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Monday, 14 May 2012 04:50

An simple image from the Web ... about Multiple Bing Bangs and Multiple Verses (Multiple Universes) ...


Greetings in the day of the Moon ... the Moon-day of White Ascension ...

     And after the Punishment of the Dark Ones that suppose that everything is death (like their mind) ... I want to open a discrete lecture ... and speak for real ... about TWO UNI-verses, The Universe DAHL and the Universe DERN.

     And how you can travel from one Galaxy, like Milky Way Galaxy to the next Galaxy? ... Easy with your mind.

     In fact, is the mind that realize the transportation of your soul to your room when you asleep to the Border of the Galaxy ... like the Top of the Mountain where you can watch, the entire Galaxy.

   I did a similar travel, the night of January 17th, 2010. And then I publish the article, Can we get a panoramic view of our Galaxy ? ...

   Of Course it is up to you believe someone can go when asleep to a position in Space and Time to watch the entire Galaxy. As well to travel to another Galaxy.

    In fact, like I am commenting in my book,

       'The Big Bang ... never was ... ' in the sense that it creates Everything. It was a simple small explosion and a Universe was created.

          Before I begin, I want to say that 'Einstein Theory is like some Cartoon movie for milky children' compared about the 'real truth of the Science' and still begin to speak ... let me say I am a little bit jealous, in the sense of 'let me speak ... hear me. This is not fantasy, I can prove it'.

          Like the last indiscreet assertion I want to cite an example about a girl, that was my friend. 'She was a little bit dated, and this means she lived some dates, in fact she have two sons. However, what was stupid for me ... is that once she told me ... 'I ask to my friend (another she) about you. And she told me how Italians are.' (Of Course I never meet the friend of the friend) ... This was astonishing to me, and I ask ... 'Why you don't ask me, about me?' ...  In fact, I say to she ... 'Remember, my family is Italian, like yours, and I live in Italy, but I was born in Venezuela, like you.'


     To return to my words, I want to begin ... and I want to speak about the so-called 'Big Bang' ... What the Universe is ... and how to travel between Two Universes.

    The Universe is Mind (This but also the other) ... but made of some Electric Nature and therefore made of Matter, because Matter is frozen Electricity crystallized light of man's own lower octaves of thinking.

     Like you see I include the word 'Octave' and is a musical term, while I have not yet any expertise in Piano, notes or Music. I say, 'Yet'.

       In fact, the vibratory frequency is what dimensions are ... High Vibration, High Dimensions.

       Here in 3D, we have 'Linear Space and Linear Time'. In other places ... There are no such Linearity ... and 'ALL IS PRESeNT' ... at the same MOMENT.


       Therefore ... you, my friends ... like me ... at the moment of the 'Big Bang' were spread across Multiple ... Dimensions ... 7D, 6D, 5D (Pleiades), 4D (Time) ... 3D (planet Earth) ... like butter on bread ... and we are living in these dimensions at the same time, contemporaneously.

        I Giovanni ... am writing these words to you, here in 3D. I have my mother and my father die. In other dimensions, I have others names and others fathers. Other lives. The same is valid for you.

      At the moment of Ascension ... I (or you) ... unite with the other parts ... and return ... 'HOME'.


   What happens before the Big Bang? ...

   Easy ... well, is not easy. Before the Big Bang we were living in another Universe, the DAHL Universe.

   Now, you smart will ask me ... 'Giovanni ... who tell you this?' ... I can tell you that we, arrive from Dahl Universe in a Big Ship ... and Archangel Michael bring us here ... and therefore we lived a TRAVEL ... like a Star Trek travel ... from one Universe, the DAHL Universe ... to the DERN Universe, this Universe.

     Therefore before the Big Bang ... we were living in ANOTHER Universe ... Another state of Consciousness ... not Electric ... with Other Laws ... Not Newtonian or Galilean Laws, but other Laws.


     The Dahl Universe and the Dern Universe are PARALLEL Universes. In fact, in the Other Universe, we have Fathers ... Our Original Fathers.

       At the moment of the so-called 'Big Bang' dimensions collide and an explosion was produced ... creating a New Universe.

       Time is like a Tool ... that encapsulate the Universe ... and there were No time, like this ... before the explosion. This time, this Universal time, the time for this Universe is ... PROPER of US and different to the time of the Other Universe...

        If we ... visit ... the Other Universe ... we need to ... attune ... the new Universe time, with our Proper Time (this concept is correct in Einstein Theory) ... like when we visit Los Angeles (Pacific Time) after a fly from Paris (GMT +1 hour) ... By the Way, What is the time on the Moon? ... On Mars? ... You have no idea, but I can comment ... Another time? ... Thanks!

     To complete this ... indiscretion ... I can tell you that the entire Multi-verse ... or Omniverse ... the Entire Creation is ... but FINITE ... and Huge like the Mind of God.

     Because we are Mind, and Mind is Light ... we can and have ... the same possibilities of God. In fact, we are a part of it. We are Children of God.

     Is not a beach ... part of the Big Ocean? ... Yes it is!


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I am working on several books ... 'The Second Edition of the Book of Apocalypse explained ...' as well 'Why Einstein Theory is wrong?' ... Thanks!

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