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Thursday, 07 April 2011 14:00

Greetings ...

    This is the continuation of previous lesson ... very multi-dimensional ... and this comes from the "elaborated" material published in the book, "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions" by Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow, first edition. There are also a second edition. This book is the sequel of the Best Seller, The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow.

     Well ... again this article may be classified like "High Physics" and because Physics is the border of Science, this article goes to the border of know Science ... including the origin of the Universe, the origin of time ... what creates reality (or realities), the Galactic Center ... as well the Black Hole (and its twin Hole, some people call it White Hole, others Black Hole).

    Most Scientist were smart to discredit the Vatican that claims to be "the very represented of God" on Earth ... They does not represent neither the city of Rome, neither the words of Jesus ... etc.

    But these Scientist did a mistake. They suppose God does not exist, but God exits! ... and more you learn Science more you discover God, like Kryon said.

     Vatican accept Bing-Bang theory. They ... not me.

     Scientist accept that the Speed of Light is constant ... They ... not me.

     However, a man called Itzhah Bentov is the one who explains perfectly that Universes are created at any moment ... yes Universes ... and therefore what is going to happens at the end of 2012, is that a Universe will be created and "some people" will jump there.

     To explain these amazing words ... I, Giovanni am repeating the words of Lord Jesus ... from himself ...

     I want you please read these words ... very well and very slowly. Take your time ... What is time? ... Is a distance between dimensions. When times comes from? ... From the center of the Galaxy ... from the friction of the Twin Black Holes.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. When you read in this chapter, "I", it is not me, Giovanni, but Barbara Hand Clow. When you read, "they" or "Ps", she is speaking about the Pleiadians.

The Pleiadians, are also our Fathers ... and what create the split in Human Race ... from all the species ... to Homo Sapiens ... 100,000 years ago. Blessed you are!

PPS. And here are clear the words of John the Beloved ... Rev 21

1And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. 2And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. 4And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

PPS2. You can listen like an addedum, Kryon speech in Gaithersburg

The Ninth Dimension:  

The Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way

Opening Meditation 
Center yourself. This means pull all your energy to your center. Like a magnet attracting little metal filings to itself. Let your midline, your energy column, be that magnet. 

Feel yourself like a magnet, pulling all the parts of your body toward your center. This means your thoughts, your feelings, your past experiences, your future experiences—they are all drawn inward, toward your center.

Now, close your eyes, and see this process in action. See all the parts of you being drawn energetically to your center. See them speeding to you, all of them. Do this until there is nothing more to draw to yourself. Be patient; this may take a while. The goal is to get to a place where there is no more, where there is only silence.

Sit in the silence of yourself. Sit in this emptiness. Sit in this completeness, this sense of the whole. Empty but whole. Hear these words in your head. Notice what's going on around you.

You might like to put your fingers together; either have all five meet all five, or just have the index finger and thumb on each hand touching each other. Experiment; do what makes you feel whole.

Now, become aware of your breath. Feel the breath coming inside you, and going outside yourself. Let the space outside of you do the breathing. He breathed by the spare outside of you. Go ahead. Try it. Notice the difference between breathing . . . and being breathed. Just notice.

Now expand your consciousness way outside the room you are in. Let your consciousness go out into the stars, into the galaxies outside our planet. See if you can find the center of our Galaxy. Let yourself be drawn to it, like to a magnet. The magnet inside of you will help. Find that place that attracts you the most, like a giant magnet.

Stay with this feeling of attraction. Notice what it feels like. See and feel and hear what else comes along. Stay perfectly still, and breathe evenly, as you do this. Notice that you are still seated, yet you are light-years outside yourself.

Now, become aware of the room around you. Become aware of how the energies in the room come into you, and how the energies in you come into the room. Notice the circulation of energy. Picture the Galactic Center in your mind, and then picture this room. See how they relate. Simply take notice.
Now, take a deep breath, and open your eyes. Stay with your breath. Take whatever time it takes for you to feel fully present in this room. Thank Galactic Center for attracting you, and know that you can travel there anytime, at any moment. It is always there.


The ninth dimension emanates out of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. A black hole is an object formed in the collapse of a large star, with such intense gravity that light cannot escape from it. According to the Ps[1], this black hole is the source of time in the nine-dimensional vertical axis from Earth's iron core crystal to the center of the Milky Way. They describe the black hole as a spinning gravitational nucleus that manifests itself in time waves[2]. These waves create events on Earth reflective of the Light in nature. These waves of thought in our dimension are felt by us in fascinations that attract our attention, such as seeking the Holy Grail; these time waves draw us into questing—seeking spirit in the material world.

The Milky Way is the entirety of the ninth dimension that contains the mysterious 9D black hole, which is continually receiving the force of creation generated out of Earth's core in the vertical axis. According to physics, everything in the universe is omnicentric, which means realities unfold from centers.
[3] In our omnicentric evolutionary universe, reality unfolds from the beginning, always centered upon itself at each place of its existence. Just by being alive, we are at the geocentric center of this complex whole, which is expanding. The center we exist in connects us to everything because it is where the vertical axis of consciousness is located, and our nervous systems are designed to feel the cosmos via the axis. Since they know about the axis, which is imaged as the Sacred Tree[4], Native Americans always honor the seven sacred directions when they pray—the four directions plus above, below, and heart (self). This awak­ens omnicentric sensitivity in 3D and opens doorways to the subtle worlds where the Ancestors live.

The Great Mystery is that the full potency of the black hole is now activating our bodies and minds. This is happening because the plane of our solar system intersecting the galactic plane is closely aspected by the Winter Solstice Sun—the galactic Winter Solstice.[5] This galactic infusion of high-frequency energy (caused by the brief alignment) is pulsing down into the vertical axis, which is a tunnel (wormhole) into the black hole. The Ps insist that what is left of Earth's biological intelligence in 2012 will pass through the black hole, which will be a biological singularity. This winnowing of life that is valued by human love prepares us for the next stage of human evolution. The possibility of a biological singularity is a concept that is being thought about by scientists.[6]

The black hole is a world of awesome, dark nothingness, which is filled with some of the most dense matter in the universe. Lately, reality seems strange to us on Earth because we are struggling to encompass this potent force changing our world, and few people understand what is going on. We all live in a truly amazing moment in time: Earth's scientists are entering our Galaxy, which is important because realities do not actually exist unless they can be imagined or visualized. While many of us are being distracted by other stories being dished out by the media, astronomers and astrophysicists are quickly becoming the great adventurers in the Milky Way, the cosmonauts of the dark universe questing for the secrets of the universe.

The Ps describe the Milky Way as a jellyfish of light having orgasm that make eternal waves and pulsations in its field of attraction. The Galaxy evolves in time and creates in space based on the intentions of the Divine Mind.[7] The Ps define the "future" as any past memory that is still potent enough to allure us in the present moment—the now. Spinning on its axis, the Galactic Center shoots out 9D galactic synchronization beams that are torqued by axial spin. These beams and axes, plus the planes and belts already discussed, manifest agendas by means of the 8D intelligence system—Galactic Federation—in time waves, which are creative projects coming out of the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center is always receiving beams from other galaxies the connectors of the intergalactic system. The Milky Way received the big galactic Synchronization Beam on Harmonic Convergence, August 16 and 17, 1987, which was joyously awaited by millions of humans who had heard about the Mayan calendar.[8] The Ps say that this beam caused the Photon Band moving into the solar system to attain new dimensional fre­quencies, while the funnel from the black hole was already directing high frequencies into Earth. The beam shifted the whole Pleiadian system into setting a new intention for Earth's next biological stage of evolution beyond the reptilian mode.[9]

The Galactic Center exists in eternal samadhi or bliss. High frequencies are slowly building in Earth, especially in 2D, which is transmuting humans in 3D into silica-based (instead of carbon-based) creatures.[10] The Ps say that the Galactic Center pulses out waves of energy that are nuclear, the 7D galactic information highways of light are the receivers of these pulsations. As humans, we can attain samadhi by opening our crown chakras. The Ps say that as of 1998, samadhi waves have been increasing exponentially on Earth, which is radically altering nature.

Higher dimensions observe our world becoming radiant, yet many humans cannot comprehend such pure high energy.[11] Attempting to cope with this unseen force, many individuals and groups are becoming obsessed with apocalyptic beliefs. This response is dysfunctional because the real need today is to value life and its powers of transmutation.

Time Waves and the Mayan Calendar

 The most unusual thing about the Pleiadian view of the Galactic liter is the time waves that influence 3D, such as the twenty-five-year galactic synchronization from 1987 to 2012[12]. We comprehend time waves by exploring events, such as human dramas in history, and by considering myths and nature. The signature of the Light can be detected in what fascinate us. All other versions of time in other dimensions, such as 3D clock time, are faulty shadows of the real nature of time. Time creates realities, which means time is the Creator by love and intentional though. To organize cycles on Earth, the great being in the Galactic Center -Tzolk’in created the Mayan calendar to orchestrate Earth's evolution. Calendars are formats for spiritual masters who orchestrate specific waves by working with the Keepers of all nine dimensions.

 Tzolk’in the keeper of the 9D, is orchestrating events on Earth for this twenty-five period.

 The Mayan calendar is the Big Game that supersedes other plans. The Elite is well aware of this game, since its agents, the Conquistadors, plundered most of the Mayan calendars four hundred years ago while sending a few back to the Vatican archives. They are doing everything possible to divert our minds to dead-end time waves, such as rebuilding the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem or occupying ancient Sumer (which is now Iraq). According to Tzolk'in, around 26,000 years ago we humans discovered the vertical axis and found the story of our past as galactic cit­izens. Once we saw the bigger picture, we experienced a feeling of acute awareness in the present moment: We could see how to craft intentional futures with our minds since our brains are wired to function in the ver­tical axis.

In those days long ago, we experienced healthy bodies, open hearts, wise minds, and activated spirits. Limitation was not part of our lives until the great Earth changes 11,500 years ago[13], when we became afraid of liv­ing on Earth. Tzolk'in heard our anguished cry and crafted a time wave designed to teach us how to process the fear. This is an arduous process, because the horrific experiences of the cataclysm and subsequent survival period must be sorted out. Each memory in our brain has depth charges that can pull consciousness into regions that are not part of the primary time wave. These past time waves were useful as temporary training tools for survival, but now we are going beyond survival. Soon we will be flying in the Galaxy with no fear in our bodies.

Tzolk'in crafted a game called history for us to be players in so that we could attain brain synchronization. The joke is: Brain synchronization is all it takes! The Maya, a brilliant stellar culture, were selected as the guides for this learning process. They agreed on the condition they could move in and out of 3D at will, since they were not willing to be trapped in 3D clock time. The Maya can and do appear in 3D at will, as do the Pleiadians and many other beings. By managing our crown chakra, we also can move in and out of 3D at will, yet few of us have attained this skill. Most people move out into nonphysical realms by means of their mental bodies to gather information.

We are coming to the end of this long game, when the activation in the Galactic Center opens our crowns. The rest of our time through 2012 will be truly memorable, and working with our minds is where we already have the most skill. Now we need to discern—and master—frequencies.

As science begins to describe beautifully the Milky Way—and enough Mayan masters have time jumped into 3D to teach us the game—human­ity is beginning to enter the Galaxy. Since the Galactic Center is con­nected with all the stars of the Milky Way, and our minds are wired into the center, beings from many dimensions are unifying their conscious­ness with us as we process the past trauma in our bodies. We are solid and can hold any frequency that arrives here, and all beings want to experi­ence our story. The Ps say we can benefit from this interdimensional merg­ing by knowing the qualities of the nine dimensions; most importantly, learning how each one feels. Feelings are 4D through 9D fields that res­onate in our nervous systems. Think of the range of complex intelligence on the nine-dimensional vertical axis, including the potent black hole. We are all feeling the intensification of the 2012 time wave. This process began for me in 1982, once my elders contacted me so I could help to prepare for the Harmonic Convergence celebrations in 1987.

The Mayan calendar has now become the operating manual for human potential, and it is one of the few things in 3D that makes any sense. It is a huge time wave that functions as an attractor in the sky that is sucking us into a new stage of development, the apotheosis of Earth's biol­ogy. We are the pinnacle, and the transmutation of our reptilian minds will send us into the stars if we can learn to respect our planet. In Biocosm: The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life Is the Architect of the Universe (2003), science writer James N. Gardner presents his 'Selfish Biocosm hypothesis": The cosmos is selfishly focused on its own self-replication.

Similarly, Gardner cites the astronomer Edward Harrison, who theorized that our universe was once designed by minds like our own[14]. Gardner posits that life and mind arise in the universe so the universe can re-generate and reproduce itself.[15] Some physicists and mathematicians have been studying emerging dynamics on Earth that seem to express the stated end of time in the calendar. The concept of chaotic attractorsadvanced forms of order that influence less organized states—is considered to be a factor that could pull these states to an end point.[16] The amazing thing to me is that, as we get closer to 2012, it become more obvious that thousands of years ago the Maya describe the date of emergency in the Milky Way in their calendar.

Considering the Selfish Biocosm hypothesis, are the Maya "the minds like our own" who designed us? Is that why the Maya knew the date of our emergence? Life on Earth will not end: Instead, Earth will expand into the Milky Way, which the Selfish Biocosm hypothesis predicts; "Baby Universes" will be intelligently designed and sent out to populate the universe.

The Science of the Ninth Dimension

With the astronomical discoveries of Galileo and Giordano Bruno only four hundred years ago, humans began to think of themselves as inhabitants of a planet that orbits around the Sun with the other planets. Before then, they thought of themselves as people who lived on Earth in the center of the universe. There is much evidence that people thousands of years ago understood that Earth is in orbit around the Sun, yet used geocentric perceptual systems. What we are interested in here is our recent emergence from the so-called "Dark Ages," during which the Church tried to suppress the new astronomical theories by burning Giordano Bruno at the stake in 1600 a.d. Now, as we are beginning to truly explore the Galaxy, the Church champions the big bang theory, as if Yahweh were the originating explosion!

Regardless of the contentious arguments about the big bang, physicists, astronomers, and astrophysicists have been successfully mapping the uni­verse since the 1950s. They have penetrated the real nature of our Galaxy and our place in it, possibly just in time for them to anticipate the 2012 sin­gularity. Physicists are planning to turn on the Fermilab or the CERNS Large Hadron Collider with seven times more energy in 2007, which will produce (if superstring theory is correct) miniature black holes![17]

More and more people know that we live on Earth, which orbits around the Sun, which orbits around the Milky Way. Others are beginning to realize that the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies are the largest in our local cluster, which orbits around the Virga Supercluster, which is not mov­ing at all. All the other superclusters are moving away from us so symmetri­cally that we've discovered that we are in the center of the cosmic expansion.[18]

Even though many more discoveries are happening, we already knew an amazing amount about our place in the Galaxy, regardless of how old it is. Until 2002, Andromeda was thought to be twice as large as the Milky Way, but then a new outer ring of Milky Way stars was detected in 2002.[19] This ring is estimated to be ten times thinker than the rest of the Galaxy and 120,000 light-years in diameter. (A light-year is the distance light trav­els in one year, which is 5.88 trillion miles.) Thus the Milky Way is by far the largest galaxy in our cluster, and more mysteriously, all the other galaxies are moving away from us. A strange exception, Andromeda is moving rapidly toward the Milky Way; the two galaxies are dancing with gravity like giant twins in the sky.[20]

As an astrologer, I spend many hours visualizing the location of the planets orbiting around the Sun. Now as I struggle from my vantage point on Earth to visualize the galactic landscape with myself inside it—what a mind expansion! Consider this: We can see millions of galaxies around us and ascertain whether they are disks or spirals, as well as their size, age, and star populations. Yet we will probably never be able to look at our Galaxy from the outside[21]; but it could look like figure below. Whenever we look out into the night sky, we can look one direction toward Sagittarius and peer into the Galactic Center; or we can look in the opposite direction through Gemini to gaze through our own spiral arm (the edge of the Orion Arm) out into the universe; or we can look above or below the edge of the Orion arm to see beyond the thickness of the disk we travel in. Yet we cannot see the whole Galaxy. For a long time, the Milky Way was thought of as a spiral galaxy, like Andromeda, and the latest thinking is we are a barred galaxy, that is, the arms of the Galaxy are more like bars than spirals.   We may never know; meanwhile, we are in the center of everything.


The center of the Galaxy is a huge bulge, and the arms radiating out from the center have a thin center plane with a thicker region above and below. Our solar system is located in the old area of the thin disk approx­imately 27,000 light-years from the center. At the present time, we are near perigalacticon, which is our closest point to the Galactic Center dur­ing our approximately 225-million-year orbit around it[22]. As we make this approach, the solar flare cycle is changing. In November 2003, the Sun exploded with the largest flare ever recorded, yet the period of 2002 to 2010 was expected to be a dormant one for solar activity.[23] Also, we can now peer into the Galactic Center and study it, although there is a lot of interstellar dust in the way. We have a pretty good idea of our solar sys­tem's location in relation to the other stars in the Galaxy and beyond, yet we have a hard time seeing into the galactic beast we inhabit!


The Milky Way Black Hole

Vertical_Axis.jpgAt the opening of this chapter, the Ps noted that the Galactic Center is a black hole that is the source of time on the 9D vertical axis. It is a "spin­ning gravitational nucleus that manifests itself in time waves, which create events on Earth." The Ps said the full potency of the black hole is activating us now, and we are struggling to comprehend such high energy. They say that we are being forced to process deep trauma and go beyond just survival because the vertical axis is transmitting intense energy waves from the black hole.


When all this information came through me in 1995, I had no idea what any of it meant. I studied astrophysics, and I became more and more mesmerized by the black hole in the center. Scientists have been suspicious for twenty years or so that a black hole was lurking in the Milky Way center, but it was not confirmed until 2002.[24]


Sensitive X-ray images captured the Galactic Center flaring with intense eruptions every day. The exact center is located astronomically at 27 degrees Sagittarius. From this center, radio waves are emitted out of the "Sagittarius A" black hole, which has more mass than the Sun, but is not especially large. A cluster of blue stars named IRS 16 (infrared source) lies above the black hole. This cluster hurls material into the hole, and the ejecta blasts a nearby red super giant star—IRS 7—causing its gaseous surface to flare into a tail, like a comet. This complex of stars flares at least once a day for about ninety minutes, erupting with X-ray bursts ten to forty-five times more powerful than the Sun's energy, and these shortterm flares are apparently unique in the Galaxy.[25]

To comprehend these powerful images, we need to know more about black holes, which science struggles to imagine because they do strange things with time. A black hole forms when a large star experiences a rapid gravitational collapse and gets sucked down into a funnel, which is shake by the curvature of space time. It gets steep as the density of matter increases below. Once matter is sucked into this funnel, it is crushed into intensifying density, yet once matter is energy, it becomes a singularity—a point of zero size—and then it reappears in a "different universe.'" Itzhah Bentov—one of the greatest minds of the last century who walked out of kindergarten and never went back to school-- school—says that what happens in the "different universe" is a white hole, which he conceives of as a new universe.[26]


Matter_Sucked.pngFrom my own research and teaching, I have arrived at the thought that we are going to be propelled into a new universe in 2012. This idea is supported by James N. Gardner's hypothesis of the Selfish Biocosm. And if physicists do create miniature black holes in particle accelera­tors in 2007, what will that do to the 3D fabric of Earth? Our students are having kinesthetic responses to this idea, as if they sense it in their bodies.


It is difficult for us to imagine such an idea, just as it was for scientists to find ways to describe black holes, yet Bentov imagined a similar con­cept way back in 1977 (figure 9.4, below).







Bentov notes that with this model, once we have a black hole, we have a white hole (since matter is energy), and he calls its nexus point nucleus, which I've marked as 2012 on the diagram, the end of the Mayan calendar. This nucleus is a reference point for when time begins, and from there we can best describe the development of matter from radia­tion to atoms and galaxies[27]. In this model, time is simply a measure of distance, a dimension that overlaps our three spatial dimensions model works well with Einstein's relativity model, yet it allows, for many dimensions beyond four.[28]


Bentov notes that time does not flow anywhere, it just is; matter is what moves along. In the nine-dimensional model, the dimension that emerges out of the nucleus is the top of the vertical axis. What fascinates me is that Bentov's model describes time in a similar way to the Pleiadian concept. Bentov notes that as we move in space, we are also moving on a time axis, which is exactly what the Mayan calendar time wave is.[29] Bentov notes that what is expanding is our space-time, and the greatest rate of expansion occurs at the point when matter reverses direction in the nucleus connec­tor of the black hole and white hole.[30] Scientists call the outside edge of the black hole funnel the "event horizon," which is the boundary beyond which light cannot escape (figure 9.5). Once matter crosses it, it is sucked down the hole. They say that once sucked in, if you could look back you'd see the future history of the universe flash before your eyes, yet once inside you'd be unable to communicate anything you saw back to anyone outside it.


As you approach the singularity, the point when you come out in another universe, you'd feel yourself torn apart atom by atom. Then, at the singular­ity, everything we've ever known about the universe breaks down. Scientists came to that conclusion because they are hopelessly hung up on the Vatican-certified big bang theory. Meanwhile, Bentov has got it right; a new universe is created as it always was, eternally. This is why there is little to fear about 2012, and even less reason to take the violent big bang theory seriously.

The renowned theoretical physicist Kip Thorne notes that the black hole's gravity pulls atoms of gas from all directions of interstellar space toward the center of the black hole (figure 9.6). These atoms speed up as they approach the center—going faster, then extremely fast, then almost as fast as the speed of light. Far from the hole they produce slowly oscillating electromagnetic (EM) waves (radio waves); then, closer in, the EM waves are the color range from red to violet, like a radial rainbow; then they vibrate very fast as X-rays; and finally, as they speed up even faster, they pro­duce gamma rays.[31] Let yourself visualize the superhot atoms streaming into the absolutely black hole. That is the radial 9D energy vortex that generates the 10D vertical axis in Earth that is intensifying our consciousness now.




Time Waves and Gamma-Ray Bombardments

Recalling what the Ps had to say about time and the Galactic Center, they say it emits time waves that create events on Earth that reflect the Light, or the intelligence of the Divine Mind. We humans explore these time waves when we follow our fascinations, which incite us to seek spirit in the world. Indigenous teachers instruct us that we can find our cen­ter—the source of spirit in the world—by praying to the seven sacred directions. The Ps say centering with the sacred directions creates direct access to the nine-dimensional vertical axis; this is the only way we can handle high-energy forces. We must be centered in 3D. The logical impli­cations of these connections and of centering are that we have the ability to travel in the Milky Way, in Andromeda, and anywhere else in the uni­verse. This is absolutely true, yet the more astonishing implication of drawing all these complex threads together is that Earth is being activated by the galactic nucleus point from 1987 to 2012 when our world will emerge in a new universe.


Another startling thing the Ps said was that in 1998, 9D samadhi waves would begin to alter nature radically. To my astonishment—even though I was barely aware because my son Matthew had just died—what the Ps said was confirmed. A tremendous X-ray and gamma-ray bombardment from a magnestar (a collapsed star believed to have greater mass than the Sun, and that is compressed in a 12-mile diameter) blasted Earth in August 1998.[32] For ten minutes the sky was writhing with light, which shut down ordinary scientific instruments, yet was seen by many people in the early-morning sky. More significantly, this moment was the first observed physical change to our atmosphere from a star other than our Sun. On August 27, 1998, at 5:22 AM., EDT, the blitz caused our ionosphere (upper atmosphere) to shrink from its greater nighttime height to its smaller daytime altitude! It turned night into day. Amazingly, Earth's resilient atmosphere shielded its surface from being fried by gamma rays. Scientists noted that similar X-ray cosmic blasts closer to Earth might have been the cause of Earths species extinctions  in the past, which also often correlate with fast stages of new evolution, such as the beginning of the Cambrian Period 540 million years ago. I am comfortable suggesting that we humans experiencing a jolt of high energy evolution in 1998 that may end up being viewed as the initiator of a new stage of evolutionary consciousness.


In 1996, cosmologists also discovered that the expansion of the uni­verse is speeding up, which foils the big bang theory. In 1998, they pro­posed that the cosmic acceleration may be an effect from another universe.[33] Then in 2002, astronomers announced that all of a sudden in 1998, Earth's gravity field began getting stronger at the equator and weaker at the poles. A mysterious bulge formed at the equator during 1998, which is a significant change.[34] And in 1998, physicists suggested that gravity is comparable to the other three fundamental forces because it is diluted by its propagation through the unseen dimensions.[35] Something big was going on in 1998, just as the Ps had said in 1995.[36]


These concepts are mind-boggling because their implications are startling and very new. While teaching this material and watching for sci­entific news, I have struggled to comprehend these things myself.[37] My work from 1995 through 2003 has also involved research on crop circles. When I sat down to write this book many months ago, I found I could not even begin to describe the nine dimensions until I first was able to explain how and why crop circles are being created in our times. In the fields of grain, mostly in England, crop circles have been demonstrating the nine-dimensional model year after year in ever-more complex pat­terns. My next chapter, which begins part 2, will consider the crop-circle phenomenon and how it relates to the nine dimensions.



[1] The ‘Ps’ are the Pleiadians, members of the Family of Light that dwells in the 5D.

[2] Kryon has said that there Two Twin Black Holes. I, Giovanni consider that the friction between these two black holes is that produce the time waves. I have some way to prove these words. I am sorry, not.

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[4] God Anu from Nibiru call the Axis … a Multi-dimensional Caduceus.

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[7] I, Giovanni tell you that the Divine Mind is above 9D … It is in 10D … 12D … In 12D, the Elohim dwells and they are Mind! … Divine Mind … and of course they are Word and Spirit. They still has height. Lord Meru is seven feet and one of the most wonderful proportions.

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[11] See the long note on the book. Not available now.

[12] Or like explained by Kryon, a higher cycle … 36 years long from 1994 until 2030, touching its middle point in 2012!

[13] Atlantis fall …

[14] I, Giovanni say … and this is true. We were made by the Elohim who also visit us and assist us and still continue to do that!

[15] Dr. Edward Harrison suggests that our universe was created by lifeforms possessing superior intelligence from another universe in which the constants of physics were finely tuned and similar to ours. Therefore perhaps our own descendent in the far future might have to create baby Universes. I, Giovanni consider this is right, but before something most easy. Mix our genes with new worlds, like the Pleiadians do with us. We can indeed do that with the Pleiadians … in other worlds. Like the student (we) that become a Master! (The Pleiadians).

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[21] I, Giovanni … look our Galaxy from the Outside … I did a meditation when I was asleep. It looks very cream color and is very Huge and beauty. Really beauty … rotating on its axis. Amazing.

[22] Like our Sun, Ra explains … This is because nothing has been written after the end of the cycle. By 2013, a new beginning is expected. Of course guide lines are written.

[23] I, Giovanni change this reference to honor Japanese people. The Solar explosion, about ten days before Japan Tsunami was what produce the Earthquake in Japan. An Italian Scientist never accepted comment about these facts last century him name was Raffaele Bendandi.

[24] The confirmation that the Black Hole is the Center of the Milky Way came in late 2002. Astronomers using a Chandra-X ray telescope made images that “show it is starved and punny compared with black holes in other galaxies”.

[25] Ken Croswell, Alchemy of the Heavens and Paul Recer, “Telescope Spots Supermassive Black Hole”, Miami Herald, Jan 7, 2003,8A.

[26] Friends … and this is how … was created this Universe. The Bing Bang never was! … Was just a black hole collapse and these things happens … very frequently … Kryon was the author of this clarification!

[27] I, Giovanni consider that not necessarily the other hole must be white. Kryon say it is invisible for us, and is another black hole, a Twin Black Hole.

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[36] I, Giovanni want to tell you that was going on was the New Magnetic Grid fixed by Kryon, in 1998. This was necessary for planetary consciousness, like when you need to purchase a new computer because the actual is too old! … It was necessary to match the New planetary consciousness … and the Shift is over us.

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