it." And everybody blames everybody else for the departure from consciousness.

Now this really isn't funny. I've recently had a letter from a student who told me of a departure from the laws of God. And this student did not take the responsibility, but said: "The force was working against me. It was a plot. I was surrounded by opposition and I succumbed." It's the old lie. Paul said, "Who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?" (Gal 5:7)

Who did it? If you don't own up to your own responsibility, you'll never get on the path of the ascension. You'll be tricked right out of your life, tricked right out of your soul, and you'll find yourself standing on that dais for the last judgment.

So we look within. We examine our own mental body. We look at the lines of our own clock. We say: "Am I outpicturing God-control in the Divine Ego or am I prancing around like a peacock with my human ego, trying to impress everybody with my spiritual knowledge, getting myself all kinds of titles and things so that I can become a teacher and let everybody see how great I am?" Have you asked yourself, "Is it the human ego or the Divine Ego that has set itself up?" We have to think about these things. We have to know that when we are on the Path, nothing is going to be obvious: everything is going to be subtle.

That is why the masters' teachings are so intricate. That is why they keep on releasing Pearls of Wisdom and dictations. Because the fine points of the law—when you hear them, when you read them—they click. They burst as a fire in the mind and you say: "Aha, that's what that vibration was! That's what was manifesting in me! It was not of the light! I'm going to kick it out and put it in the flame."

That is why we have to study to show ourselves approved unto God—because these are subtleties of vibration. (2 Tim 2:15) And the ego goes around looking benign, smiling and saying that it is so wonderful and so lovely and such a perfect example of this or that teacher or teaching, making a great impression on all kinds of people. But it doesn't have the flame. That's why Jesus warned of the false teachers that come as the Antichrist—come in the name of the Christ and yet have not the flame.

The question is, Can the teacher deliver the flame? Does the light flow? The teacher can only be a clear pane of glass. If the teacher takes any credit unto himself, the glass has a smudge on it. If you and your soul take credit for anything and give not the glory to God, you are reserving an identity separate from God. "The Father worketh hitherto, and I work. I of my own self can do nothing. It is the Father in me which doeth the work." (John 5:17)

Let us beware of the Antichrist within. Let us see that it does not manifest as that puffed-up pride carefully hidden on the 3 o'clock line or as rebellion against the law of God on the 4 o'clock line or as jealousy and envy of the sons and daughters of God who have attained, on the 5 o'clock line.

Spiritual envy and jealousy is a wicked thing. It is what divides movements. It is what divides students of the ascended masters into little groups here and there. And yet it never comes out at its face value. People will never admit that they are jealous of another teacher or another path, and yet that jealousy manifests.

I have seen again and again how teachers, various types of teachers, have felt threatened by the ascended masters' activity in The Summit Lighthouse, by the messengers. They have felt the enormous power of the light and the dictations.

Instead of coming in, uniting, rejoicing, and realizing that no one can possess the light, no one can possess a student, they are afraid that their students might hear about the teaching, might feel the light and desert them and come into the great company of the saints. And therefore envy and jealousy at spiritual levels causes division in the body of God. It's the old plot: divide and conquer. They fall for it because they haven't surrendered the ego.

This is Antichrist. Let us know it for what it is. Let us heal it by the light of the Christ! We do not condemn it; we understand how the ego feels threatened. Anybody who's ever had an ego— and that's all of us—we know how the ego feels threatened.

The only way we're going to get rid of envy and jealousy is to throw that ego into the fire and let the Christ come down in all of the majesty of the Logos and be God in us. Then we can't be threatened; we can't rebel. We are God. We can't go against the law of God; we can't be jealous of anyone, because the same God which is in us can be in all teachers, is in all disciples. So who needs to bind disciples to himself? Who needs the burden of controlling other people's lives? Who needs it, when we have the magnificent flow of God in our midst?

Chelas of the masters have to be free to come and go like the electron. They have to be free to elect to worship at the altar of their choice. And let their choice be the altar of their own heart and not the altar of the false prophet. Let us see, then, that we clear the mental belt and clear the way for the coming of the teaching, clear the way for the sacred fire of Alpha to be lowered into the mental plane.

The Great Whore on the Six O'Clock Line:
Perversion of the Mother

Now let us see on the 6 o'clock line how the great whore swallows up the image of the Cosmic Virgin. The signet of the Cosmic Virgin is the teaching of the Divine Mother, the wisdom of the Mother. We are counseled in the Book of Proverbs to seek out Wisdom, to follow her. (Prov 4:5-9)

This is the counsel of the Father to the son—counseling him to seek out the learning of the Divine Mother. It is the Divine Mother who holds in her hand the teachings of the Father whereby the children of God can return to the flame of Alpha.

Coming in the name of the Mother is the great whore. It comes as organizations. It comes as large mass movements that, almost like a giant blowfish, suck the children of God into a teaching, into a doctrine, into a political theory that, instead of taking them to the sacred fire, takes them outside the circumference of God's being. The great whore is all that goes against the purity of the Mother within us. It is the perversion of the Mother flame. It is the perversion of the life-force.

It takes courage to kick out the great whore. Every perversion of the feminine ray in man and woman must go. On a mass scale we see it as pornography. We see it as the abuse of the body of the Mother in advertising, the playing-up of sex everywhere, the misuse of sex. We see it in the destruction of the children of the Mother of all ages in this period when the
Mother flame is rising.

It is rising like a continent, like Lemuria. It is pressing up in all mankind relentlessly. It cannot be turned back. But as it rises, it comes in contact with all that has opposed it in all centuries. And so there is cataclysm in consciousness, there is upheaval, there is insanity; and that flame keeps rising and it keeps rising. We either blend with it, move with it, determine to govern our energies, or we will find ourselves aligned with the great whore and not even realize that the precious energies of the Mother have been seized from US.

So let us beware the subtleties—all inharmony in the feeling body, ingratitude, anxiety, nervous tension, the sense of injustice. When we shake our fist at God and say: "It isn't fair! It isn't fair what you've done to me! You've killed my mother, you've killed my father, you've taken my child, you've given me this terrible disease, this terrible misfortune!"—that sense of injustice, of rebellion against our karma, is rebellion against the Mother, rebellion against God, against the law of life that coalesces in us through the Mother. Let us beware then. The entire astral plane of the planet is the great whore, the perversion of the Mother.

We had a dictation on the binding of the great whore by beloved Astrea:

You have heard of the fallen ones and that many have been brought to judgment in recent months. Now comes the judgment of the great whore and the impostors of the Divine Mother and the impostors of Kali and Durga and Mother Mary and all who implement the will of the Cosmic Virgin! Now judgment is spoken this day and the action of Astrea goes forth to bind the great whore!... It is done in the name of the living Christ by the action of Purity and Astrea according to judgment and justice this day implemented by the Four and Twenty Elders. Those impostors of the feminine hierarchy, those whose time has come, must go to the Court of the Sacred Fire for judgment in this hour.

This judgment parallels the judgment of Lucifer. It means that key impostors of the Divine Mother on the astral plane—as Lucifer was on the astral plane, not in physical embodiment—have been taken to judgment. The judgment of those who live in physical bodies awaits the time of the fulfillment of their cycle, of their allotment of energy. Judgment has come in the Macrocosm. The fiat has gone forth. The judgment will not come within our four lower bodies until we ratify it, until we kick out the great whore and enshrine the Divine Mother. So it is the same thing: God acts, and we must act to ratify his actions or we will find ourselves separated and apart from the flow of the great cosmic sea.

The False Prophet on the Nine O'Clock Line:
Perversion of the Holy Spirit

On the 9 o'clock line is the false prophet and all of the line of false teachers. When each avatar, each Christed one, takes his leave of the planet in the ritual of the ascension, the threefold flame within the heart, merging with the threefold flame of the Christ, merging with the threefold flame of the I AM Presence— this trinity of action, assuming the totality of the soul back into the I AM Presence, takes place. When this goes up, there is a release from the Presence that comes down to fill the vacuum and fill the void, to comfort those who are left, to comfort the disciples.

Hence, the Holy Spirit is known as the Comforter.
In the last days of Jesus' mission on the earth, he told his disciples what would come—that he would leave, that he must go, that he must be crucified that the law and the prophets should be fulfilled. But they should not be heavy and sorrowful, because when he would go he would send them another Comforter, and "he shall teach you all things." (John 14:26)

So it was ten days after the ascension of Jesus, on that day of Pentecost, that the disciples were gathered and there was the rushing of the mighty wind and the coming of the Holy Spirit.
(Acts 2:2)

It was the same vibration of the ascension spiral. And that Comforter which came gave them gifts of the Spirit to be teachers, gave them the gift of tongues, gave them the gift to go forth and fulfill their mission. It was the anchoring in their hearts of the mantle of the Christ.

The true teacher of all mankind is the Holy Spirit. When we pray to the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, we are praying to the focalization of the Holy Spirit that each and every ascended master has left behind for the comfort of the disciples on the way. That Spirit appears on the 9 o'clock line under the hierarchy of Libra for the precipitation of God as Father, God as Christ, God as Mother in the physical plane. We cannot understand and receive the teachings of the ascended masters unless we have the Holy Spirit. Unless we have the flame, the essence of the radiance, we cannot sit in a room and even comprehend or retain the words of the dictations. We cannot even read the words of the masters and click into them unless the flame within our heart and soul responds.

Now Jesus also knew that inasmuch as the Comforter would come, all manner of false teachers and false prophets would also come. So throughout the New Testament we are warned of the false prophets, the false teachers. "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Matt 7:20)

They say all the right things, they quote all the right words; yet they set themselves up independent of hierarchy, independent of the Great White Brotherhood. And they draw disciples to themselves, and they allow their disciples to give them the glory for the light. They control the lives of their pupils; they interfere with the free and natural flow of the light of the Presence and the Christ Self.

Some of them even know of what I speak and that that is the mark of the false prophet. And therefore they carefully camouflage the fact that this is taking place. With their mouth and with their words, they say they give glory; but in their feelings and in their subconscious and in their hearts, they are puffed up with the vanity of the fallen ones.

The only way to isolate the false teacher is by the flame of the Holy Spirit within you. Only by the testing and the continual testing of the vibration, only by keeping yourself unspotted from the world, by going through the battle of the four quadrants, by exorcising these four aspects of Antichrist, will you be able to identify those who have not exorcised these forces. As long as they remain within, you may very well be the victim of these forces in the subconscious of others. But the innocence of your soul will always be protected by fervent prayer, by the intercession of Archangel Michael, by the Great White Brotherhood, until you come of age in the wisdom of the Mother whereby you have that perfect discernment and Christ-discrimination.

The Challenge of the Hour

So, my friends, I present to you what is the challenge of the hour. 1 consider that I could not have you come to this conference without telling you where things really are, what the stakes are, what the challenge of this embodiment is, what you must do to seal that soul that is yours in the flame of God.

I trust you will take the seriousness of the hour not as fear— for what is there to fear when you have the full knowledge of ascended-master law that can be applied to give you the victory? Where is there fear when God is real, when you have an I AM Presence and a flame and the heartbeat of God within you?

You have only to speak the Word, and the entire panoply of the fallen ones will crumble before you. That is the gift that God has given into your hand as the threefold flame and the I AM Presence. Won't you take it and won't you use it? Claim it! And by freeing yourself, won't you free a planet and a people for the Divine Mother?

July 6, 1975
10:38 am -12:02 pm pdt

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