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Wednesday, 03 March 2010 09:58


    Honestly people like Mark L. Prophet and him Twin Flame our Beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet are Masters. Aurelia Loiuse Jones, Barbara Hand Clow and also Peggy Phoenix Dubro ... are all Masters. Also Patricia Cori and me are Masters.

    We are all Masters, but Unascended. Part of our Soul lives in the Heavens, but in my case as well for Patricia and others and others, you can count us like 144,000 or more, we are still here, and not full ascended. Also my New Age teacher is an Unascended Masters.

    All us lived in Lemuria and Atlantis. The women were Priestess and the men were Scientific Priests. In those days,  we were rulers or ruler's counselors and play important roles in the society. Very different from what we have today. The Good news is that are returning to Lemuria life-style. It was also similar to Atlantis life-style ...

    My friends, I am coming this day to alert you and be aware that you cannot change most things.

    Can you change the orbit of the Sun? ... Probably not! ... Neither me. Probably none on Earth can do!

    And therefore neither the orbit of our Beloved Naked Moon.

    We can neither change the orbits of the entire planetary system around the Pleaides and neither the orbit of the Pleiades around the Sirius Star. We can neither change the orbit, position or rotation of the wonderful Orion Constellation, from where most of us comes.

   We can neither change the continuous rotation of our beauty Milky Way Galaxy around its center, and neither the rotations of the hundred, but thousand or millions of Galaxies, around the Central Sun where the Prime Creator dwells!

   It is clear we cannot change this? ... Do you agree with me? ... Good!

   Now that this is clear, please forget common names for "El Niño" or "La Niña". These stupid names are created to invite you to alert, but they are incomplete and useless names for the panorama.

   What said your local scientist? Do you have one like in past times? ... What said your favorite Astrologer in the TV? ... What say your priests in the Churches? ... What say your Governors? ...

   Probably they said nothing about this, because most of them, all of them wants to be in Charge forever.

   Now, let me be clear with you.

   According to my understanding, but also spoken by Ra, a member of the Family of Light in short times we will got a Pole Shift.

   Your local weather teller said: Soon will arrive the Spring Season. I say of Course! ... The Astrologer said, "Spring will arrive before March 28th", I say, May be ... but what they don't know ... neither scientist because their records are not 26,000 years old, but most fresh ... is that between the weather we are living know a high decrease of the water temperature in the entire Gold, and this is caused by the Cycle of Water, the Big Cycle of Water.

   The last Ice Age was when the Cycle of Water freeze for long time. When Lemuria falls, was because the Ice melt ...

   We are backing to Lemuria and the Ice ... actually melt because we are entering in the Photon Band but also will freeze ... and will be cold weather ... in speedy seasons ...

   This is the main reason Government had announced about the re-activation of the Nuclear Plants.

   Reactivate a Nuclear Plant, is like to call an old "crazy" girlfriend. If the relation don't work in the past, the relation will not work neither today.

   Nuclear Plants are expensive and complicated to setup and to maintain.

   It is clear we need more energy, more energy ...

   Where we can get more "Free" energy? ... Well, it is free after work but is not free to built the extractor.

   I will give you two more words.

   The first comes from Master Kryon, and he advise us to exploit the Earth Magma or the Hot Earth around 5 kilometers down. This heat can moves turbines to produce electricity. With this electricity we can have warm homes.

   The second and final word is the following. Because we can not stop the Galactic Alignment ... that slowly force Earth to back to Heaven ... please feel comfortable.

   Feel Comfortable and Happy with your friends, your neighborhood (if possible) and we warm with everyone. Otherwise you will get extinct like Dinosaurs.

   Time is running ... Don't worry be Happy !

   In the name of the Lord I have spoken this very day.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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