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Monday, 04 October 2010 06:58

Greetings in this very Moon-Blue-day of the Will of God,

      Yesterday I watch the movie "2012" ... and let me tell you that that drama will not happens.

      However, the fear ignited by the movie is based on a scientific fact: The Sun is becoming nervous. That is true.

      Do you suppose that our respectable scientist would know how to calm our Beloved Sun? ... I, Giovanni think they don't know that.

      They don't know ... and therefore because they are the actual authorities in the field, you neither knows.

      They don't know ... because they suppose that there are no God, and they suppose that if there are a God, it is so far, and not interested in our business ... like some fathers or mothers does not take care of their children ... but the story is different.

       Honestly each electron or proton or any atom ... has consciousness ... like the Sun has consciousness, our Beloved Mother Earth, Gaia if you prefer has consciousness ... our beautiful and naked Moon ... as consciousness ... like our friendly cats ... or dogs ... or the mosquito ... or the rose in our balcony ... or the little spider ... ALL HAS CONSCIOUSNESS.

      How do you think feel an electron inside a Nuclear explosion? ... I can tell you it will don't really feel good. Or do you suppose the electrons feels nothing? ...

      All evolves ... all wants to back to the Father ... The Prime Creator ...

      Therefore, and let me continue a little bit, there are several kingdoms ... the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, we the humans ... other more evolved communities inside the Earth ... more evolved than us ... and we all walk on a Big Being called planet Earth ... that also has consciousness and also is evolving.

      Honestly the entire Solar system is evolving ... moving close to the Pleiades ... in the fifth dimension ... and our Beloved Sun is the seven of these stars ... The Seven sisters are: Alcyone, Merope, Maya, Electra, Taygeta, Celaeno, Atlas and the Sun.

      I include a picture in Spanish ...

       Where do you suppose the Maya comes from? ... Easy from Maya star in the Pleiades. And the Incas are the same Maya moved to South America several years later. Where do you suppose the Atls ... or part of Latin America, Tibet and North American Indians comes from ... Easy from the Atl star in the Pleiades.

        Of course this was a necessary ABC teaching ... that you like me some months ago does not suppose, image or know.

        Know, Scientist also suppose that we are alone in the Universe ... Ohh ... What are you telling me, Giovanni. That there are people in other planets and stars? ...

        I tell you, Of course! ... I just tell you that the Maya people that "incarnate" in Mexico comes from Maya star and others with Indian characteristics ... "incarnate" from Atl stars ... and of course they were also the "Atlanteans" ...

       What do you suppose these people did in Maya star or Atl star before arrive or "incarnate" on Earth? ... Easy. The same they are doing to-day ... living like us ... of course in a more wonderful way ... more close to what we understand like "Garden of Eden" ... and we are backing to live in this mode.

      The entire Galaxies moves ... and our Solar system is entering in the so-called "Photon Band" ... a great Light.

      Honestly this is happening, right now.

      We are in the Photon Band ... and will enter in full in 2040 ... when no one can tell you that the World has not changed.

      The change is daily ...

      Now, let me back to the original question and solve it for you: What we can do to calm our Beloved Sun? ...

      Friends, you cannot solve questions that you are unable to solve. No.

      We need teachers or Masters that teach us this, or how to solve some problems.

      Get a more calmed Sun, is an important question.

      Master El Moya, who "incarnate" on Earth like Abraham, Mose, King Arthur, as well Melchior and Saint Peter is offering his support to solve the Nervous behavior of our Sun.

      He actually lives on planet "IA" on the Sirius Constellation ... in 7D ... 7D means the Seven Dimension.

      Now, he and him fellows, the "Ians" are offering their support to calm our Beloved Sun.

      Would you accept their help? ... I, Giovanni accept their help. I ask for their help.

      So, if you want you can call this "Prayers" or "Requests".

      Thus, request we all to Master El Morya ... and say,

      "El Morya, please our Beloved Friend ... help us and get our Sun more calmed".

Only if you prefer, In the name of the Heavens, I had spoken to-day.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Where do you suppose we arrives? ... From the monkey? ... No. From the lizards? Yes. From the plants ... Yes! ... and also from the starts ... However there are also here the Soul less Ones ... and because you miss this lesson, I, Giovanni wants to recall it for you.

PPS. I honestly expect ... without they visit any Church ... look some astronomers ask for El Morya help ... and so pray ... and so get the Sun more calm ... just speaking words with intention ... without computers or intergalactic Shuttles ...

PPPS. Our Beloved Sun is there from the day your born and still before. Let me introduce it to you. Call him, "Ra" ... like the Egyptians call it.

PPPS2. All this is called "Astrology" and is the oldest Science on Earth. Like you know to-day we has an Astrologer that tell you your business will go better next year and the Astronomer is someone that tell you there are another planet ... and they wear different clothes, got different respect and work in different places, but both, the astrologer and the astronomer study the same stars ... Soon, these disciplines will join in one. I promise.

I, Giovanni has spoken!

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