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We include notions about Astronomy.

First question... How many planets have the solar systems? ... There are 12 planets.

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1 Another day with the Mathematics of the Galaxy: 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D ... 9D ... 10D, 11D ... 12D ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 653
2 One day in the Other Red Planet, "Nibiru" by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 596
3 The time when the Planet had two Suns ... or Two Moons ... and much more ... Administrator 693
4 Astrology is not Magic or Divination is Science but with a Galactic Duodecimal Math by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 706
5 EL SISTEMA ESTELAR DE LAS PLÉYADES... por Raul Yepes Administrator 1593
6 Theorem: Is not possible to conquer the Air with Newtonian and Einstenian Physics. Administrator 1068
7 What is the difference between Blu Stars and Red Stars? ... Dimensionally speaking ... Administrator 1088
8 How Science convalidate Intuition ... How many planets were and are in Our Solar System? ... Administrator 1134
9 Kepler, the Musical Order of the Heavens and the Law of Gravitation ... Administrator 1115
10 Non è la Luna Piena ... ma la Luna Nuova ... per le Meditazioni ... Administrator 1472
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