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     In this very day of the Green Flame of Healing and Abundance, I am back for a little to re-submit to your attention, because probably you know us only in recent days, a news dated 2005, in my last visit to CIHS, the California Institute for Human Science.

    In that workshop I meet Dr. Motoyama.

    Of course we plan to offer medical diagnosis using the AMI in our office, probably from 2011, as well courses about Vibrational Medicine, but for now, I want only to give you a great chance to read our past news.

   All these news had been removed from our Webserver after we announce "A New Beginning" ...

   You can read it here below, or in with the original framework, here:


   This is the Workshop picture with Dr. Motoyama, him wife and other people  as well other teachers and personal at CIHS.

Please enjoy,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

We want to give you more ... LIFE:
Future Technologies includes Energy Medicine Technology ...
by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando. 



World, 2005-03-11.

Future Technologies is very proud to include the Energy Medicine technology between its supported technologies to help people to consolidate its health.

Future Technologies will take advantage of the 50 years of experience consolidated by Dr. Motoyama, the founder of the Motoyama Institute for Life Physics in Japan, as well the California Institute of Human Science in Encinitas, close to San Diego (CA).

Dr. Motoyama invent the AMI, the Aparatus for measuring the functioning of the Meridians and their corresponding Internal organs, which has been undergoing development since 1970. This apparatus was designed to monitor electrical conductivity, capacity and polarization of the skin tissue and the fluids therein, for the purpose of evaluating the condition of these tissues and the functioning of the vital energy flow knows as meridians in acupunture and their corresponding internal organs. The information of this evaluation is given  as the following three parameters: BP (Before Polarization), AP (After Polarization) and IQ (Integrated Polarization Charge).

Future Technologies will play different roles like a Linux company developing and improving actual software for Linux, MS Windows and the Mac, offering a multi-language software that will display in graphical mode the direct points to 'push' for treatments.

The AMI had been used in Japan in different hospitals for long time showing improving in diagnose and treatments for basically any kind of disease like Heart, ulcera, diabetes, various types of tumor, etc.

The AMI is a scientific device that also show the Chakra state including its awakening.

Future Technologies beleives in the Eastern approach to medicine and the AMI is one of the most fundamental keys to be included in the common diagnose in any part of the world.

Check actual pictures:

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Dr. Motoyama introducing AMI results at CIHS last Sunday March 5.
Dr. Motoyama and its attendee.

Future Technologies will release two products connected with Energy Medicine:
  • 'Know your Body'. This will be a Multimedia course to understand chinese medicine, acupunture points and its relations with the AMI device.
  • 'YourBody'. This is the software that require the AMI device, will available basically for Linux, but also for MS Windows and the Mac.
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