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Friday, 03 August 2012 01:45

The so-called Milky Way Galaxy ... It is so-called ... because so-called by us ...


Greetings in the day of Venus ... the day of the Lovers ... the day of the Goddess of Love.

    And if we wonder to post to ourselves the question: How big ... or how large is the Universe? ... let me answer like a smart teacher ... the question is BAD POST.

   Why the question is meaningless? ...

   The question have no sense ... because the the idea to measure the Universe have no sense.

   In fact, the Universe is made of several Dimensions that escape for our sight and comprehension ...

   I can wonder to ask ... How large is the Blue? ... understood as a color? ... How large is the Love? or the Hate? ...

   Because things can have any size ... honestly we can change that size.

Kryon explains ...

All of you I am telling you this, it is possible to alter the mass of any object in existence. It does matter how large, or small or dense it is. You can alter the mass of it. And you can have it, all this time. The Formula is static, and it is not.

This moves our attention to the extremes ... An Atom and The Universe ... and we can have inside the Atom many Universes and they can be as ... extended as we want.

In fact ... This is what is 'Relative' and had been introduced in violent mode by Professor Einstein ...

If we begin to swim in the Ocean ... we can touch great distances if we are good swimmers ... but because our limited concepts ... we begin to make statistics ... about the water, about us ... but the Ocean is circular and if we begin to swim ... and we never get tired ... we will return to the same point.

Concepts like mass or weight are relative, indeed.

We fight for ... Must be the meter or the inch? ... Must be the Kilogram or the pound ... and we have measures for ... mass, length, temperature, speed, Volume ... etc ... and concepts like Higher than ... Lower than ...

This is just but a Racist fear ... in a Racist Society for a Racist World.

What do you will say? ... It is of this measure ... if a person is tall is smart? ... or if it is small? ... What about the money? No.

What about the Love? ...

Let me tell you that there are a Hierarchy ... in the Heavens ... and it is measured by the Sacredness.

Lord Jesus is the most Sacred, Loyal and Lovely we can find between many and this is because he has a great position. A Royal Position.

Elohim Meru, Aramu-Muru (God Meru) or simply Master Mer ... is an Elohim and dwells in the Dimension Twelve.

An 'L' ... or Elohim ... like Hercules and Athena, like Apollo and Astrea are Gods and Goddess.

There are a friendship, a respect and they have removed concepts like more love or less love. In fact is a magnetic property. They simply attract the loyal students that holds enough Purity in their Heart to hold their teachings.

Therefore ... Dimensions ... understood like we do ... are a 'measure' of the intrinsic Geometry we have and we feel.

Dimensions as understood in the Heavens have a different meaning ... and we dwell in 3D ... There are lower dimensions like 2D and 1D ... as well 4D ... the Dimension of Time ... and we can travel across time ... It is a corridor ... as well the 5D ... the Dimension of Unlimited Love ... Unlimited or Infinite Love ... If Love is not Infinite is not Love.


Therefore would be convenient to begin to ponder and study the Universe as well Our World with utilities like the Mind with Happy concepts ... It is convenient.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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