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Thursday, 13 November 2008 16:16

On a new incoming computer type!


Let me speak about a new type of computer, that you never hear before, or may be you never think about.


This is a type of computer that will appear on the world, in a date when humankind will be ready for that, and if a type of computer capable to display and show you, your past lives.

Yes, your past lives. One of the best and beauty characteristics we have, like humans, is that all the information of our past lives, is present inside us, basically in our DNA, however, we only start to work and understand the first layer.

There are twelve layers and all are interdimensional. You can get additional information from  DNA - Kryon

However, this is not the point, the point is that we will have (Don't ask me who will produce, these computers), computers capable to read our akashic records  and display it on a monitor.

This had been made. When ? ... Try to pay your debts before, then think about that.

I can tell you, that the date is closer than expected and will be a great day. A date after 2012, or around 2013 is indicative, but only when we will be ready.




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