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Sunday, 12 June 2011 21:22



Greetings ...

    Well ... This is amazing ... You are not going to believe.

    Can the word "Door" ... have another meaning? ... A mystical meaning? ...

    Yes. It has another meaning and this is because I love deeply English (Angel-ish) language.

    And for me, tell you these things ... is a sacred honor. Still a sacred covenant ... Because generally the books where I got from these teachings are published in United States, not in England.

    Anyway ... no one, specially for those whose English is Mother Language will play attention to roots of a word ... and its sacred meaning ... To the magic of God ... behind any single word.

    Door ... means Do-er (Great Doer)

     The Great Divine Director explains

...soul consciousness which is the only doorway to the kingdom of God.

     ... like God is a sacred Doer.

    Still and let me speak about ... In Italian Door is "Porta" that may lead to "Port" ... or "Harbor".

    In Spanish is Puerta .... and Harbor is "Puerto".

    Therefore there are a connection between ... Door and Harbor in Spanish and Italian.

    Still a synonymous for Harbor is Haven ... which leads to Heaven ... in Spanish and Italian.

    Yes ... a Door ... may be a Door to ... Heaven (or to Hell) ... but this depends of you ...

     In English ... Door is Doer. And who is Doer? ... God is Doer. Thus, God is a Doer, a Door to What? ...

     A Door to it Grace ... Abundance, Happiness and Good Things. God is never a Door to something offensive but always very sacred.

     Let me follows ...

     The Divine Director ... like Elohim God Meru or Elohim Astrea or Hercules ... are closer to God than us ... still closer than the Ascended Masters ... and of course they works in PERFECT Harmony and there are no challenge or competition between them ...

     The Great Divine Director, say,

I am particularly interested in this release of wisdom to cleanse many students of the frustrating sense of overpowering vastness which seems to shrink the very being of the seeker after universal wisdom. The humble stand in awe of the laws of the universe whereas the bold are not even respectful of life which contains all things! See, then, that by becoming as a little child1 the beautiful sense of peace reaches forth to command universal wisdom by in-heir-i-tance (the inherent "I") rather than by competitive accomplishment.

Grace is so identified with God and the work of building the interior temple that I must commend to all this holy quality as able to enhance the work and fructify the most barren life with the marvelous sense of yielding to the ministrations of the Great Doer (do-er = door) of universal love whose voice is heard saying, " I AM the law! I AM the grace! I AM the pace that holds forever in divine balance the sense of being all that God is (I AM) right now and forever!"

    ... And so we got another mystical meaning ... in-heir-i-tance (the inherent "I").

    Yes ... God is the Do-er, the Door of Universal Love ... and we their children are the Ones who can and must attain Goodhood.

    One word more ... i-magic ... Imagery.

    Do you want to wear Royal robes? ... Listen ... Listen ... because it is important ...

Let all shed the feeling of oppressive haste that derides comfort and, knowing that sincerity is its own reward, perceive that God is more than willing to illumine the seeker of his hidden ways with knowledge received in grace and the inherent desire to be Godlike. Let all know that thoughtful planning and Godly decency are royal robes which, when worn honorably, do produce the "I-magic" (imagery, or true reflection) of Almighty God in fulfillment of the law of man's being.

I think that as you proceed in thought to analyze more and more concerning the forsaking of the mechanical sense and the asserting of the powerful gifts and graces of God in your daily affairs, you will see why the Brotherhood would in this age deliver men from the evils that so easily beset them and provide a chart and compass from time to time to set the most able mariners on a true course.

    Sincerity ... is its own reward ...

   and God is more than willing to illumine the seeker of his hidden ways with knowledge received in grace and inherent desire to be Godlike?

    Are you looking to be Godlike? ... I say, "Ay, Lord! ... Aye!".

    Thus, ... Thoughtful planning and Godly decency are royal robes which, when worn honorably, do produce the "I-magic" (imagery, or true reflection) of Almighty God in fulfillment of the law of man's being.

   Have you got the point?

   And where is the Door ... to the Do-er? 

   The Door to the Doer is the Higher Self ... 


Involvement in the whirling energies of this mechanical age can be with the honor of advantage when rightly used or with the dishonor of confusion of face where the sense of reality is lost in the miasma of a fraudulent civilization. To provide new highways of deliverance, I am breaching the old prison houses of temporal detainment and calling for a return to peace and sanity, to balance and blessing, to surety and salvation. Where can these be found? Why, right within your own mighty I AM Presence! Where else?

Now let village and hamlet alike settle down to the proper use of opportunity and life. Let the charm and joy of the old World and past ages of peaceful pursuits link the hearts of men in the sense of holy family unity in which culture and spirituality go hand in hand, making life a quaint and happy occasion for communion with God, angels, and men! Thus shall old highways of the Spirit be reopened and the seals be removed that have blinded men to the divine reality which so closely surrounds them with immortal love.

You ... still blessed are ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Look for your I AM Presence ... there is the Door ... to the Doer ... to the Heven, still Heaven itself ... to the Kingdom of God.

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