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Thursday, 24 November 2011 13:37

A Picture from Star Wars ... 'A New Hope' ...


Greetings in the Thor-day ... the day of Jupiter ... the day of the Thunder ...

    ... And like a Son of the Thunder ... I Giovanni modestly want to do my Job.

    ... And with a Great Love in my Heart ... I want to do my Job.

    Like commented recently ... A Wave is coming ...

It is a Wave that shall move us to another Galaxy.

   Now, I Giovanni like a Good Teacher or Professor wants to push some questions to you.

   Suppose for a moment that you are a very important person ... and You are .. but at the Level of Lord Jesus ... Suppose you are Lord Jesus for a moment.

   Would you back to a place where ... you was killed? ... Or You will be so Superior to apologize them? ...

  The return of Lord Jesus is not a plain matter. It is one of the Most Divine and Sacred New Chapters ... we will draw in Time.

  He will back and will back with Lord Maitreya,

    I comment some facts here ... The reunion with God ... A message by Lord Maitreya ...

   There are a Wave created by a explosion in the Center of the Galaxy ... approaching us at Great Speed.

   In both Cones of this Wave ... there are an intersection of Galaxies ... When we will enter in that Wave ... we will go to a New Galaxy ...

  Honestly the description limit my understanding ... I will continue to push information as much I can.

  It is an Spectacular Performance of God with Lord Jesus ... we are doing and we shall do.

  In fact, millions of beings are watching us ... because we are one of the maximum expressions of Life.

  We are a Piece, a Part of God ... like Professor Cantor prove last Century between 0 and 1 ... there are the power of Infinite ... more numbers than the natural numbers ... And so ... We humans ... in our limits ... can express God ... and we will unite to God.

  I prefer stop here ... May be Mother Mary cries because we are not aware of that ... But now you are more aware ...

Thus relax ... and Enjoy ... the travel.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. We are like Luke Skywalker ... Sons of God from Even as well Odd Dimensions.

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