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Wednesday, 01 September 2010 03:24

Greetings in this very Mercury-day of Healing ...,

    It is my very pleasure to submit this information for you, like both a step on Human Evolution and a little update about Astronomy.

    Thousands of years ago, Orion Constellation was invaded by Lyrans and from that days most souls from Orion incarnate on Earth. The panorama got still more complicated because in the year 18392 BC ... these people arrive on Earth. I consider is important to say that Lucifer arrive with them.

     The Serpent in the Genesis that spoke with Eve was Lucifer and Adam and Eve represent not the first man and woman,  but the Twin Flames partners ... in perfect Love and harmony. Adam and Eve where there the first man and woman ... but not in the same explained in the Holy Bible. What you don't know is that Lucifer arrives with the Annunaki after they create a brench in space-time using a star ship, yes a Flying Vehicle.

     However, as explained by Ra (our Sun) ... by the year 2013 ... the entire Orion Constellation will be re-arragered ... in a time equivalent to one solar day ...

     Galactic alignment is running actually ... and this morning, before the dawn I got one of the most beautiful symphony I ever see.

     Beloved Moon was in the middle of the Sky, almost at Sunset and Orion was from 2am to 5am ... close to East ... very clear and very bright.

     Of course this was amazing beautiful ... better than turn on the TV ... or connect to Facebook.

     Because there are less than 900 days to January 1th 2013, exactly 853 days for Orion re-arrangement ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The very words of Sun (Ra) are available here: Ra, Thot, Atlantis and Saint Germain. Part I: Ra Speaks! - Ra speaks ...

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