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Tuesday, 23 February 2010 08:22

Most people probably ask themselves are there just one Universe? ...

No ... Why? ...

I comment time ago, that we (who populate the Earth for the first time) comes from another Universe called Dahl Universe. We arrive here 4,500,000 escorted by Archangel Michael.

Now, if there are a Universe called Dahl ... and this is another ... how we may recognize these Universes?

In this Universe we live in the Milky Galaxy. We live exactly in the third Dimension (3D), of our Galaxy and there are several Galaxies.

From our planet to the Center of the Galaxy, there are a long distance and as soon we move to the Center the dimensions increase.

So, we have here the 3D (Third Dimension). In the Pleiades we got the 5D and there we count Atl Sun, Maya Sun, etc. Our Sun is the lastest of these Suns. Alcyone is the first one.

If we move to Sirius, we will got the 6D where the High Council dwells. The so-called "High Council of Sirius".

There are still higher and higher dimensions, only in our Galaxy.

I heard about facts that 13D beings visit our Moon, frequently.

If we now back to the Dahl Universe has been said that it is close to the Cassiopeia Constellation.

What means the word "UNI-VERSE"?

Universe or UNI-Verse means "One Verse" (Un verso, in Italian) or One Face, One Opinion.

It is like a coin. A coin have two faces, and so we can speak about Parallel Universes.

I will leave you know but before I will speak about a nice question: Can we travel across these Universes?

Yes! ... We can travel physically with our body. But in this case we need a higher technology that we have actually.

We can also travel (without our body) and this happens when we go to sleep.

This is the concept of the "Multi-verses" as well the "Infinite-Verses".

Honestly we live in several Universes at the same time.

We live in the Dahl Universe (anyone of us) and we live also here.

What lives here on Earth is always "You" (as well me), but a young edition of us.

When we born we split in pieces and the process of Complete Healing or Reunion is the process of the Reunion of all our Parts, from this and the other side of the veil.

When we die, we reunite with the other parts. But depending of our process we will go to a similar or dark place or a better Place.

May be we go to the Fifth Dimension or the Sixth Dimension ... and then we will no back never again here.

We "break" in parts ... because we are volunteers.

The process of Ascension is the process to leave this dimension for a higher one. We will go to another school and of course, then we will be Master for those who remains at these levels.

I say "These levels" because people suppose that there are only one planet in the Third Dimension, but this is false.

There are several planets and places in the Third and Four Dimension, like there are several planets in the 5D, 6D, etc.

For those we don't move forward to Higher planes of Evolution ... they will born or reborn in places like this ... to continue their 3D training.

There are several reasons for that. Fear to move on to Higher planes. Karma don't healed, etc.

What is going on here on Earth actually is something like a Graduation Ceremony.

Do you remember the happiness about your graduation in High School or University?

I remember better than other my first degree. I also remember the second, here in Italy.

Well, this is what is going on here on Earth. The Graduation ...

Our planet, Earth is graduating and will ascend. Nothing can stop this.

If we remains we need to be able to graduate with her, and then remain for a while, for several years.

If you don't remain then you can do up to Higher dimensions or remains in this.

Please relax. The Universe, or better "All that is" (All the Universes) are perfect.

Always, at any second you got what you deserve. A burned leg, an applause, a nice afternoon of sex, a great time to sing a song, a wonderful kiss by a nice woman ... etc.

You deserve exactly what the environment deserves to you.

I will leave you know with a question that I will not answer. How we arrive here from the Dahl Universe? or How we can travel across the Universes?




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