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     And like probably you know I am writing a book to teach ... English ...

     I am using books, songs, movies as well the Shakespearian Plays like an arena to create a Golden key to give to my readers ... because each language you learn is a New World ... that opens before You.

     And of course David Crystal ... one of most prominent authors and lovers of English Language is clear ... underlying the 'Myth of Simplicity'.

     I, Giovanni speak from young age Spanish (Mother tongue) and Italian (Family tongue) and English from the age of nine.

     My first teacher was a business man ... not a teacher and the Principal of the High School but with no expertise in teaching neither in English. Nay!

     But like for Mathematics ... I receive lessons in High School for someone that use University books and in several times the entire class don't touch sufficient ... votes ... because that Math Teacher plan to offer private lessons ... later ... Yes ... the same was for Physics ... while some High School teacher fails to solve book problems ... and still in University, Linear Algebra teacher ... was neither capable to solve book problems ... like appears on Kenneth Hoffmann, Ray Kunze - Linear Algebra, 2ed.pdf.

     I can tell you more and more ... may be you will say ... 'Well, Venezuela High Schools and University have an 'unknown' level'.

     Whatsoever was the reason ... let me say ... 'If the teacher has troubles is a blessing'. A Blessing? ... A Blessing indeed.

     Godfrey Harold Hardy, one of the most famous English Mathematicians ... say 'A Good Mathematician always expect to be a better teacher than if teacher'.

      I graduate in two Universities in Mathematics and I begin to discover Physics in Bologna University because my examinations on Physics II, that includes the Einstein Theory.

        English Grammar is not an exception.

        My book and my On-Facility Courses will not transform a newbie in an Expert in two weeks, but that person will able to understand and get confidence with English. In any case, you and my students will judge me, and my book.

          I can say, that each time I teach something ... was Programming, Linux, English, Math or Physics, as well Chemistry ... never ever that person Professor Dennis Freeborn explains that 'English is personal' ... of course respecting Grammar ... and pronunciation ... therefore you English evolves when you live and interact ... listening songs, watching movies ... to increase your Vocabulary and have a Huge and Complex Lexicon.

           The first component to learn something is 'To Love' that. Thus, you need to Love English Language ... English Grammar and why not an English Girl? ... Blame me not.

            Be Funny is another component ... very necessary.

            Yesterday I say ... 'Can we continue to write the Shakespearian Plays?' ... and I got some very aloud BAD thoughts ... in the tone .. of ...

'Oh the Hell ?! ... Who are You ? ... Why you say that? ' ...

            I can say ... may be ... me ... in next years ... or any other person.

            Remember that Jesus say ... 'Your sons ... are better than you ... ' ...

    Now, like an Shakespeare's Apprentice ... I will list some books ... you can order to increase your English Culture.

  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language by David Crystal. I love this book ...

  • Rediscover Grammar by David Crystal ... very good ... I am reading ... but I prefer also ...
  • Dennis Freeborn -   A Course Book in English Grammar (Studies in English Language) as well
  • Dennis Freeborn - Varieties of English: An Introduction to the Study of Language and
  • Dennis Freeborn - From Old English to Standard English: A Course Book in Language Variations Across Time

   If you know nothing about English consider The Encyclopedia as well ...

  • David English - The English Language: A Guided Tour of the Language

    About Grammar,

  • Randolph Quirk - A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
  • Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey K. Pullum - The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language

    About Shakespeare ... you have ...

  • N.F. Blake - The Language of Shakespeare (The language of literature) and of course ...
  • The Shakespearian Plays ...


Adieu, Adieu, Adieu ...

Giovanni A. Orlando


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