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Sunday, 12 September 2010 11:27


    Are there a star representing a King? ... I say, Of course.

    What is really happening my friends ... is that we all, the Earth dwellers are getting our Universal citizenship ... and it is free. Of course there are officials and they are the Lords of the Heavens.

    However this short lesson is not about New Age (we are living the New Age ... may be the beginning ... but it began) ... but about Astronomy.

   This lesson regards "Cepheus" (The King). Cassiopeia is the Queen.

    Let me tell you, that I am a baby in the study of Astronomy (in this life) ... and so I want to share with you a very elementary lesson about modern Astronomy. Of course I know important mystical information about the stars ... that not many persons knows.

   But let me be ... simple.

   There are a Celestial Sphere ... where we ... using Polar coordinates ... connected with the Polar Star, design a Big Circle,

    I love this "new" star for me ... because connected with the Chinese description of the Heavens (the Skies).

    I will lead you to the words of Bernadette Brady ... inside her book, "Brady's Book of Fixed Stars".

    The Fixed Stars are called so my Ptolemy.

    Do you know that Ptolemy also release books about Astrology ? ...

    You can consult this old book at Books.Google.com,

Clavdii Ptolemaei opera qvae exstant omnia: Apotelesmatika

      The Cepheus Constellation has the following Coordinates:  22h 00m 00s, +70° 00′ 00″ in the Celestial Sphere.

      From the very words of Bernadette Brady ... we got the following description about Cepheus ... play attention to the word: Royal.

CEPHEUS IS A MEMBER OF THE ROYAL family that moves around the North Pole (see Star Map 1, p. 48). It is a very an­cient constellation, whose origins were long lost before any myths were recorded.

Aratus, along with the general belief of the day, considered him to be of Euphratean origin.

He filled the role of "the King" in many cultures.

The Chinese allocated that place in the sky to the Inner Throne of the Five Emperors; the me­dieval Christians called him King Solomon;77 and the Chaldeans saw him as son of Belos,78 a key figure in their creation mythology. The interesting thing is that, although it is a very faint constellation, it persisted in importance as an image of male sovereignty. Cepheus occupied the Pole Star position between 21,000 and 23.000 years ago, and more than likely gained its kingly role in that period. It will not return to that predominant role until around 7,500 C.E.

I consider the lesson concluded here,


Giovanni A. Orlando.



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