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Thursday, 17 June 2010 05:34

(Click to hear a Kryon speech did in Moscow about the Layer 9, May 15, 2010.


      Good Morning in this very Thurs-day, Thor-day or Jupiter-day. To-day is the day of the Golden Ray of Resurrection where Lord Sananda who was Jesus and Lady Nada, who was Lady Mary Magdalene ... draw their healing power blessing rays to us.

     Nothing, and I repeat nothing is casual. Everything has a perfect moment and what was dictated by Angel Kryon in Moscow, last month, I give it to you, today, here ... like a continuation from yesterday lesson about "Are there another medicine?" ...

     I will be very short because the speech is 52" ... but what do you need, how much time do you need to hear and heal? ...

     When Kryon speaks in 2006 about the entire DNA Layers, the first twelve. See below, in Shasta in 2006

The Tree of Life Divine Blueprint of Law
Ascension and activation Your Divine Name
Your Divine Name I AM THAT I AM
Revelead Divinity Riders of the Light
The Healing Violet Flame of Saint Germain The Call to Divinity
Wisdom of the Divine Feminine GOD Layer

He (or It) describe the Layer 9, like the Healing Layer in the DNA. The Flame of Expansion ... The Violet Flame Layer.

Today, I Giovanni, repeat the Moscow teaching specific for that Layer, the Layer 9.

That Kryon visit to Moscow was in two days available here:

Thanks you very much,

The Blessings are yours ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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