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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 16:53


    This is an editorial and comes like a blessing, in a world of darkness.

    The questions are easy: Are there another Medicine? ... Can we heal Cancer with Snake Poison?

     Today, is Wednesday of as written it tell you nothing, but if I tell you, today is Mercury-day, the day of the Green Flame of Healing and Abundance, may be you got some news.

     Saint Paul, who was Saul of Tarsus, and then change him name to Paul, because Jesus meeting after Jesus resurrection say: "You need to heal yourself before to heal the world".

     I, Giovanni according to my experience, my trouble with my hearth (an hearth-attack), my healing and my KA activation, as well my days when I meet Peggy Phoenix Dubro, in Caracas, November 1-2 and 3, 2007, who establish the guidelines for the EMFBalancing Technique, as well with my meeting at the Dr. Motoyama Workshop in one of my visits to the California Institute of Human Science, getting the AMI graphics about me ... etc can tell you that there another medicine.

    Before to go ahead, I need to tell you that I get no medicine for my heart (Zero) and this was before my KA activation. In the last examination, the young doctor tell me, "if you don't get medicines, you will die" ... I send some teaching from Kryon, about ... Just one trick to change the DNA and speak to the Heart cells.

    Sometimes, I can hear the reflection of my words on you, when you read it, and may be I get some little discomfort.

    Just to close the comments about my heart, let me tell you that I did for several reasons. At first, the day before that I call the actual doctor, and he did nothing, nothing. Please remember that in some cases, if you die, they have an insurance. One of the reasons was to give a lesson to that doctor. Another was disrespect to God, "Anu" and another reason was because my hate or loveless.

    Have I solved my Heart troubles in a complete and definitive mode? ... Yes! ... I think so!

    Ascended Master Adama, from the Lemurian Brotherhood at Telos, say:

Our counselors at the temple will give you, at the soul level, a very broadened perspective of why you are experiencing certain health problems. They will show you why a certain difficulty is persisting in your life and how you have created it, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. With the as­sistance of our counselors, you will learn to heal yourself and all the pains and distortions imprinted in your soul. Before any complete and permanent physical healing can take place, the emotional causes or distortions in your belief system have to be addressed and released. I'm not referring to band-aid solutions, but a permanent healing.

   In these days of planetary acceleration and Galactic Alignment, our planet is really moving from 3D (Third dimension), to a subtle state in the Fourth Dimension (Consider 3.5 dimension or 3.28 dimension, if you prefer).

   Like Ra, explains only the KA-stume will enable you to survive and don't get impressed for planetary movement, this with a good behavior, letting the world has, a "Win-Win" solution.

   Now, how we can heal? ... I will show you some solutions you may adopt. I did these ... in 2002 ...

  • Practice EMFBalancing Technique

  • Got an AMI diagnosis ... call or visit the CIHS

      Why this solve and heal? ...

      This solve and heal because we live in 3D and therefore any other dimension higher than 3, may push us, for better or not.

       The people that live in 4D (Fourth Dimension), generally push government of the world and generally not for good. There are higher dimensions like 5D, 6D ... and we can get what we need from that dimensions.

        Earthquakes are a consequence of this interaction ... generally necessary, sometimes stoppable sometimes not.

        Master Jesus mantle was capable to heal person, a woman like commented in the Bible. How was possible that? ... One of the main characteristic that heal is not only to say the True. This is fundamental, the most important characteristic is to Hold ... LOVE.

       If you hold Love, your cells will remain united and the emission of Light will be "sufficient" or "high" no otherwise. If you disturb others, your bad emission and bad feelings will back to you.

       Please remember the great law: "The Universe is perfect, you have what you deserve". So, if you are healed ... this is great, because you deserve that. If you have some disease ... some light does not flow in your body or your cells, and it is YOUR SACRED, and ONLY YOURS ... RESPONSIBILITY to fix that.

       I will finish answering the second question: Can we heal Cancer with Snake Poison?

       I never speak ... because I have nothing to do, but for mandate. Saint Germain comment in public last month about a mixture made of Snake poison capable to heal Cancer.

      If you are interested in experiment, try or know more ... contact me in clear and educated terms.

Thanks you in this very day of Healing,

Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. A New Age, like the coming New Age does not deserve not healing. Everyone healed is a Characteristic ... What you be Healed? ...

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