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Enjoy the play "Romeo and Juliet" by Will-I-AM Shake-spare? Would be possible Shakespeare was Sicilian? PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 05 June 2011 09:16

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Greetings in the Sacred Sun-day of the Lord, the day of the Wisdom ... the day of the Yellow Mind of God,

     And I Giovanni say, "Ay!" ... Indeed beasts they are.

     They trick the Soccer games, they, they ... they ... They are beasts ...

      They have the Vatican and suppose they are Holy. They had the Roman Empire and suppose they were important.

      If someone like Giordano Bruno arrive and say the Truth ... they take it ... and Burn him ...

      They say we have Madonna singer and Rocky Balboa but I say they are Americans.

      This morning I hear ... William Shakespeare was Sicilian ... and I cannot shut my mouth.

      They suppose to be the founders of Civilization but they don't know what is a book ... generally.

      They prefer the under-cover tricks.

      If you ask Italians if they prefer "A Judge or a Delinquent like a Ruler?" ... They will say "We prefer a Delinquent and still a Mafioso like a Justice Minister" ...

     Beasts ... those is what they are.

     Let me offer a Good applause to the Italian Police ... but they don't look up ... Up are they those who must be arrested, or executed.

     If you will say  Giovanni are you looking to take distances? ... I say  Nay! ... Is impossible to take distance ... because We are Family.

     We are a Family ... Do you want to speak about my family? ... I say, I prefer to speak about William Shakespeare ... It is more easy.

     Honestly there are some True and connections between Willi-I-AM Shakespeare and Michele Agnolo Florio.

     However, there are some true. But the true is complex for Thee, the Truth is Multi-dimensional.

     Indeed Will-I-AM Shake-speare was a pseudonymous and nick-name ... like we see in the movie "The Highlander", where the same person change his name and take the personality of the other.

     Michele Agnolo (o Michelangelo) Florio (Scrolla-Lanza) is the name of the supposed Shakespeare.

     In fact Scrolla-Lanza is a standard significative name like

  • Christopher Columbus Cristo-fo-ro Colombo (Christ-bearer" and "colonizer.")
  • Michele Angnolo Florio Scrolla-Lanza means My Angel from Florence Shake the speare.
  • and many others.

Indeed ...Francis Bacon was the very Author of Shakespearean Plays ...

     This has been proved and proved. Still there are a code inside the plays that explains who he really is. He is Francis Bacon.

    You can read more on:

    Again, and now moving to the Mystical ...

    All these Lifes were "scenes" in the Life of Ascended Master Saint Germain ... The_Wonderman_of_Europe.html

      It is perfect possible that Saint Germain as also Michele Angnolo Florio Scrolla-Lanza in Italy.

      Now the Scholars will ask me ... How is possible that someone live in England and visit Italy? ...

      I cannot enter in details ... but I will tell you that Padre Pio did ... Lord Jesus ... did.

      And I ask thee ... Why not to write a Novel like Romeo and Juliet after we collect the information? ...

      And if Juliet say ...


        I, Giovanni will say, "O Romeo, Romeo" ... be more explicit. Don't you?


I still say, Pray the Lord ... and tell the Truth ... because the Truth is like an umbrella against Volcano and bad days.

Blessed you are,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Say that or plain that some Shakespearean play is an Italian story in some county is really offensive. Yes is offensive.

The Shakespearean Plays were created to teach English to the masses ... and Engl-ish is the Angelic Language ... Still the Shakespearean plays resurrect the Theater that some people ... in bad mode using special effects realize stupid and fakes movies like Avatar, to burn and dirt that name.

But Jesus will remain an Avatar for the Piscean Age, Saint Germain is the Avatar for the Aquarian Age and me and others like me, are the lower Avatars pushing the very beginning of the Aquarian Age. I never watch Avatar movie, and never will. I prefer Shakespeare.


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