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Monday, 18 October 2010 15:25

Greetings Dear Ones and Happy Blue Moon Day ...

    To-day is a Monday (Moon-day) and the Blue color is present ... it is represented by the Blue Flame of the Will of God.

    In this very day, I want to catch your attention on a simple fact. The world (basically for religious or domination reasons) does not use the same calendar.

    Of course ...  We have July and August ... representing the Dark Julius Ceaser and Augustus ... two important Roman Emperors ... but honestly we are not living in the Roman Empire ... this was 2,000 years.

    Of course, I will tell you not to adopt the Maya Calendar ... for the same reason. Honestly is better but this is not the point.

    Honestly like a Mathematician, I see a real disaster in the actual calendar. They, the Romans also force the Egyptians to change their calendar.

    In Egypt is still valid the Coptic Calendar ... that is a Calendar adapted from the Old Egyptian Calendar. Hebrew also has their own calendar.

    The Pleiadian Agenda, channeled and printed by Barbara Hand Clow is a very wonderful and Multidimensional book, that enable you to be Multidimensional.

    Master (Angel) Kryon explain in a recent channel, that Mother Earth speak ... like everyone of us. And Light Workers know that from long time.

    Well, in the Pleiadian Agenda, our Beloved Moon ... speaks unto us ... and "She" (it is a female energy like Gaia, our Planet, while Ra the Sun is a male energy) ... inviting us to adopt a metonic calendar ... for 19 years, as well a year calendar ... for 365,4 (exactly 365 + 1/4 + 1/76 ) days ... matching her cycles.

    I, Giovanni ... design a very wonderful calendar ... and I plan to offer for sales, next year.

    It is based on 13 months ... where the first twelve months are 29.530588853 days long. This is the time that takes a moon cycle, called, synodic month.

    Please note that this calendar is very close to the Hebrew and Coptic/Egyptian calendar.

    Of course we can adopt the same names for the months, but all with equal length, 29.53 days.

    Like you know the days of the week represent the Internal Planets ... adapting from Romance Languages like Spanish/Italian/French ... we have:

Sun-day, Moon-day, Mars-day, Mercury-day, Jupiter-day, Venus-day, Saturn-day (7 days)

    Now, the beauty is the thirteen month ... when we honor all the Twelve planets.

    In fact, because 29.530588853*12 = 354 days ... are necessary another 11,4 days to match the cycle of our Beloved Ra ...

    Therefore the 13th-Month will be only 12 days long, like follows:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sunday moonday mars-day mercury-day jupiter-day venus-day saturn-day mardek/chiron-day uranus-day neptune-day pluton-day nibiru-day

       Thus, we celebrate also the other planets ... and so, just one time in the year ... the last "week" we will have also:

Uranus-day, Neptune-day, Pluto-day, Mardek/Chiron day and Nibiru-day

        I consider this Lunar Calendar very interesting, very Multi-dimensional and cool.

        Let me explain the days may sound strange for you ... Mardek/Chiron-day and Nibiru-day.

        The planet Mardek ... does not exist anymore. Actually it is the pieces of the Asteroid Belt.

        However I consider important to celebrate it.

        Barbara Hand Clow, the author of the Pleiadian Agenda, wrote also a book title, "Chiron" the Bridge between inner and outer planets, and so is logical to add in the eighth place.

        I add Chiron planet that is not considered a planet by astronomers.

        And therefore we celebrate the Mardek/Chiron day like day after Saturn. Of course we can celebrate every week ... but it is not practical.

        The Twelve day, is the twelve planet, Nibiru ... as explained by the Zecharias Sitchin book, "The Twelfth Planet".

        This calendar ... with a 13th month that we can call "Christmas month" ... is only Twelve days long.

         Please note that actually there are a week, from Christmas Eve (24th) ... until New Year (31th) ... with my change we will have a month.

         Of course with this choice we will have 12 months + 1 month to match the Solar year and celebrate a New Solar Year ...

         Of course these twelve celebration days will re-enter like past days in the new Lunar Calendar for the New Year.

         Equinoxes are full celebrated with the Lunar Calendar and a new approach ... and a New Life-style more appropriate with the New Age of Light are adopted.

         The last Twelve days are celebrative holidays ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Where is the Sun now? ... Not the moon, but the Sun? ... Can you figure out it position ... from the place where you are_? ... If you can, then you can figure out also where are the other planets ... where may be the Pleaides and the Constellations ...

PPS. I list only the results ... not the reasons for my decisions. I hope you understand my words. Thanks. It is a simple Sketch!

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